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How Long Did Famous Structures Take to Build?

HOW LONG DID FAMOUS STRUCSTURES JAKE TO BUILD? TOTAL CONSTRUCTION TIME START OF CONSTRUCTION ARCHITECT LEANING TOWER OF PISA ST. PETER'S BASILICA ST. BASIL'S CATHEDRAL PISA, ITALY VATICAN CITY MOSCOW, RUSSIA 199 YEARS 1172 144 YEARS 1506 123 YEARS 1555 BONANNO PISANO DONATO BRAMANTE, BARMA AND POSTNIK MICHELANGELO, CARLO Although it was originally designed to be MADERNO AND GIAN LORENZO The cathedral's full name is The Cathedral of the straight, the tower leans at about 3.99 degrees. BERNINI Intercession of the Virgin by the Moat: It was In total, it has 297 steps leading to the top of it. originally commissioned by Ivan the Terrible. The original basilica of St. Peter was built by Emperor Constantine in the 4th century. The building is home to more than 100 tombs, 91 of which belong to previous popes. TAJ MAHAL ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL BUCKINGHAM PALACE AGRA, INDIA LONDON, ENGLAND LONDON, ENGLAND 21 YEARS 1632 36 YEARS 1675 23 YEARS 1702 USTAD AHMAD LAHAURI SIR CHRISTOPHER WREN JOHN NASH - THE FAÇADE LATER BY SIRASTON WEBB IN 1913 The Taj Mahal was originally built by Mughal A whisper against the wall in The Whispering emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Approximately 20,000 people Gallery can be heard clearly on the other side of the wall, 112 feet away. Buckingham Palace was originally built under the name Buckingham House in 1702. The first worked on its construction. monarch to live at the palace was Queen Victoria. However, during King George VI's reign in WWII, the palace suffered 9 bomb hits. BRANDENBURG GATE THE WHITE HOUSE SAGRADA FAMILIA BERLIN, GERMANY WASHINGTON DC, USA BARCELONA, SPAIN 3 YEARS 1788 13 YEARS 1792 1832 CARL GOTTHARD LANGHANS JAMES HOBAN ANTONI GAUDÍ The Brandenburg Gate was inspired by the During the American Civil War, the British army The construction of this church originally began Acropolis in Athens. It features a sculpture of a destroyed much of the White House in the in 1832, with renowned Spanish architect Antoni four horse-driven chariot by Victoria, the Roman Burning of Washington, causing it to be Gaudi overseeing some changes in 1883. goddess of victory. reconstructed. Today, it takes 570 gallons of However, at the time of his death in 1973, the paint to cover the outside of the White House. church was left only 25% complete. Construction has progressed slowly since then. The building is estimated to be completed between 2026 - 2028, the centenary of Gaudi's death. NEUSCHWANSTEIN PALACE OF CASTLE WESTMINSTER HOHENSCHWANGAU, SACRÉ CŒUR LONDON, ENGLAND GERMANY PARIS, FRANCE 30 YEARS 1840 23 YEARS 1869 39 YEARS 1875 CHARLES BARRY EDUARD RIEDEL PAUL ABADIE Charles Barry's wife, Sarah lay the original This castle was left unfinished although it was The Sacré Coeur bell tower is home to a foundation stone for the palace on 27th April originally built for King Ludwig II. It served as Savoyarde bell, one of the world's largest. 1840. the inspiration for the castle in Disney's Sleeping Beauty. STATUE OF LIBERTY EIFFEL TOWER TOWER BRIDGE NEW YORK, USA PARIS, FRANCE LONDON, ENGLAND 9 YEARS 1875 2 YEARS 1887 8 YEARS 1887 FRÉDÉRIC AUGUSTE BARTHOLDI STEPHEN SAUVESTRE SIR HORACE JONES There are 354 steps up to the crown which The tower was built for the 1889 World's Fair London's iconic bridge can be opened to 86 features 25 windows with a view of New York. and is the tallest structure in France. degrees to allow everyday river traffic to pass. Lady Liberty herself wears size 879 sandals. CHRIST THE REDEEMER MOUNT RUSHMORE CHRYSLER BUILDING RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL SOUTH DAKOTA, USA NEW YORK CITY, USA 9 YEARS 1922 14 YEARS 1927 2 YEARS 1928 HEITOR DA SILVA COSTA & PAUL GUTZON AND LINCOLN BORGLUM WILLIAM VAN ALEN LANDOWSKI (FATHER & SON) At 1.046 ft it's the tallest brick building in the The 635 tonne structure is located at the peak of The heads of presidents George Washington, world and is considered an art deco the Corcovado mountain. Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and masterpiece. Abraham Lincoln represent the first 130 years of American history. EMPIRE STATE BUILDING GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE ATOMIUM NEW YORK, USA SAN FRANCISCO, USA BRUSSELS, BELGIUM 2 YEARS 1929 4 YEARS 1933 4 YEARS 1954 WILLIAM LAMB JOSEPH STRAUSS, CHARLES ANDRÉ WATERKEYN AND ANDRÉ ALTON ELLIS & IRVING MORROW AND JEAN POLAK The static electricity is so strong at the top of the building that people on the observatory floor The term 'Golden Gate' refers to the Golden Built for the World Fair of Brussels, the Atomium can see sparks when they kiss. Gate Strait, which is the entrance to the San is a symbol of peace and scientific progression Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE THE SPACE NEEDLE CN TOWER SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA SEATTLE, US TORONTO, CANADA 14 YEARS 1959 1YEAR 1961 2 YEARS 1973 JORN UTZON EDWARD E. CARLSON AND JOHN JOHN ANDREWS & NED BALDWIN GRAHAM, JR. The roof is covered with more than one million It took 1,537 workers to build the tower. tiles and boasts 6,225 sq. m of glass and 645 The structure weighs about 5850 tonnes and its kms of electric cable. foundations reach 120 sq. ft. underground. LOTUS TEMPLE LOUVRE PYRAMIDS PETRONAS TOWERS NEW DELHI, INDIA PARIS, FRANCE KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA 6 YEARS 1980 6 YEARS 1983 3 YEARS 1993 FARIBORZ SAHBA IEOH MING PEI CÉSAR PELLI This temple was designed to look like a lotus, The entire Louvre covers 652,300 sq ft. and its A double decker bridge connects the two towers the national flower of India. There are 27 marble most famous resident is the Mona Lisa. at the 41st and 42nd floors. 'petals constructing its iconic shape. THE GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM ANGEL OF THE NORTH MILLENNIUM DOME BILBAO, SPAIN GATESHEAD, ENGLAND LONDON, ENGLAND 4 YEARS 1993 4 YEARS 1994 4 YEARS 1997 FRANK GEHRY ANTONY GORMLEY RICHARD ROGERS Owing to the mathematical complexity of The Angel is as tall as 4 double decker buses and Although called a 'dome, the building is in fact a Gehry's design, he decided to work with an its wingspan is as big as that of a jumbo jet. giant Big Top. advanced software, initially conceived for the aerospace industry, to help construction. SOURCES & REFERENCES WHITEHOUSE.GOV/ABOUT ROYAL.GOV.UK PRIMARYFACTS.COM PETRONASTWINTOWERS.COM.MY TELEGRAPH.CO.UK/TRAVEL MOSCOW.INFO SYDNEYOPERAHOUSE.COM/ABOUT/ GUGGENHEIM-BILBAO,ES LOUVRE.FR/EN/HISTORY-LOUVRE BURJ KHALIFA VISITBERLIN.DE DUBAI, UNITED THE SHARD ARAB EMIRATES LONDON, ENGLAND CNTOWER.CA BURJKHALIFA.AE 2 YEARS 2004 3 YEARS 2009 GOLDENGATEBRIDGE.ORG GATESHEAD.GOV.UK ADRIAN SMITH RENZO PIANO At over 828 metres, Buri Khalifa holds a number Angled glass panes reflect sunlight and the sky, of titles including the tallest building in the so that the appearance of the building changes RUBBERBOND FLEECEBACK world. according to the weather and seasons. EPDMENS RUBBERBOND.CO.UK

How Long Did Famous Structures Take to Build?

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When we travel we can’t help but take elements of our domestic daily lives with us. For those in the construction industry we constantly find ourselves asking ‘I wonder how long that took to build...


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