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How Does Baggage Handling Work?

How Does BAGGAGE HANDLING Work? With more than 9000 airports worldwide and millions of people using them each year, baggage handling systems are vital for their smooth running, but how do they work? 1. BAGGAGE ARRIVES The first part of the baggage journey is down to you. when yoU arrive at the airport you have to park and make your own way to the correct check-in desk When you check-in, a barcode is generated that includes all of the information about your flight including terminals, transfers and final destination. This will help guide it through the maze of back end and behind the scenes conveyers 2. CHECK IN 5591022 296151 3. INITIAL SCAN An initial scan on the other side of the check in desk determines the route of the bag. this is done with a 360 degree array of scanners, allowing the barcode to be read from almost any angle. any that cannot be read here are conveyed off for manual scanning, and sent on from there. 4. CONVEYING Now the computer system knows where your bag needs to go, it sends it off to the appropriate conveyor. many other 360 degree scanners are posted around the different routes, ensuring that the luggage is still on the right track. the baggage movement is done by the following main types of conveyor: 1. PUSHER This conveyor has many moving arms that can either stop, allow or channel bags onto different routes 2. ORIENTATION A camera scans the bag, determines which way it needs to be oriented and uses the wheels to turn it 3. 90 TRANSFER This conveyor stops and starts quickly, moving in many different directions, 4. DCV Destination coded vehicles are allowing bags to be sent any way autonomous carts that move larger quantities of baggage from terminal to terminal, 5. TROLLEY and load and unload The bags are finally driven to the plane by trolley and loaded into the hold automatically 5. SCANNING Before the bags make it onto the plane, and an integral part of baggage handling in the modern world, is scanning. The bags pass through x-ray scanners that examine them, and with the help of both automated and manual recognition systems detect unusual and banned objects. A second pass is sometimes made with the use of dogs to detect either drugs or explosives BAGGAGE TRAVELS TO THE DESTINATION 7. BAGGAGE CLAIM The final part of the baggage process is the collection carousel. All things having gone well, your bag will be delivered to a carousel matching your flight number in the destination airport, ready for you to collect. oddly shaped or oversize items such as snowboards or skis often have a specialised carousel so as not to clog up the main one. HERBERT BROUGHT TO YOU BY: At the root of handling systems

How Does Baggage Handling Work?

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Millions of people use airports all over the world each year, and just as many bags and other luggage go with them. So, how does this behind-the-scenes system work?


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