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HopStop Data Reveals Top Urban Travel Trends

HOPSTOP TOP TRAVEL TRENDS IN YOUR W AY то GO MAJOR METROPOLITAN CITIES LONGEST TRANSIT COMMUTES LONGEST TAXI TRIPS LONGEST BIKE TRIPS 1. Chicago: 47.1 minutes 2. Boston: 45.9 minutes 1. Philadelphia: 6.9 miles 2. Washington, DC: 5.6 miles 2. New York: 4.92 miles 1. Chicago: 7.24 miles 3. New York: 45.1 minutes 3. New York: 5.6 miles 3. Washington, DC: 3.86 miles IN TOTAL HopStop users have traveled over 2.25 billion miles that's equivalent to over 90,000 times around the earth (each globe represents 30,000 times around) TOP THREE BIKING CITIES 1. Washington, DC రిి 2. San Francisco 3. New York *Largest % of bike searches compared to total direction searches LEADING CALORIE-BURNING CITIES IN TOTAL HopStop users have burned over 10.2 billion calories that's the equivalent of 41 million hamburgers 1. Miami: 44 calories/route 2. Seattle: 39 calories/route 3. Atlanta: 37 calories/route 4. Boston: 35 calories/route 5. Washington, DC: 35 calories/route (each hamburger represents 1 million hamburgers) SOURCE WolframAlpha LEADING CARBON CONSCIOUS CITIES IN TOTAL 1. Baltimore: 3.59 lbs/route 2. Toronto: 3.22 Ibs/route HopStop users have saved over 900,000 tons of CO2 that's the equivalent of planting 10.2 billion trees 3. Chicago: 2.55 Ibs/route 4. London: 2.55 Ibs/route 5. New York: 2.41 lbs/route (each tree represents 1 billion trees) SOURCE: Environmental Protection Agency *Average CO2 saved per route (when compared to driving) 0..o000000.e000000.e FUN HOPSTOP STATS 400 million routes and counting.. HopStop users are searching for over 165,000 routes a day and 7,000 routes an hour! when do people use HopStop most? busiest day THURSDAY least busy day SUNDAY busiest times 11AM & 8PM least busy times 12AM & 12PM how long is an average trip? 31 minutes, 31 seconds (average transit time) 5 minutes, 18 seconds (average walking time) 36 minutes, 49 seconds (total average trip time) Source: HopStop Analytics Note: All numbers are as of November 2011 (HCH0 01010:

HopStop Data Reveals Top Urban Travel Trends

shared by kcatoto on Jan 23
We hear more and more about the “on-the-go” consumer, but how exactly are they getting from point A to point B, and what are their travel practices? HopStop, the leading provider of pedestrian nav...


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