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Holiday Hypermarket - Christmas Facts

Holiday Hype infographics Chptetmas Facts 31h Santa actually has 31 hours in which to deliver his presents thanks to time zones and the rotation of the Earth. 00m:00s AAA AAAA. 91.8 MILLION HOMES with an average of 3.5 children per home This means he has 1 milisecond to land, lay out the presents and eat the goodies left out for him. That's 300 visits in the time it takes to blink your eye! Travel times (from London) Destination Commercial Jet Santa's Sleigh Cancun, Mexico 11 hours 7.6 seconds Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt 5 hours 30 mins 3.7 seconds Palma, Spain 2 hours 15 mins 1.2 seconds 22.95 MILLION MINCE PIES 826.2 MILLION CARROTS eaten by Santa shared by Rudolph and the other reindeer (10.9 billion calories; 4,360,000% the recommended daily allowance for an adult male) (20.6 billion calories, and significantly tastier than the lichen and moss they eat in the summer!) With £112 spent on each of the 321 million children, that's a grand total of £35 billion spent on children over Christmas. (Coincidentally, Santa is on first-name terms with his bank manager) 100,000 TONNE 100,000 ÞNNES 300,000 TOŃNES of presents 100,000 TOŃNES .that would fill 2,420 BOEING 747s After all that hard work, we think Santa would like a nice 2 week all inclusive holiday in Sensatori Mexico. (But we would, wouldn't we!) Sensalori holiday hypermarket SOURCES Powered by Thomson Brochures

Holiday Hypermarket - Christmas Facts

shared by Hypermarket on Dec 03
Fascinating facts about Christmas, Santa, Rudolph, presents and travel.


Holiday Hypermarket


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