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Hi-Tech Hotels Worldwide

HI-TECH HOTELS WORLDWIDE HI-TECH IN HOTEL ROOMS PS3 Wii DO DOLBY 5.1 DIGITA L XBOX 360. PlayStation 3 DVD HDVIDEO on DEMAND HD 3D VIDEO TV 000 0 00 o PC MEDIA HUB 100Mbps BROADBAND 21° 2D HD |iPad iPhone keyless ACCESS RFID GUEST SENSOR SMART PANELS 0O NOT DISTURB TV TV MIRROR GAME CONSOLES SURROUND SOUND Hi-tech hotels offer guests game Select a Video on consoles with the latest Demand or dock games ready to play. your iPod to FORE! experience the The Hotel 1000 movies or rock out in Seattle takes to a concert with the gaming to the next high end in room sound level with virtual golf systems for the ultimate audio Wii courses and bowling alleys in experience. special suites and lounges PS3 DI DOLBY 5.1 PlayStation 3 XBOX 360. DIGITAL HD MOVIES & TV COMPUTERS No laptop? No problem. Big Screen LCD flat panel HDTV and Video on Guests traveling Demand are without a laptop included are provided with standard in many what they need directly by the hotel. hotels. The Eccleston "Mama Shelter" in Paris Square in London offers offers guests 24". Macs to 46" Full HD 3D TV's from Pana- surf and work at their own sonic, batteries and 3D movies are Mac PC leisure. included. TV HDVIDEO HD on DEMAND TV INTERNET THE MEDIA HUB An Internet connection usually goes without The Media Hub- Connect all of saying, but from hotel to hotel there can be a world of a difference your external devices such as laptops, whether it is speed or iPads or MP3 price. In hotels like the Four Seasons players with the in in Palo Alto room Media Hub. wireless is in no Watch your favorite movie or jam out to your short supply and broadband at speeds of favorite song all while you 100Mbps all free of charge will recharging those batteries. 100Mbps BROADBAND 000 0o oo send you speeding along the MEDIA HUB information super highway. A hi-tech experiment of a special kind started in network with energy when ridden. Guests who spend 15 minutes on the bikes are 2010 at the Crowne Plaza in Copenhagen. In the rewarded with a voucher worth hotels' gym, special fitness € 26 for the restaurant. bikes power the hotels' IPAD & IPHONE TEMPERATURE & LIGHT These hi-tech devices are Many hotels have hi-tech popular accessories intelligent lighting and in hotel rooms. climate controls. Whether checking Lights can be in or out, ordering dimmed to your room service or plane own mood and tickets even controlling individual setting. For lighting, handhelds hold the temperature and light some key to life "on the go", as well hotels save preferred guests as your hotel room. settings for return visits. iPad iPhone *O"? DIGITAL ACCESS GUEST SENSORS Occupancy sensors are able to Keyless access to hotel turn lights on and off rooms in hi-tech hotels when entering or is here to stay. leaving the room. Gatekeepers such as RFID chips, Silent doorbells indicate to iPhones or even members of iris scanners allow key housekeeping staff, whether a guest is present or if the room is masters entry without the risk of losing their room key GUEST SENSOR free to clean. With the push of a button guests can also activate keyless ACCESS RFID a digital "do not disturb" sign. DISTURB TV MIRROR INTELLIGENT GLASS Panels of intelligent glass -A state of the art mirror provide the desired level with an integrated of privacy in the flat screen TV bathroom. can be found The glass allows the in bathrooms user to switch from of hi-tech hotels. the normal transparent Built-in heaters prevent state to an opaque glass while the dreaded fogging of the getting ready for the day ahead or mirror. winding down after a day of hard work or play. TV FAMOUS HI-TECH HOTELS WORLDWIDE theWit THE WIT DOUBLETREE, As one of the most technologically advanced hotels in the U.S., the Wit in Chicago boasts a network which links and CHICAGO controls all internal systems. Elevators, heating and air conditioning are all managed intelligently from mission control. * m INDIVIDUAL CLIMATE Using sensors in the hotel room, the guests' position within the room is determined automatically, triggering their personal heating or A/C preferences at their pin-pointed location. blow up hall 5050 BLOW UP HALL 5050, The chic Hotel Blow Up Hall 5050 in Poznan can be best described as an e-hotel. As soon as they enter the hotel, guests are part of a video installation POZNAN, POLAND by artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Honorable mention goes to the 24 "iMac provided in every room. KEY WITH DISPLAY Looking for keys and room numbers is a thing of the past at the Blow Up Hall. Every guest receives an iPhone upon check-in, which serves as a room key and a handy way to order room service from the kitchen. citızen The CitizenM is at the forefront of providing the latest tech creature comforts. CITIZENM, Fast wireless and video-on-demand , electronic remote controlled curtains, AMSTERDAM colored lighting and electronic climate control are all found aboard the starship CitizenM. DEPENDING ON YOUR MOOD Attain the perfect level of tranquility with the "MoodPad which controls everything from the temperature and lighting to TV and the curtains. TAIPEI W TAIPEI, Hi-tech takes a back seat to luxury. While tech takes on a holistic approach, the goodies are hard to miss , with LCD screens up to 66", Bose© 5.1 sound TAIPEI systems and multimedia hubs featured in rooms. Most hotels will find it difficult to keep up with the Jones' when they take a look at the "Extreme WOW Suite" at the W Taipei. Every luxury is offered including three 66" flat screens, video projectors and a Bang and Olufsen audio "W" EXTREM WX system, taking movie night to the next level. What more to ask for? Oh, the suite also has 365° views of Taipei, jackpot! SOFIT EL LUKURVHOTELS MACAU AT PONTE 16 The Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 is one of the most hi-tech hotels SOFITEL MACAU AT PONTE 16, MACAU in all of Asia. Hi-tech meets luxury with stunning city views, LCD screens and DVD players. Spoil yourself with a shower using the "Rainforest" showerhead. TV IN A WHIRLPOOL By booking into the "Prestige Suite" at the Sofitel Macau, relax in a whirlpool with a built-in flat screen TV while watching your favorite TV show or movie surrounded by nothing but bubbles, either the soapy or champagne kind. Hilton HILTON AMERICAS, Besides a large wireless network, 100Mbps network connections and video-on- demand, the Hilton Americas is home to a sophisticated 3VR monitoring system HOUSTON, TEXAS enabling people or objects to be located using a color, movement, and shape- based search throughout the property. No more lost and found here. BUSINESS PARTNERS WANTED The monitoring system in the Hilton allows for the use of facial recognition in order to track down a lost business partner. nymphe A strandhotel & apartments The Baltic Sea meets multimedia with hi-tech devices THE NYMPHE STRANDHOTEL in every room, wireless broadband internet access, TV, & APARTMENTS, BINZ DVD, radio, and an iPod docking station. THE FIRST WITH AN APPLE The Nymphe Strandhotel & Apartments Mac is the first Apple multimedia lifestyle hotel in Germany, offering guests a Mac in every room. FOUR SEASONS Holels and Resots FOUR SEASONS, No other place on earth would you expect to find the most hi-tech hotel other than in the Silicon Valley, the cradle of the computer civilization. Use the speedy SILICON VALLEY wireless networks and 100Mbps fiber optic connections to easily print airline tickets in your own hotel room THE DIGITAL PEEPHOLE The peephole as we know it is a thing of the past. At least if you are staying in the Four Seasons. 5.6-inch LCD in-room screens now display who is knocking at the door. SOURCES: PRESENTED BY check & book

Hi-Tech Hotels Worldwide

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Check out how Hi-Tech hotels roll when it comes to providing the future in your hotel room today




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