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A guide to Spanish tapas

A Guide To SPANISH TAPAS La Coruna San Sebastian Barcelona 10 Menorca OMadrid 14 OPalma Mallorca O Valencia Ibiza 12 13 Alicante 16 15 Sevilla Malaga 17 Canary Islands Gibraltar Regions 1. Galicia 2. Asturias 3. Cantabria 4. Basque Country 5. Navarre 6. Castile & Leon 7. La Rioja 8. Aragon 9. Catalonia 10. Madrid 11. Extremadura 12. Castilla La Mancha 13. Valencian Community 14. Balearic Islands 15. Andalucia 16. Murcia 17. Canary Islands Galicia The great coastline of Galicia offers a rich supply of fresh fish and shellfish. A typical tapas dish is polbo á feira, which is boiled octopus served in oil, seasoned with paprika and salt. Astunias Located on the edge of the sea, Asturias has a fantastic fish and seafood tapas. Additionally, they are famous for their locally produced sidra (cider) - so the delicious merluza a la sidra, which is salted hake fish in cider, is the perfect representative of this region. Cantabria Set on a gorgeous northern coastline, Cantabria is the perfect place to enjoy some calamares or rabas, as they are called in this region. This tapas dish consists of crunchy battered rings of squid served with creamy aioli sauce. Basque Country Tortilla de patatas is a Spanish omelette with added potatoes, which is fried in vegetable oil. It's extremely popular in all regions, but as it's a firm favourite of the people of Basque, you're bound to get the best quality there. Navanne Mejillones rellenos, translated to stuffed mussels, is nicknamed 'tigers' due to its spicy kick. The peppery sauce chilindrón, a local delicacy of Navarre, usually accompanies this dish. Castile and Leon The Castile and León region is famous for their morcilla blood sausages, which are stuffed with rice, onions and herbs and are often served with a crusty slice of bread. The city of Burgos is famous for its morcilla, often claiming to dish up the best in Spain. La Rioja La Rioja is famous for its locally harvested red wine, so it comes as no surprise that the full bodied flavouring is used to slowly marinate pork sausage into chorizo al vino tinto, adding even more zest and tang to the dish. Anagón Aceitunas guerra are black olives that are intense in colour and flavour with characteristically dark and withered skin. The tasty bites are grown in northern Aragón and are ideal for starting off a tapas feast. Catalonia Jamón serrano, translated literally to 'ham of the mountains', is dry-cured and is typically served up in thin slices. So the mountainous region of Catalonia makes an apt setting to experience this particular dish. Madrid Madrid sure is the place to enjoy the well-known patatas bravas, consisting of fried dices of potato topped with a deliciously spicy tomato sauce called salsa brava. Extnemaduna The Extremadura region is famous for its high-quality local meat, so is therefore the perfect spot to enjoy albóndigas en salsa, which are Spanish meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce. La Mancha Castille Castilla-La Mancha is famous for the cheese manchego, which is often eaten in a variety of tapas styles. It can be paired with anchovies to create queso con anchoas, a popular choice that is widely requested across Spain. olalencian Community Aside from paella, the most famous dish in the Valencian kitchen, the delicious tocino envuelto fechas originate from Alicante. These are bacon wrapped dates, which are sometimes served with manchego cheese to make them even more moreish. Baleanic Islands Sobrassada is a Majorcan cured pork sausage, commonly served up as a spread on crunchy baked bread due to its pâté-like texture. Although the sausage is originally from Majorca it can be enjoyed across all the Balearic Islands. Andalucia Gambas al ajillo is arguably one of the most well-known tapas dishes, consisting of fresh shrimps sautéed in olive oil, garlic, paprika and a splash of brandy. And as Andalucía is the largest producer of olive oil in the world, you'd be foolish not to sample the gambas from the sprawling coastline cooked in freshly-pressed local oil. Muncia Murcia, with its rich agricultural landscape and ample coastline, is said to home some of the best tapas in Spain. A typical Murcian dish is michirones, a spicy stew made with fava beans, ham, sausage, bacon and a variety of spices. Yum Canany Islands Papas arrugadas, also known as Canarian wrinkly potatoes, is a dish featuring very small, new potatoes boiled in salted water. They are then roasted and served with a mojo sauce made up of garlic and Spanish paprika, amongst other spices. dealcheckerCouk we search, you save EO

A guide to Spanish tapas

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Find out which tapas dishes that are best for each region of Spain.


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