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Getting From A to B Has Never Been So Simple

GETTING FROM A TO B HAS NEVER BEEN SO SIMPLE... .in fact Despite there being over 3.1 Statistically you would have to fly EVERYDAY Oof your life for Million THOUSAND pieces in a standard boeing 747, flying remains one of the YEARS Before you died in a plane crash safest ways to travel... THAT IS A LONG TIME TO SPEND IN THE AIR A far cry from Da Vinci's If you have to fly for that long then choose Singapore Airlines, they have more Dom Perignon champagne than any other airline. vision of a flying Catering British Airways would mean that every one of those 19,000 years you would see... machine! AO tonnes .. but at any one time, more than 61,000 people are airborne on commercial flights over the USA alone. 6 tonner 22 tonner CAVIAR SALMON CHICKEN This may sound like a lot of food... EVEN MORE THAN THAT ARE QUEUING AT AIRPORTS LAALAIALLAIA4 we le hot unique in mastering flight) No1 LOUNGES USES OVER 2,000 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS TO SERVE PEOPLE TIRED FROM QUEUING. The common house fly flies at 300x its body length per second A jet plane only travels at 100x its body length out. That wearo us out just thinking abou . How about a nice cup of tea? The reason tea tastes so different on G an aircraft is because water bolls at 90c, which inter feres with the brewing process 90 The first cow milked in flight was c Nellie It was 1930 and over 72 miles she produced 22 litres of milk... Jay Well, they didn't have good fridges in those days! Speaking of cows.. ..In Alaska it is illegal to shoot a moose from the window of an airplane or any flying vehicle; THE DISTANCE WE FLY EVERY YEA quite right too! «757 This one class of plane has travelled ACROSS THE GLOBE IS PHENOMENAL 35 BILLION miles since it launched That's 75,000 frips to the moon and back That means a lot of The windscreen of a Boeing 747 costs as much as a brand new BMW 1. Series maintenance Which incidentally could go round the world 55 times on the fuel it takes to fly from Toronto to Tokyo! DO YOU THINK THE WRIGHT BROTHERS DREAMT THAT ANY OF THAT WOULD BE TRUE WHEN THEY FIRST FLEW IN 1903? BACK THEN GETTING FROM A TO B WAS SIMPLE, BUT SLOW! Nº1 TRAVELLER The smarter way to catch your flight NINETEEN -२। called

Getting From A to B Has Never Been So Simple

shared by ElectricDialogue on Sep 11
Ever wanted to know the name of the first cow milked in a plane? Or why a cup of tea never tastes quite right at 30,000ft? Well, the answers to these, and many more questions, lie in the infographic t...


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