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Fun Things To Do in Asheville North Carolina

50 THIN G S TO D O I N ASHEVILLE 5 Grove Park Inn Get some shut-eye in a 100 year old luxury resort While you're there, you can shop, check out art galleries or relax in a 40,000 square foot underground spa. 182 Biltmore House & Biltmore House Grounds 30 251 70 19 62 Explore the country's largest private residence. While you're there, check out the winery, ride a horse, go rafting or check out the färm. Ziplines! Take a zipline through the canopy forests that surround Asheville. Wheeeeeceeee! 694 17 25 63 28 34 2 Brews 3 Cruise 22 23 31 35 11 26 26 18 Asheville has been known as Beer City. Take a cruise of some of the amazing local breweries. 18 25 70 27 40 20 37 21 38 28 7 Breweries! 33 240 Asheville is home to dozens of breweries from microbrews up to some pretty big name places. Check 'em out. Have a sample or 2! 74 12 40 36 29 39 40 LaZoom 4 Bus Tours 25 182 18 Get a ride around town, learn a lot about Asheville, have a laugh and maybe even get accosted by a nun with hairy legs on a really tall bike. 112 23 16 Go fishing. kayaking, rafting or tubing. From calm waters to roiling rapids- there's something for everyone! 8 French Broad ALT 74 10 (191 17 HOT SPRINGS Health, resort nce 1800. Name ghanged Warm Sprist Hot 9 Springs 19 North of Asheville is Hot Springs, where you can take a dip in a huge 25 (146) MO ROck 10 Chimney natural hot tub! 15 Hike all around an outcropping that looks like a chimney! 11 Trolley 13 Golfing 26 Tour historic downtown on a sweet old trolley! Tons of golf courses, including a few designed by big name pros! 191 13 74 25 280 Blue 12 Ridge Parkway 14 Wo 15 Mountain All around Asheville, you can hop on the parkway and see the most incredible scenery, sunsets and sunrises. Plus TUNNELS! Asheville is surrounded by mountains. If you have a bike.... 32 2 mi 19 42 BUS 25 25 16 he Arboretum 191 ó i 2 3 km eVisit 19 164 Trout 14 Fishing (280 The North Carolina Arboretum um displays some of the most beautiful local flora, Check it out with an easy stroll around the grounds. Very Asheville Asheville and Western North Carolina features some of the best fresh-water fishing anywhere! 18 Farmers 20Art Museum Markets Tons of organic,. local produce and fabulous meats are produced and sold Top-notch international art is natural on display, every day. Plus - ROCKS! all over Asheville 19 Hiking 21 Folk Art Center Asheville 24 Tourists Whether you're looking foör an easy stroll or a serious romp. Asheville and the surrounding area offer amazing hiking trails! 23 Cemetery See some of the wares of local artisans and craftsmen. Carved, quilted and totally awesome! Historic and Babe Ruth played at McCormick Field - and it's stil going! Babe's not.. beautiful, this dates back to 1885! Montford 17waterfalls 22 Park In Pisgah National Forest and all around the area, the abundant water and tall peaks make for beautiful waterfalls! 22 players Shakespeare in the open air Only in the warmer months, as you would imagine. 26 Botanical Gardens 28 Grove "It is by far the finest structure in the South and there are few, if any, finer in the entire country." A beautiful getaway right in the middle of it all. 25 Thomas The 27 Nature Wolfe House One of Asheville's most famous residents, Wolfe wrote the classic "Look Homeward Angel, and otheS. --EW Grove 927 30 Mount Mitchell 31 Basilica Center Visit, hike or camp the highest peak in the eastern United States. Until 1845, it was the highest peak in the U.S., but Texas joined, and the rest is history. Get out of town and see some native animals in their habitat. Wolves and otters and snakes and bears! Oh my! 29 River Arts District of Saint Lawrence Designed by Rafael Guastavino, the Visit working artists in their natural setting! of religious art and architecture. 32graveyard 33 Splash- Ville F0od Lion 34 Skatepark 35Asheville 36 The Orange Peat Fields Strap on your pads and hit the half pipe. Right Shopaholics therapy. Tons of stores, including local gear! One of the country's best music venues, all the big name bands come through. Intimate, loud and awesome! Southwest of Asheville, you'll find amazing berry picking! Sweet! In downtown Asheville, kids of all ages get soaked for free n downtown! Legal! 39 Drum Circle Grab your djembe and head downtown on a Friday. You'll hear it, you'l feel it and you'll totally dig it! Smith- 37Cherokee 38Cherokee McDowell42 PARI 41 House The Cherokee Indian Reservation, west of Asheville, features a rich history of regional Native Americans. Art, culture and While in Cherokee checking out all the culture, you can indulge yourself Relive the Victorian era in Asheville's oldest house. Built in. 1840, and designed by the world-famous Olmstead brothers. NASA facility used during the 1960's and 1970's for tracking manned Asheville 40 street Art with a little gambling and a super-lively nightlife! Asheville is home to some amazing street artists. Set out on foot and see some amazing murals and grafitti. and unmanned space flights. Now, it's open to the public , more. nightlife! Grab a 45 Coffee! 44 Downtown Hit the streets downtown and check out all the You can't throw a rock in Asheville without hitting a GREAT coffee shop! 43 Moog eclectic shopping Asheville has to offer. Vance 40Birthplace 47 EAT! Right downtown, you can lean about one of the true musical pioneers of the 21st century. Bob Moogs' synthesizers revolutionized 48 Freaky Visit the rustic homestead of a governor, senator and Civil War general and one of the most influential men in the South. Asheville is home to a huge variety of restaurants. From middle eastern street food to gourmet burgers to vegan grub, Asheville has it all! Get 49 UNCA Asheville is "America's New Freak Capital." Yep! According to Rolling Stone, The only "liberal arts" school in the University of North Carolina System, UNCA is a beacon of creativity & art. music. Jung 50 Woodfin Crevewood Callery 0123km ongetoe Un tAcheuteY are Wen Celleg Thomas Watfe Swan nanoa Do Asheville. Get out and just explore Asheville. With a rich cultural history, a beautiful natural setting and an incredibly diverse population, plus an artsy vibe and the (more than) occasional weirdo, you never know what you'll see. But - it'll be awesome. it'll be different and it'il be fun. That's Asheville. Weder NC. 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Fun Things To Do in Asheville North Carolina

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The organic garden in Asheville, NC makes it an excellent getaway for nature-lovers and sportsmens. Visitors can capitalize on the mountain terrain to do some zip-lining, hill climbing up and hiking. ...


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