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The Fight Against No-Vacation Nation

THE FIGHT AGAINST NO-VACATION NATION VACATION DAY USAGE IN 2014 15.1% took more than 20 13.7% 42% took between of Americans didn't take a vacation day in 2014 10 and 20 13.2% took between 5 and 10 16.1% took less than 5 INCOME INEQUALITY IN NO-VACATION NATION OF THE 42% OF AMERICANS THAT DIDN'T TAKE A VACATION DAY IN The workers earning the lowest salary take little to no vacation days each year. 2014 % OF WORKERS IN EACH INCOME BRACKET TAKING O VACATION DAYS $0 - $24,999 45.3% $25,000 - $49,000 39.4% $50,000 - $74,999 35.6% $75,000 - $99,999 28.1% $100,000 - $149,999 15.4% $150,000 or more 0% VACATION DAYS IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR Vacation days per year I LESS THAN 5 DAYS 5-9 DAYS 10 - 14 DAYS 15 - 19 DAYS |20 -24 DAYS MORE THAN 24 After 1 year of service: 7 38 35 12 7 After 5 years of service: 9. 36 34 12 After 10 years of service: 16 41 22 13 After 20 years of service: 2 6 13 20 35 25 WORK MARTYRS Americans suffer from "Work Martyr" syndrome, the underlying belief that taking time off will result in the loss of a competitive edge. 500 million unused vacation days per year -- Why? 40% 35% 19% 17% 1/3 fear returning to a large can't delegate - feel like they hope not taking time will give them an edge for fear losing of the their jobs if they take time off vacation days amount of are the only work are lost due ones able to to "use it or do the work promotion lose it" policy GLOBAL OUTLOOK Countries that require paid vacation time I PAID VACATION PAID HOLIDAYS 30 28 22 20 20 10 10 U.K. France Portugal Japan Australia Canada Germany United States THE BENEFITS BREAKDOWN Men who take regular vacations are 32% less likely to die of heart Women who go on vacation have Those who Reaction times vacationed we're able were 30-40% 50% lower risk of to sustain an hour higher after heart attack of additional sleep each night after they attacks, 21% less the trip likely to die early returned home However, those that take working vacations aren't earning any of the health benefits associated with taking some time off. The desire to disconnect is overridden by our country's "it can't wait" attitude about work. 61% 25% 20% of Americans report being contacted by a colleague while on vacation were contacted by their boss work while they're on during paid time off vacation WORKING FOR FREE: A LOOK AT THE NUMBERS The average American worker gives up With an average vacation cost $2,520 $1,145 per year by not taking vacation days that's enough to go on vacation TWICE per year 10% would have earn you a chartered sunset sail 23% might have rented you a could have been spent nice beach front condo driving to the beach 23% should have been spent on mojitos and a seafood feast straight from the ocean If you're lucky to work for a company with a generous vacation package, don't be afraid to take it! Not only will it negatively affect your health, you're also giving your hard-earned money away! 2AMERICA'S OREATES AT HEO Ocean (City NJ Sources: New York Times, BLS.Gov, Forbes, MarketWatch

The Fight Against No-Vacation Nation

shared by SavannahMarie on Jan 22
Americans are taking the least amount of vacation time than they have in the past 40 years. In 2013 alone, U.S. workers forfeited $52.4 billion dollar in PTO benefits, which equates to 169 million day...


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