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Exploring The Viking Age in Modern Norway

EXPLORING THE VIKING AGE IN MODERN NORWAY Fror 793 to 1066 AD, the Vikings voyaged, explored and invaded countries across Europe. Traces of the powerful role they played in Norway's history can still be seen in rany parts of the country, where visitors can travel back in tire and experience the Vikings' way of life. Meet the Vikings Vikings have inspired oenturies of stories and illus trations, often portrayed with oolourful ir ages of horned helrets, longboats, Valhalla, and ren drinking out of skulls. Who were they? Explorers & expert navigators They sailed along Europe's Skilled traders & craftsmen in wood and metal coaste with their fast, narrow, light and wooden longboats, and spread their oulture and language aoroee various cities from Greenland to the They produoed beautiful jewelry and artifaots. Courageous, CUnning and resilient in battle Caspian Sea, and Despite rany losses and several defeate, their Newfoundland in Canada. appetite for oonquest and exploration rerained Some of Europe's best storytellers strong. They were oultured; valued poetry and rost of the Norse sagas oontinue to fasoinate audienoes today. A dark sense of humour They oould laugh in the face of danger and death. Take a step into their colorful world Disoover the Vikings' festivities, battle stories and way of life while exploring Norway's rostouts tanding soenery. The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo Featuring the world's two best-preserved Viking ships, dating fror the 9th oentury, the ruseur also displays er aller vessels, tools, textiles and diecoveries frorm Gokstad, Oseberg and Tune. Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg, Lofoten Islands A Viking party where you will enjoy a feast, lie ten to stories of power, glory and DID YOU wealth - all brought to you courtesy of the governor, his wife and their slaves. KNOW? You oan aleo eail a reoonstruotion of a Viking ship. In the surrer exolusively, learn the art of archery or axe-throwing, try You will eit ineide the world'e largest reconetructed rowing a Viking ship or take part in the vibrant 5-day Lofotr Viking Festival where hundreds of Vikings will showoase their handiorafte, organise conoerts, gares and ruch rore. Viking longhouse dating fror 500 AD Karmøy and Haugesund in Rogaland Stiklestad National Culture Centre in Nord-Trøndelag You and 10,000 other visitore can take part in the St. Olav's Festival featuring a redieval rarket, art exhibition, concerts, thea ter perforr ances, serinars and ruchrore. Follow the foo ts teps of Harald Fairhair who established DID YOU KNOW? Created in 1954, St. Olav's Drara - which rune in July of every y ear to correrorate the Eattle of Stik leetad - ie the longeet running open-air play in Norway, and the purpoee-built arphitheatre ie the largeet open-air theatre in Scandinavia. Norway'e firet throne in Avaldenes, and dieoover the rioh history of the Vikings at Karrøy Kulturopplevelser. Viking Valley Market, in Gudvangen, Fjord Norway Test your skills as a Viking by sailing a Viking ship on the Vefsnfjord The Viking Market will introduoe you to the produotion of Experience theredieval boat traditional handiorafts, the taste of typioal Viking food and the art of rowing like a Viking. building teohnology in aotion in Mosjøen in Helgeland, just south of the Arotio Cirole. THE BEST TIME TO Warr yourself up in Vikgården, the ooey oo fee shop in Mosjøen town centre, before er barking on a journey aboard a Fer børing, a wooden sail boat, used by the Vikings for fishing and freight. GO: DID YOU KNOW? Located in the er all village of Gudvangen, nextto the plotureeque UNESCO-leted Nærøyfjord, the Spring and eurrer, fror Aprilto Septer ber Viking Carp oelebrated ite 10t annivereary in 2012. Source: Vieitnorway. Powered by Nature

Exploring The Viking Age in Modern Norway

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From 793 to 1066 AD, the Vikings voyaged, explored and invaded countries across Europe. Traces of the powerful role they played in Norway's history can still be seen in many parts of the country, wher...




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