Exploring The Caribbean

ISLE SAY! Exploring aribbeans THE At a Clance Located southeast of mainland North America, east of Central America, and north of South America OVER 7.00 islands 28 nations AREA: 1.063 MILLION SQ MI (2009) 39169.962 Population Economy Minerals (gold, aluminum oxide, aluminum hydroxide, Fuel and mining products- corundum, iron ore) (primarily petroleum gas and oils) Fertilizer Bananas, sugar, and rum Main exports include: Main imports include: Spirits Milk and (alcohol) cream Phone equipment Boats, ships, cars, construction vehicles, engine parts Animals Animals indigenous to the area include: Caribbean reef sharks Leatherback sea huriles Whale sharks Mona iguanas Slingrays Languages of the Caribbean Common standard languages include: Spanish French English Dutch HOWEVER, THE REGION IS HOME TO OVER 70 TRADE, SIGN, RITUAL, PIDGIN, AND CREOLE LANGUAGES. Creole languages, which often mix African syntax and European words, evolved from a need for slaves to communicate with European plantation owners. Common forms include: Patois French Creole (Jamaica) (Haiti, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St.Lucia, Dominica, French Guyana) THE BAHAMAS CUBA SAINT OTTS AND NEVIS MONTSERRAT GUADELOUPE DOMINICA MARTINIQUE BARBADOS CURACAO ARUBA BONAIRE TRINDAD AND TOBAGO VENEZUELA Papiamento, COLOMBIA a combination of African, Dutch, Portuguese, and English BELIZ Carifuna, GUATEMALA HONDURAS spoken by descendants of West African slaves shipwrecked SALVADOR NICARAGUA off the island of St. Vincent, now spoken in Belize and Honduras SAN JOSE The Taino THE TAINO WERE THE STARTING AROUND 400 B.C., INDIGENOUS TRIBES IN THE CARIBBEAN REGION. THE TAINO GRADUALLY SPREAD FROM VENEZUELA TO THE CARIBBEAN. SOME SCHOLARS ESTIMATE THAT THE TAINO POPULATION REACHED OVER 3 MILLION IN HISPANIOLA ALONE. (CURRENT DAY HAITI AND THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) The Taino were inventive and learned to: Strain cyanide from yucca Develop effective medicines Create pepper gas from nature Construct canoes Play batos, a game similar to soccer played with a rubber ball large enough to fit over 100 paddlers While the Taino people are almost entirely extinct, their influence on modern Caribbean cultures remain strong today, from the great emphasis on song and. dance to the food. National Dishes Cou cou and flying fish Fungee and pepper pot (Antigua and Barbuda) (Barbados) Sancocho (Dominican Republic) Rice and beans with fish stew (Belize) Oil down (Grenada) Pepper pot (Guyana) Crab and calaloo (Trinidad and Tobago) Conch and Griots with rice and beans dumplings (St. Maarten) (Haiti) Ackee and saltfish Green fig and saltfish (St. Lucia) (Jamaica) Stewed salt fish with dumplings, spicy plantains, and breadfruit Grilled snapper with creole sauce (Martinique) Goat water Arroz con gandulez and pernil (St. Kitts and Nevis) (Montserrat) (Puerto Rico) Resources: Caribbean_island countries_by_population

Exploring The Caribbean

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