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Etihad’s Top Tips for Visiting Mumbai, India

ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI TRAVELLING TO MUMBAI Capital of the State of Maharashtra Timezone 5.5 hours ahead of GMT Asia Currency Rupee 9.5 Hours Language English, Hindi & Marathi from London India International dialling code is +91 *Á Ambulance : dial 108 EMERGENCY NUMBERS Fire: Dial 101 Police: Dial 100 MUMBAI TIPS FOR NAVIGATING MUMBAI LIKE A LOCAL 01 When eating you can use cutlery or your hands – but be sure to use just your right hand! 02 Never refuse food or tea - you don't have to eat / drink it - but don't refuse. 03 Only drink bottled water – even when cleaning your teeth. Avoid ice, eating fresh fruit juices and salads and street food, which can look tempting but usually just isn't worth it. 04 If you have a domestic transfer after your international flight, make sure you allow at least 2 hours as you have to travel to a different airport. Traffic in Mumbai is a challenge and not for the faint of heart and there is no order to crossing the streets. Red lights and stop signs are considered optional by some, and while pedes- trians have the right of way (in theory), cars may slow down, but rarely stop for those trying to cross the street. When crossing the street, constantly pay attention, try to keep moving (safely) and remember that motorists may not value your life as much as you do. 05 06 Beeping a horn isn't considered rude like it is in the UK it's just commonplace. 07 Things will likely not work to your timetable, local people are often running behind schedule – do not let this alarm you. 08 During Mumbai's rainy season, malarial mosquitoes can pose a risk. Bring high-protection repellent and consider bringing a mosquito net. 09 If you are getting a rickshaw make sure the meter is running! 10 Tipping by 10% is customary in restaurants, 11 Be careful with your choice of clothing! Non-revealing clothing will not only win a warmer reception from locals, it is manda- tory when visiting places of worship such as temples & mosques. Take advantage of the baggy clothes by wearing a money belt and not worrying about embarrassing bulges. Crime rates are high in the city and a money belt would be a great addition to your suitcase. 12 As a westerner, you will be a target for street beggars. They will be quite persistent but will go away eventually, if you ignore them. More importantly, if you hand out cash, you may find yourself suddenly surrounded by many others seeking the 13 same hand out.

Etihad’s Top Tips for Visiting Mumbai, India

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It won’t just be the weather that tells you that you aren’t in London anymore. Say so long to the grey skies and the red buses and embrace the glorious assault on your senses…Welcome to Mumbai! ...


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