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Etihad’s Guide to Beating Jet Lag

ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI HOW TO AVOID JET LAG IT'S RUINED MANY HOLIDAYS SHORT TRIPS. SO IT'S TIME TO LOOK AT WHAT WE ARE DOING WRONG! "I'll just have the one coffee at the airport." • Caffeine should be avoided on the day of flying. "I won't sleep before I get on the plane because then I won't be able to sleep whilst I am flying." • You are going to lose sleep whilst travelling, don't make it worse.. "As soon as I get on the plane I try to sleep" • If it's the middle of the day at your destination you are better off working / watching a film. "T'll have a glass of water before take off." • Dehydration intensifies the effects of jet lag. Drink plenty of water and remain hydrated, avoid caffeine! "I can't sleep so I am going to play a game or watch a film.." • It will likely have the opposite effect. Try switching off at least an hour before you want to sleep. "I will just take a sleeping pill to help me sleep." • An aid can be useful for a 7 hour plus flight. Anything shorter can lead to problems upon arrival at your destination. "I need to try and get some sleep, I have a meeting as soon as I land..." • Give yourself time to adjust to your surroundings before overexerting yourself. Half a day should be spent getting used to the new surroundings. "I'll eventually get to sleep – 1 can normally sleep anywhere." • A plane is a difficult place to sleep, it is essential that conditions are prepared – try ear plugs, eye masks and pillows as an initial step. "My trip is short I need to get on the destination timezone quickly" • For anything 48 hours or less you are best keep your body on home time. "I am just going to stay in the hotel for the first day." • Getting out in the sun and embracing daylight helps your body to adjust to jet lag much quicker. Embrace the sunshine. source | | |

Etihad’s Guide to Beating Jet Lag

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Jet lag - we’ve all heard about it, we’ve all said that we’ve had it and we’ve all let the green-eyed monster appear when we’ve heard someone else complaining of it. Whilst often used as...



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