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Don't Be An Annoying Traveler

Don't Be An US ANNOYING Traveler! It's inevitable. From time to time in your travels, you'll encounter those people who seem to do everything they can to annoy you. They're rude, improper, obnoxious, selfish and annoying. You can't control these people, but you don't have to be one of them. Here are some of the most bothersome travel traits to steer clear of to avoid being "that guy," or gal. MOST AΝΝΟΥΙΝG GENERAL TRAVELER TRAITS Overpowering body aroma: Being stuck on a train or plane surrounded by excessive, unpleasant smells is no bed of roses. Constant drinking: One too many cocktails can make even the nicest of folks disruptive, loud and rude. Incessant complaining: A steady stream of whining and complaining can bring even the happiest of travelers down. Being unprepared at the security line: Yes, you do need to take off your shoes and jacket, and no, you can't bring your water through. The self-proclaimed photojournalist: Having to stop every two minutes while your travel companion documents even the most minute details of your trip would drive anyone mad. The chronically late: No one wants to waste their vacation time waiting in the hotel lobby for someone who can't stick to the schedule. 45% of travelers said that 61% of people have said that seat kicking is the most annoying trait constant drinkers are the most annoying travelers MOST AΝΝΟΥΙΝG TRAITS OF AIRPLANE TRAVELERS Excessive talking: We've all been there... you just want a little quiet time on the plane, but the chatterbox next to you won't stop. Inattentive parents: Yes, traveling with kids can be challenging, but after the fourteenth goldfish cracker hits you in the face, you've had enough. Device noise: Whether it's a movie, music or games, no one wants to be forced to listen to someone else's entertainment. Seat kickers: It's hard to get comfortable when there's an MMA match going on in the seat behind you. 43% of travelers said one 50% said that audio insensitiveness is the of the most annoying traits is talking too much. most annoying trait. MOST AΝΝΟΥΙΝG TRAITS OF HOTEL GUESTS Lying to get a room upgrade: It's just asking for bad karma. Stealing food from the breakfast buffet: It's a buffet, people. You can eat as much as you want while you're there, but leave the rest for other hotel guests. Stealing extra toiletries from the cart: Because everyone needs eight shampoos and conditioners, a dozen lotions, five shower caps and a sewing kit. Towels are by far the Some hotels are using chip tracking most stolen item technology that alerts them when a from hotel rooms. towel has left the hotel. MOST ANNOYING TRAITS OF AMERICANS TRAVELING INTERNATIONALLY Assuming everyone speaks English: And saying everything LOUDLY. Bad table manners: Poor dining etiquette is not only annoying; it's a sure-fire way to anger international hosts. Slurp in Japan, belch in China, but for goodness sakes, don't bring yellow flowers to the table in Bulgaria. Cultural insensitivity: Those who disrespect the local culture because they didn't take time to learn about the customs and traditions make us all look bad. e !?! 29% of travelers said they are the most annoyed with 25% of travelers said that poor dining etiquette is one of the most annoying traits. overdressed tourists. Don't forget to pack your manners and avoid these behaviors when you travel. Who knows-your politeness might win you some perks along the way, and you may even make some new friends. And if you do ever encounter an annoying traveler, keep your cool and remember, it'll be over soon. Have you ever encountered an annoying traveler? Tell us your story in the comments below! CityPASS Sources:

Don't Be An Annoying Traveler

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No one wants to be the traveler that makes everyone roll their eyes and mutter under their breath... the Chatty Charlies, seat-kickers, complainers, or culturally insensitive. Take a look at our list ...




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