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Dining Etiquette Around The World

Dining Etiquette Around The World The person who suggests dinner is the person who pays the bill. You should also leave a tip for your Coffee helps with hard-to-digest food. As such, it's seen as The waiter who brings you your food is not responsible for taking your order, they are in fact two separate job roles in Italy. rude to order coffee either before or during your main meal. waiter of 10% of the bill price. In the West, slurping and loud eating is Don't point your chopsticks at people and try not to Stick your chopstick vertically into a bowl of rice as this is a symbol of bad fortune. Tipping is rare in Japan so the waiters won't be expecting a tip when you dine out. Though be sure seen as rude and offensive whereas in Japan it is seen as a sign of appreciation and improves the taste of your noodles! you pass on your compliments to the chef! Avoid digging around with your chopsticks in your rice or fish looking for scraps. Playing with your food is Tea is served with Fish is served whole in China. Once you're finished with one every meal and in China and you should never let your teapot run dry. When being refilled, tap two fingers on the side, don't flip it over. It symbolises a capsizing boat and brings bad fortune seen as table to show thanks. to the fisherman. disrespectful. Eating out for social occasions is more Most meals in Try to keep your hands visible above the table as it's seen France are served with a bread basket. common than as rude. Elbows on convenience eating. As such, waiting times may Use the bread to push food onto your fork and avoid the table is considered bad longer table manners, just as it is in England. messy fingers and for an available sauce on the table. table. If you're eating with your hands, serving can get very messy. Wait for the waiter to It's usual to order several dishes and Eating with your hands is traditional in India. Make sure you eat using your right hand, as the left is pick from what's available. However, once the food is on your plate, it's viewed as spoiled and unclean. serve your food or have a dedicated attendant serve and clean up. usually considered to be the hand you clean with. Sources Infographic by mybreak itrip France China Italy India undor

Dining Etiquette Around The World

shared by Eavesy on Mar 03
An infographic by UK based MyBreakTrip providing do’s and don’ts of dining etiquette of 5 very different countries.



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