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Dangers of Business Travel Infographic

BOLT INSURANCE AGENCY BENEFITS OF TRAVEL ACCIDENT INSURANCE: Beware the Dangers of International Business Travel The world is a dangerous place, especially for those traveling abroad for business purposes. From civil unrest and terrorism, to natural disasters and medical emergencies. Not being prepared could cost you. In this graphic we take a look at those risks, all of which can be mitigated by travel accident insurance covering one, many or all of the possible dangers one may encounter. ACCIDENTAL DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT FOR PEOPLE BETWEEN 1 AND 41 YEARS OF AGE, ACCIDENTS ARE THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN THE NATION. WHILE ACCIDENTS CONTINUE TO BE THE 5TH LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH OVERALL. Yi Stroke 135,952 Chronic lower respiratory diseases 135,952 Heart Disease 616,067 Accidents 123,706 Septicemia 34,828 Alzheimer's disease Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis 74,632 46,448 Diabetes Influenza and Pneumonia 71,382 52,717 ACCIDENT MEDICAL EXPENSE BENEFIT With healthcare costs skyrocketing, there has never been a better time than now to make sure that your business and its employees are covered if and when an accidental injury occurs when traveling internationally. Annual U.S. Healthcare Expense per Person by Year. $13,387 $8,290 Source: $4,672 $1,067 $143 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020 OUT OF COUNTRY ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY SICKNESS MEDICAL EXPENSE BENEFIT Your employees are exposed to everything from airborne illness, tainted food, unclean water, and literally thousands of other means of becoming ill. As an employer your investment in making sure your employees are well cared for in case of illness while traveling on your behalf is but a fraction of what it could cost without insurance. LLL COMA BENEFIT Treating a person in a coma presents many financial hardships, especially if the employee is overseas when the accident happens. With coma benefit insurance, the benefit can be used for any purpose. The amount of coverage (benefit) is 1% of the principle per month in most cases, which can mean all the difference in the world for you, your employees and their families. $10 k $10 k per month for use in anything $1 m Čoverage REHABILITATION BENEFIT While the cost of medical expenses may be high to treat an injury, healing and rehabilitating one can be just as if not more expensive in the long run. Getting an employee back to a condition where they can work, or retraining them for a new position that they are capable of working after their accident can be astronomical. BEREAVEMENT AND TRAUMA COUNSELING BENEFIT Covers expense of medically necessary bereavement or trauma counseling for the injured person or one or more of their immediate family members. Must be ordered by a physician. REPATRIATION OF REMAINS BENEFIT In the unfortunate circumstance when death occurs during your employee's trip, the cost and logistics of preparing and returning them home is an addition burden that can be avoided during your time of grieving. WITHOUT WITH KIDNAP AND RANSOM BENEFIT 15-20k kidnappings take place each year, and it is estimated that only Kidnappings for ransom are on the rise, and as of 2010 has become a sררתחהה $1.5 billion dollar a year of kidnappings are reported meaning 20% that number is significantly higher. industry for criminals. It is because of this increased risk that businesses sending employees abroad are adding Kidnap and Ransom Insurance to their policies at an increasing rate. KIDNAPPING RISK BY COUNTRY Negligible Low Medium High Severe SOURCE: PASSPORT BOLTA Travel Accident Insurance is your Passport to Piece-of-Mind While on Business Travel Internationally BOLT Sources: insurance/casualty-categories/47-kidnap-and-ransom-insurance/104-top-10-kidnap-rated-countries-wi Cancer 562,875

Dangers of Business Travel Infographic

shared by Authority on Apr 18
Infographic on the dangers of business travel - business travel can extremely dangerous if not prepared - learn what can happen and how to protect your employees.


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