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Couples that can use a Romantic Resort Vacation in St. Lucia

Overworked Couples That Can Use a Romantic Vacation How Much Do We Work? 12 13 work more than 40 hours per week Male 68.8% Male 42.3% Canada France Female 36.3% Female 21.6% Male 85.8% Male 83.3% 2 United States Spain Female 66.5% Female 53.7% Male 70.0% Male 70.0% Mexico Norway Female 53.0% Female 53.0% Male 69.6% 10 Male 91.6% Argentina Turkey Female 42.3% Female 72.8% Male 84.6% 11 Male 76.7% Chile Italy Female 83.5% Female 42.2% Male 65.0% 12 Japan Male 82.2% 6. Great Britain Female 27.3% Female 94.8% 13 Male 61.5% Australia Female 31.6% The Impact of Too Much Work on Couples Marriage partners who feel burdened by their hours at work report the lowest quality. of life among working couples. The increased work comes at the expense of time to unwind, home care, family time, hobbies, friends, and more. Over-worked individuals often experience stress. Stress is the #1 cause of health problems - mentally and physically. Such as depression, infertility, impotence and heart problems. 1/3 of couples spend less than 30 minutes of quality time together a day and 3/10 feel their relationship is suffering due to the lack of 'couple time'. The average British couple spends 2% of their normal, working day in each other's company as they push their relationship to the back burner to make time for the daily grind of work, household chores and 6/10 couples would happily welcome the opportunity to properly talk to their partner for at least 1 hour, 25 minutes a day. childcare. Lack of communication within a 16% of couples admit to getting no quality time together with their partner at all. relationship often lead to higher rates of infidelity and divorce rates due to miscommunication. Average Vacation Days Taken Japan 7/18 Thailand 8/11 South Korea 7/10 Malaysia 10/12 20/28 Italy 29/30 Denmark The countries most likely to use all of their vacation time? 30/30 France Americans are only using TT% of their paid time off. 77% United States: In 2013, Americans took an average of 16/21 days off per year. That's 1.6 days per year forfeited per employee. That's 169 million days forfeited, which amounts to 52.4 billion in lost benefits. Many vacationers bring work with them; approximately two thirds (67%) of vacationing Americans remain tethered to the office only 43% of Germans and 46% of the British remain tightly connected to work while on break. Reasons People Don't Use Vacation Days 15% 16% 11% 22% 8% failed believed to claimed that plan vacations far enough they could reported difficulty coordinating a time that not work was felt that afford in their life important advance. and it work decisions vacation. was hard would be worked for to get away. made in themselves and their a travel absence. companion. Time is so precious smart couples steal it

Couples that can use a Romantic Resort Vacation in St. Lucia

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More than ever, couples all around the world are giving up romance and spending time together for work. Couples are not spending the quality time together that they deserve. Find more information on c...


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