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Coolest Small Towns in Europe

COOLEST 田 田 CESKY KRUMLOV, CZECHIREPUBLIC Located in a valley in the Czech Republic, Cesky Kumlov is one of the oldest and smallest villages in Europe. Having grown around the 13-th century, this outstanding stretch of village streets are lined with Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance buildings adjoined with art galleries, cafes and B&Bs. TEN IHAN DROIWICH JUNEI MILANOT SOTTA naDEAUX PARISMUNC ALG ATHLO BRUXIL MARILE FRANCIORT MONT-CINERI HILVERS. II TOULOUN PARIS SOCHNG S. BERLIN BRUXEL I TUNIS WILN BUDARIST RUKELIES INT. BEROMUNSTIA S. IRANG ANTI-CARLC STRASO. SULLT ANA TRANCI PALMANOVA,. ITALY Sitting peacefully în north-eastern Italy, Palmanova - popu- larly known as star fort, is a town that stands out for its out- standingly unique 18-sided octadecagon shape. This town and commune comprises of a concentric fortress-like struc- ture with 3 rings built in different phases - such that when viewed from above, the fortress appears like a paper snoW- flake with the surrounding streets representing the sun- beams. ATHLONE AORI MONTE-CINERI UDAPISTI ROMUNSTER R.S. PRA PRAHA TÜNIS A ARUXELLES BORDLAUX PALUS MUNCHIN ILLE RUMA I NS OUMANIE ANCE GOC ROTHENBURGOBIDERTAUBER, GERMANY 1001 要 XIXA A destination of choice for tourists from all over the world - Reothenburg ob der Tauber is a beautiful town located in the Franconia region of the popular Bavaria, Germany. Being a Free Imperial City from the Middle Ages to 1803, this me- dieval town also called as the Romantic Road boasts a stretch of magnificent castles, red-walled architecture and wonderful walkway, set up on a hill above the Tauber River. BORDIAUX NCTORT MONTE S, FRANÇ. ALLEMA RLO R.S. ITALIE STRAS M. Ih ANCE BIBURY, ENGLAND Labelled as one of the most beautiful villages amongst the bustling towns of England, Bibury- a village and civil parish is located in Glucostershire, England. This gorgeous English town boasts honey-coloured 17-th century cottages with steep roofs, the popular Saxon Church of St.Mary and the yet-alive trout farm. The picturesque - Arlington Row, how- ever appears to be the most photographed spot in Bibury. R.S. TRANG S. TRANC LILLE BORDEAUX MADP PRAHA I NORT MONTI-CINERI mUDAPIST INT OMONSTER NC RS, FRANC ALLEMAG RLO R.S. ITALur TRA RTNNES ROUM GO TILEG ANCI G DÜRNSTEIN!, AUSTRIA DE ITALI RE Located in the Austrian district of Krems-land, Durnstein is a small under-rated town lying by the Danube River. Being one of the most amazing quaint towns comprising of red- tiled roofs, cobblestoned alleys and everything perfect for a memorable getaway, Durnstein is a retreat to every Austrian tourist. The town also stands as the point of gateway to the adjoining Wachau valley, an Austrian grape region. R.S. TRAND KUXIL IV RUNCHIN ALGER I LIMOGES MONT A - A ro te ON O II IRIA U OMA Dm TourCenter The center of every tour 0203 432 4551 info IATA OTEC Source :

Coolest Small Towns in Europe

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A EURO-Tour is something that every traveller from all over the world looks for in his life. Of course, Europe has its own array of absolutely breath-taking cities and towns which makes it one of the ...



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