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Chicago VS New York

CHICAGO OR NEW YORK Central Standard Time Eastern Standard Time 4:00pm 5:00pm SPORTS CHICAGO BULLS NEW YORK TU NICHS UBS RANGERS JETS Met's Blackhawks Bears White Sox Cubs Bulls Rangers NHL Jets Giants Mets Yankees Knicks NHL NFL MLB MLB NBA NFL NFL MLB MLB NBA CABS Number of Cabs in Chicago Number of Cabs in New York 7,000 12,800 FOOD Poll Results for Best Pizza Citywide Poll Results for Best Pizza Citywide 40% 20% New York Style Chicago Style Chicago-style pizza is a deep-dish pizza style. It has a buttery crust up to three inches tall at the edge, slightly higher than the large amounts of cheese and chunky tomato sauce, acting as a large bowl. The term also refers to "stuffed" pizza, another Chicago style. pizza New York-style pizza is characterized by having a puffy, bread-like, outer crust which quickly tapers down to a very thin, crisp middle. The crust is usually dark brown and somewhat charred in appearance. No pans are used in the cooking process, rather the pizza is assembled on a pizza peel and then placed directly on the oven deck to cook. Chicago Dog The Chicago style hot dog is an all beef wiener in a poppy seed bun. But, it's the toppings that make these dogs stand apart from the rest. First of all, never put ketchup on a Chicago dog. You just may be run out of town if you do. New York Dog hotdogs The classic New York wiener is grilled and served with sauerkraut and mustard. If you want to grab a quick $1 dog from a street cart, it will be boiled and served with mustard and onion sauce. AIRPORTS Newark Liberty JFK International 2nd O'Hare Midway International LaGuardia Busiest in the US International International International Yearly Passenger Volume Yearly Passenger Volume Yearly Passenger Volume Yearly Passenger Volume Yearly Passenger Volume 64,397,782 17,340,497 58,320,000 18,841,264 32,825,570 7 Runways - Total Feet 5 Runways - Total Feet 4 Runways - Total Feet 2 Runways - Total Feet 3 Runways - Total Feet 63,733 24,475 44,323 14,004 27,800 SUBWAYS Chicago “L'" has 106 Miles of track. There are over 722 Miles of track in the New York subway system. This includes rail storage yards. 650,000 is the average weekday daily ridership. 5 Milliont is the average weekday daily ridership. COST OF LIVING 7th 1st New York ranks in a list of mm Chicago ranks in a list of America's most expensive cities in America's most expensive cities in which to live. which to live. DEMOGRAPHICS 1,467,873 |4,415,932 Female Population Female Population 1,383,395 Male Population Male Population 3,975,949 $261,600 $517,900 Median House Value Median House Value $45,734 | $50,033 Median Household Income Median Household Income White 33% 35.3% White Hispanic 32.8% 27.6% Hispanic Black 27.3% 23% Black Asian 5.2% 12% Asian T OF SAJVA PRESIDENTIAL The following US presidents hailed from Illinois and New York state. Lincoln Reagan Obama Van Buren Fillmore T. Roosevelt F. Roosevelt da MAFIA The Chicago Outfit was born around the 1910s and now rules throughout the western US to places as far away as LA, California and as far south as C28169 Florida. The Outfit has vast 5 Families It would be a mistake to attempt to define geographic limits for New York's five families. Family influence is not confined to a region of the city or even to the entire city itself. The influence of New York families can be felt throughout the Northeast and all across the country. control over neighboring states including Iowa, Wisconsin and other areas of the Midwest. To this day, the Chicago Outfit is always linked to its best-known leader, Al Capone. In fact for decades after Capone had left the underworld, the Outfit was known as "the Capones" or "the Capone Gang'" by those not in the know. Genovese, Gambino, Bonanno, Lucchese, Colombo WHAT DO THEY DO? The Nation's Candy Capital Wall Street Chicago's diversified economy is based on manufacturing, printing and publishing, finance and insurance, and food processing (the city is still considered the nation's "candy capital"). A substantial industrial base and a major inland port contribute to the city's position as a national transportation and distribution center. Despite the loss of the World Trade Center buildings, New York has remained at the core of national and international financial dealings and has continued as the global center of corporate headquarters in finance and services, media, entertainment and telecommunications, manufacturing, and trade. The city's biggest industry is publishing, with more printing plants than anywhere else in the United States and employing approximately 13,000 employees. FAMOUS FOLKS & EVENTS YORK Lou Gehrig Oprah Winfrey Queen of Talk TV Michael Jordan NBA All Star Puff Daddy R&B Music Star Baseball Star NYC Marathon Dyeing of the Chicago River A modern day miracle occurs each year as part of the St. Patricks Day Parade celebration when the Chicago River turns an incredible shade of Irish green. This spectacular transformation ranks right up there with the parting of the Red Sea by Moses and the Pyramids of Egypt. The New York City Marathon is an annual road race covering 26.2 miles and held on the first Sunday of November each year in New York City. One of the largest marathons in the world, the event is organized by the New York Road Runners club and attracts many world-class marathoners among the thousands who compete each year. GROWTH Why Did Chicago Grow? Following the Civil War, many former slaves migrated north. This development helped Chicago, Detroit, and other northern cities to grow. Chicago became the largest city in the Midwest. Why Did New York Grow? New York was once smaller than the other two colonial centers, Philadelphia and Boston. But its importance as the major East Coast port brought millions of immigrants, many of whom settled in ethnic ghettos. German, Irish, and other northern European immigrants flocked to the city throughout the 1800s, drawn by the lure of working on the city's docks and in its mills. By the last two decades of that century, the Italians and the Eastern Europeans also began arriving. Chicago is a port city on the Great Lakes and served as a great hub for water transport activities and a convenient location for a railroad hub between the eastern and western United States. VISITORS How Many Come? Chicago had 31.9 million tourists last year. How Many Come? In 2009, an estimated 45.25 million people visited New York City. In 2008, NYC had an estimated 47 million visitors. It is projected What Do They See? Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower. Over 1,300,000 tourists visit the site each year. that the visitor count will reach 50 million by 2012. Historic Navy Pier is Chicago's lakefront playground. And it's the Midwest's #1 tourist and leisure destination, attracting more than 8.6 million visitors a year. Empire State The Empire State Building is the most toured site in New York City. Bring Your Huddled Masses... As the 2nd most visited tourist site, the Navy Pier is the place where all of Chicagoland and tourists from around the world have come together since 1995 to enjoy the beauty and the thrills of a day on Lake Michigan. From rides to restaurants, exhibitions to entertainment, shopping to dining cruises and tour boats, Navy Pier has it all - in a location unlike any other! Statue of Liberty was a French gift to the United States in honor of the friendship between France and the United States. The 2. Statue of Liberty has become an American symbol of freedom and welcome to the immigrants who come to the USA looking for a better life. sources City Demographics How many cabs in each city? Food Demographics Presidential da Mafia What Do They Do? html York New York.html 2213249 Airports Subways Subway Subway Cost of Living Famous Folks & Events martion htmi Growth dex?gid-20110130210035AA6G Visitors view263552 id=2007122811002BAATB8 people visit the Willowe PEOPLE EVENTS THE PRESID 0 TV NITEDS PEOPLE

Chicago VS New York

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Spring time is here, perfect time to visit a city that perhaps you haven’t visited before. When it comes to a fast paced city life, Chicago and New York definitely takes the cake. Exactly what makes...






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