Central Park Sculptures

Cemtral Park Sculptures Centrel Park Nerth 109h erien Mear Legend 9 Restrooms X Food 1859 Johann von Schiller e 1863 Eagles and Prey 1867 Tigress and Cubs 1869 Indian Hunter e Alexander von Humboldt 1871 Samuel Morse - etu - Nerth Meadow 10on - A Playground East 1872 Sir Walter Scott William Shakespeare 1873 Bethesda Fountain 1874 zth Regiment Memorial O 1875 The Faleoner - sn 1876 Daniel Webster 9ind St 1877 Fitz-Greene Halleck Romeo and Juliet 8 1878 Giuseppe Mazzini 1880 Thomas Moore Robert Burns Jacqutina Onassis Reservair Alexander Hamilton e 1881 Obelisk/Cleopatra's Needle 1883 Still Hunt Visitors from all over the world stop to manelal the larger than life sie sculpeure of Alice. from Lewis Carroll's 86g fanta clasaie Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Here in Central Park she sita high upon a giant mushroom overlooking the Conservatory Waterand presiding over an eternal tea party to which she has invited all the children of the world. Surrounding Alice. this 1884 Ludwig von Beethoven a 1885 The Pilgrim e 1892 Christopher Columbus Dr James Marion Sims Geeat Lwe 1894 Albert Bertel Thorvaldsen 8 Christopher Colombus 1898 Richard Morris Hunt Memorial a broner ensemble of character also 1903 William Sherman Monument maew Belvatere Ce includes the White Rabbit looking at his wateh, the insane Mad Hatter, the Dermoe nibbling on a tidhit, the Chrshire Cat perhed in a tree, and Alice's kitfen Dinah plaving on her lap. Afavorite of children, the mushrooms and figures have becoe smooth and polished over the yrars as pint-sied feet have elimbedover them to the top of this food structsre while using thrirtin finges to grab hold of Alice's hand or the Hare's an for pport. The seulptor also ineluded plagurs with inseriptions from Carroll's The Jabberwocky." in a pranite cirele surreding this anique sculpt 79th 1913 Maine Monument 1916 Pulitzer Fountain 1921 Simon Bolivar 1925 Balto 1926 John Purroy Mitchel 9 1927 1ozth Infantry Memorial Vietor Herbert 1935 Honey Bear 1936 Sophie Loch Drinking Fountain Chery Pind St - Tand Burnett Memorial Fountain 1938 Mother Goose Snow Babies o Publisher & philanthropist Grorg T Delacorie Jr. ordered the sculpture from José de Creeft, in honor of Delacorte's late wife. Margarita, and to the enjoent of the children of New York Umeiled in og de Creefi'sulpture tries to follow John Tenniel'swhimsical Victorian illustrationsfrom the first edition of the book. According to various sources, lice is aid to look like de Creeft's daughter Donna. The Alice in Wonderland projeet's architeets and designers were lideo Sasaki and Fernando Texidlor, who inserted some 1945 King's Jagiello Monument 1947 Untermyer Fountain e 1950 Alice in Wonderland e Shep ende 1951 José de San Martin 1956 Hans Christian Andersen e 1961 Lehman Gates 1965 José Julian Marti 1966 The Tempest 1979 Lombard Lamp 1990 Group of Bears 1994 Fred Lebow 1997 Duke Ellington wihte Center slat plagueswith inseription from the book in the terrace around the seulpture Secteery Pand Central Park Seurh Central Park west Centrel Park west Central Park nifth Avenue

Central Park Sculptures

shared by Zoesvg on Sep 14
A visualization showing the location of various sculptures in Central Park, New York.


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