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Car Rental Cost Cutting Secrets

Car Rental Cost Cutting Secrets A large volume of travellers ch0ose car hire services when travelling to foreign countries or different areas in their home country. Renting a car can be a frustrating experience, but witha bit of planning, you can save money on your car rentals. 10 Ways To Save Money On Car Rental 1 Select the cheapest car that need your requirements Call the rental companles directly & see If they can beat the price you found online. Reserve the smallest car that meets your needs, and hope for a free upgrade to a roomler vehlcle Look for the best price by exploring & comparing rates depending on trip particulars 5 Save money by booking In advance rather than walting until you get there when the lot may be almost empty 9. Before booklng a dally rental, check to see If renting the vehicle for longer could net you a Make sure you ask the rental company for clarity or check the terms & conditions of any rental agreement before confirming any rental better deal I... 89 Before agreelng to extra charges, call your auto Insurance provlder to flnd out If your Insurance coverage extends to rentals Use soclal medla to get updated with the latest news and offers from car hire supplilers 10 Do not hire car from the alrport that can help you avold alrport concesslon fees which are often as high as 10% to 30 % of your entire car fee Travel Industry Research Stats Total Number Of People Visiting Turkey Every Year 43.6 million 1.3m Air Travelers million 3.1 million Other Travelers 3.1 million Automobile Travelers By Following above mentioned money saving tips you can make your trip memorable, enjoyable and cost effective Source : Designed & Isued In Public Interest By

Car Rental Cost Cutting Secrets

shared by mastercarrental on Apr 09
No matter where you’re traveling, how old you are or how outlandish your rental requirements, you can always save money on car rentals.




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