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Candies and Confections Around the World

Home Sweet Hone Candies and Confections Around the World 50 Arcor Bon o Bon bON ARGENTINA bON Chocolate puff with a crispy chocolate exterior and a soft peanut butter and wafer core Salzburg Mozartkugel AUSTRIA Black and Gold Musk Flavoured Pascall Pineapple Sticks Round chocolates made Lumps Guylian Chocolate Seashells with marzipan, nougat, and dark chocolate, AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA named in honor of Sweet musk-flavored sticks that taste strongly Squares of genuine pineapple with a chocolate coating BELGIUM Mozart Marbled chocolate crafted into sea-themed shapes and filled with praline of perfume WHITE RABBIT White Rabbit Creamy Candy Cadbury Wunderbar CHINA CANADA Sweet, milky candy wrapped in edible rice Milk chocolate bar with a crispy peanut butter core surrounded by caramel Dragon's Beard CandyBon paper Hongyuana Guava Candy CHINA CHINA Fluffy, chewy morsel made from sugar, реапuts, cocоnut, and rice flour Guava-flavored hard orbs dusted with sugar Fazer Turkish Peber FINLAND Spicy and salty licorice Orion Kočičí Kazýčky that uses ammonium chloride and pepper to CZECH REPUBLIC create an intense bite Petite chocolate bars fashioned into the shape of kitten tongues Barratt Shrimps and Bananas Bassett's Winegums Villosa Sallos Salmiak Pastillen ENGLAND CARAMBAREL ENGLAND Вапаnа- and Gumdrop-like chews with juicy interiors CARA GERMANY raspberry-flavored foam sweets Intense, salty licorice diamonds often described as tongue-numbing and overwhelming Carambar Caramel FRANCE Kinder Happy Hippo Chewy caramel bars inside of wrappers printed with notoriously bad jokes GERMANY TAYTO Hippo-shaped wafer cookie filled with milk-flavored or hazelnut cream TAYT orginal Chimes Rola Cola EITTSETT Tayto Milk Chocolate Bar with Cheese & Onion Crisps GINGERCA Chimes Mango Ginger Chews Parle Rol-a-Cola Eitt Sett INDONESIA INDIA IRELAND Cola-flavored hard candy marketed as "solid cola." It has been discontinued, but ICELAND Sweet, zesty chew made from real ginger and cane sugar, reputed to help ease nausea and morning sickness Wildly popular Icelandic milk limited-edition chocolate chocolate nestled bar embedded with between two thin cheese-and-onion potato licorice layers таny petitions request a comeback chips, crafted after a social media campaign led by fans Ferrara Torrone Every Burger Elite Popping milk Chocolate Konpeito ITALY JAPAN Nougat made from almonds, golden honey, cane sugar, and whipped egg Burger-shaped cookies with a milk chocolate JAPAN ISREAL made by layering simple syrup around a core of Little gems Milk chocolate bar "burger" and white laced with poppіng candywhites chocolate "cheese" coarse sugar or a seed Unican mikita Melon Milk Candy Yataiman Nestlé Kit Kat, Matcha Flavor Popin' Cookin' Нарру Sushi House Gyoza JAPAN JAPAN JAPAN JAPAN Chocolate or jelly bean treat that you wrap with banana-flavored dough. Hard milk candy Creamy white chocolate Kit Kat with a light| matcha flavor Cute and detailed DIY kit that melts into a for making your own miniature candy sushi creamy, refreshing treat Creamy Corn Victory Creamy Corn Candy Leceas Salsagheti Vietory Lucas Salsaghetti CANDY MEXICO MALAYSIA Watermelon-flavored Sweet, flavorful candy that tastes like creamed corn gummy noodles coated with spicy Cadbury Chocolate Fish tamarind sauce Ricolino NEW ZEALAND Ricolino Duvalin Duvali Vero Pica Fresca Candy Fish-shaped MEXICO marshmallow covered Spreadable treat made in hazelnut, MEXICO with chocolate, Strawberry gummies rolled in a crunchy commonly given as a reward for a job well chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors spice coating done Nidar KREMBANAN KESHUA CARAMELO DE COCA Nidar Krembanan Keshua Coca Candy Alenka Chscolate Krówki Chocolate leenka NORWAY POLAND Translated as “cream PERU RUSSIA Semisoft milk toffee made with sugar, banana, " it has a layer of sweet gel and a layer of banana candy cream, enrobed in chocolate A sweet, energizing candy made with coca extract, illegal in the United States Economical milk chocolate bar that was engineered by a socialist food program in cream, butter, and vanilla 1965 MASSAM'S Almond Cherry / Amande et Cerise Nestlé Massam's Deluxe Almond Cherry Nougat Bar Peppermint Crisp Nestlé Tex SOUTH AFRICA SOUTH AFRICA Milk chocolate bar filled with thin, cylindrical layers of peppermint toffee, often used as a Beacon TV Bar SOUTH AFRICA Bar that unites the SOUTH AFRICA Milk chocolate bar with Almond cherry nougat aerated chocolate of a coconut and crispy rice wrapped in edible rice an Aero bar with the paper wafers of a Kit Kat center straw Hansamin Korean Red Ginseng Candy PLOPP Plopp SOUTH KOREA Hansamin Hard candy with a sweet, herbal quality, believed to provide many health benefits SWEDEN Milk chocolate bar with a caramel center Roshen CHew-LET Shipuchka Turkish Delight Lotte Chew-Let UKRAINE TURKEY Citrus hard candy that releases a tangy SOUTH KOREA Sweet jelly that includes fruits, nuts, Zesty and aromatic chew with T: fizzing powder as it pomegranate rose water, and other dissolves flavoring candied delicacies Hershey's Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Double Decker Cadbury Dairy Milk Mars M&m's UNITED KINGDOM UNITED KINGDOM UNITED STATES UNITED STATES Milk chocolate bar with Classic chocolate made Colorful candy-coated Milk chocolate cup of a whipped nougat layer and a crispy cereal layer buttery-smooth peanut from fresh British Isles milk and fair-trade cocoa chocolate buttons that are the best-selling candy in America butter that ranks second in beans candy sales in America Sources: AvasFlowers Better Flowers Lower Prices Classic series BAR

Candies and Confections Around the World

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Discovering new cultures via food is one of the best ways to do it. The only other way to do it is to try all possible sweets you can find - create your sweet memories!


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