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Can I Take THAT On A Plane?

CAN TAKE ON THINGS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW YOU MAIRPLANE Whether you're cramming snacks into your carry-on or meticulously packing scuba gear into your checked baggage, here are a few things you might not have realized you can take with you the next time you board a flight. CHIPS NO WAY! I CAN BRING THAT IN MY CARRY-ON? Exceptions to the rules LIQUIDS SHARP OBJECTS SPORTING GOODS BE PREPARED FOR SOME EXTRA TIME IN SECURITY Each passenger is permitted In general, sharp objects Sorry, no Louisville Sluggers Even some items generally one quart-size bag filled with are usually a "no-no." However, allowed! But many other permitted by TSA may be 3.4-oz. size liquids. Parents some properly cased items can sporting goods are. subject to additional get a few added exceptions. make the trip with you. screening if an alarm is triggered. THESE SPECIAL CASES ARE ALLOWED: BABY NECESSITIES BREAST MILK Parents traveling with infants/toddlers are Mothers with or without their infants can bring larger bottles. allowed to bring infant formula, juice and baby food as needed. SMALL SCISSORS TOOLS Sewing, manicure, craft scissors, etc., may be allowed if properly Screwdrivers, monkey wrenches and pliers must be securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers. sheathed. (Please refrain from cutting your toenails in flight-that's just gross!) SKATES SKATEBOARDS Ice/roller skates and Ensure with your airline rollerblades are that the item will fit in the permitted. overhead compartment or underneath the seat. CLEATS CAMPING STOVES Bring it aboard, but only if the stove is clean, empty of fuel and packed to cover sharp edges. Baseball and soccer cleats are allowed aboard, but check your snow cleats. FISHING POLES & TACKLE SKYDIVING EQUIPMENT Check with airline on size Arrive at least 30 limitations for rods/reels minutes earlier than and secure non-dangerous small flies. usual in case you get stopped in security. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS TSA does advise, however, that brass instruments be checked. MINI ALCOHOL BOTTLES SERVICE ANIMALS Mini bottles are permitted if they fit comfortably in your quart-size bag to be taken through security, or they can be purchased after a security checkpoint and carried on freely. This includes service monkeys if your airline approves. XXX XXX XXX -Even if you brought it on the plane, it doesn't mean you can always take it off! -It's your responsibility to look up state laws as some items are illegal in certain states. SERIOUSLY! I CAN BRING THAT IN MY CHECKED LUGGAGE? Unexpected travel items ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MARTIAL ARTS WEAPONS Pepper spray (one 4 fl. oz.), throwing stars, kubatons, black jacks, night sticks, stun guns, brass knuckles, billy clubs and swords can all travel in your checked luggage. There is no limit when containing 24% or less alcohol content (e.g., beer, wine, liqueur). Pack only up to 5 liters when alcohol content is between 24% and 70% (e.g., vodka, bourbon). SPORTING GOODS TOOLS & SHARP OBJECTS Baseball bats, bows/arrows, knives, Axes, hatchets, crow bars, hammers, drills, drill bits, cattle prods, box cutters, fishing poles, cricket bats, hockey/lacrosse sticks, parachutes, ski poles, golf clubs, pool cues and razor blades, saws, etc., can be checked too. spear guns are allowed. GUNS AND AMMUNITION SMALL ARMS AMMO Firearms are Small arms ammunition with a carry permit if they are unloaded and packed in a hard-sided packed in fiber, wood or metal boxes are ok too. container. Flare guns must also be unloaded and in a hard-sided container. Pellet and BB guns are on the permitted list. WHAT!? I NEED TO BRING THIS IN MY CARRY-ON? Things to never check CREMATED REMAINS LITHIUM BATTERIES Some airlines do not allow cremated remains in checked baggage. Though you may travel with dry batteries (AA, AAA, C and D) in your carry-on/checked baggage, lithium batteries should always be carried on. Using a temporary container of wood or plastic will help the vessel pass screening, as security will never open a crematory container. Funeral homes can provide the proper container and documentation if you let them know you are planning to MATCHES travel with the remains. One book of safety matches can be in your carry-on or on your person. ODDITIES NOT THE USUAL SUSPECTS Things you can't travel with uf PAINTBALL GUNS GEL-TYPE CANDLES GEL SOLE INSERTS FOR SHOES SNOW GLOBES (appearing over 3.4 oz.) ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES FLARES with 70%+ alcohol content (140 proof) SPRAY PAINT STRIKE-ANYWHERE MATCHES DON'T TRY TO BE SNEAKY! ILLEGAL CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ARE NEVER ALLOWED ON A PLANE! Sources: Cheapflights TM :// N NOWSOURCING

Can I Take THAT On A Plane?

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You might be surprised what you can and can't take on a plane. Did you know gel insoles for your shoes are banned completely? Learn more from this infographic!


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