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Britons Abroad

DETAINMENT ABROAD MOST PEOPLE HAVE A TROUBLE FREE TIME IN ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÅÅ 1305 THAILAND BUT IF THINGS GO WRONG, Most of the cases are alcohol-related DON'T TAKE RISKS WITH THE LAW ABROAD! CASES IN USA CONTACT THE BRITISH EMBASSY FOR arrests. Last year, Spain recorded the most detainment cases of OR YOU COULD END UP SPENDING YEARS CONSULAR ASSISTANCE SUCH AS: Brits abroad, followed by USA OF YOUR LIFE IN A FOREIGN PRISON. and Thailand. If the size of these countries are based on the pro- portional probability of Britons getting detained, USA and Thailand will almost be DETENTION/ARREST SEXUAL ASSAULT DEATH CASES HOSPITALIZATION LOST/STOLEN PASSPORT AND OTHER EMERGENCY CASES IZZZZZZEZZZ. 204 CASES IN THAI LAND Many countries operate a zero-tolerance approach to offences involving drugs and alcohol and sentences can equally big while Spain accounts for half of be much longer than at home. 1909 CASES INSPAIN the size. So party responsibly and stay away from illegal drugs. "FREEZE!" ица SPAIN is the #2 destination choice for Brits to visit todos quietos! or live. Last year a number of Brits in Spain was 16X higher than in Thailand yet, proportionally, Brits in Thailand required 3X more help. 894,224 BRITS ARE BRITS 17TIMES KEEP CALM 3 REGAL THINGS TRAVELERS SHOULD REMEMBER CAUSING 1,319* CONSULAR ASSISTANCE 19.5 IN THAILANDMORE LJKELY CAUSING CONSULAR ASSISTANCE CASES TOSNEED 978CASES CONSULAR AND MILLION BRITS • IN FRANCE #1 GET COMPREHENSIVE TRAVELINSURANCE ANDREAD THE OR IN OTHER WORDS # 2 CHECK THE HEALTH REQUIREMENTS INFRANCE 1 IN 15.000 BRITS NEEDS CONSULAR HELP #3 RESEARCH THE DESTINATION #1 HELP TINATION OR IN SUMMARY IN THAILAND: M 900 KNOW SMALL BRITS NEEDS INTHAILAND CONSULAR ASSISTANCE THANINFRANCE IN ORDER TO GET THE RIGHT VACCINATIONS BECAUSE THE MORE CLUED UP YOU ARE, THE SMOOTHER YOUR TRIP WILL BE! BEFORE YOU ZIP UP + PREVENTIVE MEASURES PRINT! FOR EXAMPLE, FIND OUT IF THE INSURANCE COVERS MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT IF REQUIRED EMáða (ราช 3nsinu WITHOUT TRAVEL INSURANCE, YOU ARE LIABLE FOR YOUR OWN MEDICAL COST IF YOU ARE HOSPITALIZED ABROAD. 48% OF THE SURVEYED BRITS* DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT. O20 Sa YOUR LUGGAGE BRITS ARE ALMOST LIKELY TO BE HOSPITALIZED IN DON*T BECOME A STATISTIC! KKKKKKKK GREECE AND THAILAND venwaieINE SURVEVTO0000 BRI Many of the cases involve teenage holidaymakers including car accidents, pedestrian accidents balcony incidents and heart attacks. COMMON MISTAKES MADE BY TRAVELING BRITS ARE FAILING TO DECLARE A PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITION OR NOT CHECKING An emergency abroad can be extremely pricey. Medical treatment can cost thousands of pounds. Distressing cases involving families having to raise massive sums of money to pay hospital and repatriation bills have been witnessed by consular staffs around the world. The research also revealed that nearly 4 out of 5 people admitted that they would not have the money to hand to pay £10,000 to cover hospital bills of an uninsured loved one abroad. The only thing you should send home from the holiday is your travel memento, not a shocking bill. THEIR POLICY COVER, SUCH AS IF IT COVERS RIDING A MOTORCYCLE. THIS INFOGRAPHIC HAS NO ASSOCIATION WITH F CO OR ANY OTHER BRITISH INSTITUIONS COMMON BLOW FACED BY TRAVELING ÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅRÅÅ BRITS IS THE FACT THAT FOREIGN OFFICE WON'T PAY THEIR BILLS AND FLIGHT HOME.

Britons Abroad

shared by astoryoftinytraveler on Apr 26
Are you British and gonna travel abroad? Make sure you have everything planned before you zip your luggage!


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