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Bond Villain HQs You Can Visit In Real Life

BOND VILLAIN HQs YOU CAN VISIT IN REAL LIFE O Film Location Actual Location DR. JULIUS NO EMILIO LARGO BLOFELD Thunderball (1965) You Only Live Twice (1967) Dr. No (1962) Crab Key Island, Jamaica Palmyra, Nassau, Bahamas Extinct Volcano, Japan Kaiser Terminal, Ochos Rios, Jamaica Rock Point, Bahamas Shinmoedake, Mount Kagoshima, Japan Dr. No's bauxite mine at 'Crab Rock Point, known as Palmyra in Blofeld's lair inside of an extinct Key' is in fact a real bauxite mine the Bond films and famous for it's volcano is actually an active located near Ochos Rios. The shark infested pool, is a privately volcano located in Japan which former fishing village is a port of erupted as recently as 2011! Luckily Bond was well gone by owned home, with tourists not call for cruise ships and is welcomed - so although you can popular with tourists. visit, we would not recommend it! then! DR. KANANGA/ MR. BIG BLOFELD BLOFELD On Her Majesty's Diamond's Are Secret Service Forever Live And Let Die (1969) (1971) (1973) KASWAMP SAFARI Piz Gloria, Scilthorn, Switzerland Whyte House, Las Vegas, USA O Kananga's Crocodile Farm, Jamaica Piz Gloria Restaurant, Schilthorn, Switzerland Las Vegas Hilton, V Las Vegas, USA Swaby's Swamp Safari, V Falmouth, Jamaica The elaborate Swiss HQ of The "Whyte House", Blofeld's headquarters in his third Bond The location used to test Blofeld, boasting breath-taking mountain views, is in fact a genetically modified organisms in the film with iconic "Trespassers appearance, is in fact the Las revolving restaurant which can be Vegas Hilton hotel - know at the reached by cable car or Will Be Eaten" sign is a real time as the Las Vegas swamp that offers guided tours helicopter after a helipad was built in exchange for filming permission! International Hotel. view the wetlands wildlife - including crocodiles and alligators! SCARAMANGA HUGO DRAX ARIS KRISTATOS The Man With the Golden Gun Moonraker (1979) For Your Eyes Only (1981) (1974) O Jungle Getaway, Amazon Rainforest Island Hideout, Thailand St. Cyril's Monastery, Greece St. Cyril's Monastery, Khao Phing Kan, Phuket, O Thailand Tikal, Guatemala V Meteora, Greece The small island used as the The jungle hideout that played home to Drax are the pyramids of of Kristatos' hideout is an actual the Tikal complex. A kingdom of St. Cyril's monastery, the location hideout for Bond's adversary is now a popular destination for tourists in the region, who travel to see what the place now monastery located in Greece, where 5 of an original 24 the ancient Maya, this site is now buildings still stand on this mountainous region. open to tourists to visit and is a popularly known as 'James Bond World Heritage Site. Island'. KAMAL KHAN MAX ZORIN BRAD WHITAKER Octopussy (1983) A View To A Kill (1985) The Living Daylights (1987) O Monsoon Palace, Udaipur, O Zorin's Estate, France India Whitaker's Estate, Tangier, Morocco Sajjan Garh Palace, Udai- pur, India Chateau Chantilly, Paris, France Forbes Museum, Tangier, Morocco This hilltop palace overlooks the The 16th century estate plays The villa of Bond villain Whitaker Fateh Sagar Lake and was the home to villain Max Zorin - the is actually a museum which is house, set amongst gardens and lakes, is open to be visited by the public. residence of bond villain Kamal home to a collection of around Khan and the location of the 115,00 lead model fighting men that are re-enacting major battles from history! elephant bound 'tiger hunt' in the film. FRANZ SANCHEZ ALEC TREVELYAN ELLIOT CARVER Tomorrow Never Dies GoldenEye (1995) License To Kill (1989) (1997) Sanchez's Base, Isthmus City, Central America Radio Transmitting Facility, O Office Complex, Cuba Hamburg, Germany Teatro de la Ciudad, Mexico City, Mexico Arecibo Observatory, Arecibo, Puerto Rico IBM Building, Feltham, England The office of Franz Sanchez in Despite changing HQ several Although set in Hamburg as fictional Isthmus City, is actually a Mexican theatre built in 1918 - nowadays it can be visited and hosts concerts and presentations times in the film, the underwater construction site of satellites for radio telescope dish that is "uncovered" by Bond is actually the Carver News Network, the actual location of Carver's office the worlds largest single aperture complex, is in Feltham, just telescope. after being renovated to former outside London. splendour. RENARD DOMINIC GREENE RAOUL SILVA The World Is Not Enough (1999) Skyfall (2012) Quantum of Solace (2008) Maiden's Tower, Istanbul, O Turkey O Unknown Island, Nr. Macau, China O Eco Park, Bolivia Hashima Island, Japan Maiden's Tower, Istanbul, Turkey ESO Residencia Hotel, V Paranal, Chile The island tower off the coast of The expansive Eco Park headquarters of villain Dominic Green was set in Bolivia, This tiny and deserted former Turkey was the HQ of villain coal mining island just off the Renard and was where M was coast of Japan was the scene for Silva's remote getaway and can however, filming actually took place in Chile - a controversial imprisoned. The tower, often mistakenly identified as Leander's Tower, was formerly used as a now be visited after being abandoned for many years. decision due to the troubled lighthouse. history between the two countries. Sources JUST THE FLIGHT miĆ³

Bond Villain HQs You Can Visit In Real Life

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Where do you find a Bond villain? Over the years they have hidden away in extinct volcanoes, on top of mountains and on remote islands! But can these places be found in the real world? Some can and Ju...


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