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Best Airports for Business Travelers

Best Airports for BUSINESS TRAVELERS With all of the tech devices we carry around today, it's no wonder that an outlet -- or lack of one -- could make or break a business trip. Fortunately, some airports and airlines are improving their tech amenities in an effort to keep you connected. PC World sent researchers to the country's 40 busiest airports to see which offered the best tech amenities. Here's a quick look at what they did -- and didn't -- find. OVERVIEW In the nation's 40 Only about a third of the planes in the fleets of the ten U.S. carriers have Wi-Fi on board. The average number of outlets for the U.S. airports is about 5.5 per gate. This is low rate, considering most people at any gate are carrying at least one smartphone, laptop or tablet. busiest airports: -17,000 electric outlets -5,000 USB ports -1,350 charging stations In a total of 3,300 visited gates. Business travelers rely on Wi-Fi to keep them connected. PC World looked into which airports offer the fastest Wi-Fi services. BEST AIRPORTS KEY NEW YORK (JFK) Download Although some airports had outstanding download speeds, most offered an average of 2 mbps, and some even less than that. 3.21 (mbps) Upload (mbps) 2.74 Wi-Fi provider SEATTLE-TACOMA $ 7.95 6 Boingo $ Price 5.66 (per 24 hours) NEW YORK (LAGUARDIA) CLEVELAND 8.01 $ Free Airport $ Free * Airport $ 7.95 Boingo BALTIMORE- NASHVILLE WASHINGTON 6.47 2.79 2.87 a Boingo $ 7.95 6 Boingo 7.95 RALEIGH-DURHAM 13.62 DALLAS-FT. WORTH FT. LAUDERDALE- $ 7.49 AT&T HOLLYWOOD 11.02 CHARLOTTE $ 7.99 * T-Mobile 11.54 7.25 13.72 $ Free a Airport Free Airport From charging stations at the gate to in-flight Wi-Fi, airlines play a major role in providing tech amenities, too. Here's a look at the services they provide on the ground, in the air and online. BEST WI-FI ON AIRLINES AA KEY A DELTA Alaskalnlims V america AmericanAirlines SOUTHWEST Airport tech amenities (10-point scale) 6 0000 Mobile check-in V Yes Yes V Yes V Yes X No Mobile app quality (10-point scale) 5 0.. 8 .0000 Planes with Wi-fi 70% 92% 100% 30% 19% jetBlue In Dec. 2011, the FA.A. approved the use of iPads in the cockpit on some flights -- even during takeoff and landing. However, passengers must continue to shut down their electronics until the plane reaches 10,000 feet. The original ban was made so passengers' devices wouldn't interfere with the plane's electronics. airTran FRONTIER UNITED US AIRWAYS AIRWAYS AIRLINES 00000 V Yes V Yes X No X No X No 6 0000 2% 17% 35% 100% 0%( Data from PC World & the New York Times ing away from few worth investigating: e home and office can be significantly easier with the right gadgets. Here are a BEST TECH DEVICES LAPTOP: GATEWAY NV5933U This computer, which won Executive Travel's 2011 Best in Tech Award for laptops, has Intel's latest Core i3 processor, a 15.6-inch screen with energy-saving LED backlighting, four gigs of memory, a 320GB hard drive and a Blu-ray optical drive. It is reasonably priced too. EBOOK READER eBook readers such as an Amazon Kindle or a Barnes and Noble Nook are slim and lightweight, meaning they'll be much easier to carry around than books, manuals and business documents. Documents can be saved in PDF format and the battery lasts a week. TABLET: APPLE IPAD This lightweight device is perfect for reading books, playing with iPhone apps, browsing the web and much more. It can be configured with 3G or without. MOBILE PHONE: APPLE IPHONE The iPhone, another one of Executive Travel's Best in Tech devices thanks to it PORTABLE STORAGE: SEAGATE 3TB having more apps than any other platform, still stands out FREEAGENT GOFLEX It's the first external hard drive to hit three terabytes, which should be among its competitors. PORTABLE CHARGER: KENSINGTON This portable charge can power most any laptop. There is an integrated USB outlet, allowing you to plug in your iPod and other devices into a single wall port. enough to handle all your data archiving needs until the end of time. Recommendations from Executive Travel's Best in Tech Awards Traveling can be hectic; however, with ID in hand and proper preparation, you can get through the security line quickly and stress free. Save yourself from unnecessary delays by following these tips: 5 HOW TO GET THROUGH SECURITY FASTER DRESS FOR TRAVEL PACK SMART USE THE RIGHT BAG AVOID PEAK TIMES Wear slip-on shoes and avoid items with metal buckles and buttons. Remove bulky layers before the security line. Empty pockets before getting to the x-ray machine. Know the TSA regulations. Place items neatly in your carry-on. Keep toiletries/liquids in a plastic bag and in the outer pocket for quick access at the checkpoint. The TSA now allows specific "checkpoint friendly" bags for business travelers, which means they can leave their laptop inside the security checkpoint. If you can, plan your travels to avoid the peak airport times. Holidays, spring break season, special sporting events affect the speed through security. MBA SOURCES: Business Travel | NY Times | Executive Travel Magazine | Information provided by: PC World | Executive Travel Magazine | USA Today | Vegas Young Professionals

Best Airports for Business Travelers

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With all of the tech devices we carry around today, it's no wonder that an outlet -- or lack of one -- could make or break a business trip. Fortunately, some airports and airlines are imporving their ...


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