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Bed Bugs Rise Again

THE BED BUGS RISE AGAIN In the 1950's BED BUGS were mostly eradicated in the US thanks to heavy use of DDT. However, due to health concerned, DDT is now banned by the EPA. BED BUGS date back A female BED BUG 3,300 years to ancient Egypt lays 200-500 eggs in her lifetime Scientists believe cheap, easily accessible travel has brought BED BUGS back to the US New York City. Yearly Complaints & Violations Complaints have increased drastically each year 1839 I complaints violations Do YOU have BED BUGS? Stages of the BED BUG newly hatched immature TERMITES 1/4" ANTS 1/4" ADULT BED BUG 3/8" SILVERFISH 1/2" long AMERICAN COCKROACH around 1 1/2" after feeding after digestion Where To Look closets -- (bed bugs like to hide in corners) check for rust colored stains on bedsheets, mattress tags, bed skirts, and pillow cases all furniture in the room, whether padded or not take apart the whole bed closely check mattress seams anything stored under the bed inspect nightstand, pull out all drawers even books in the room US Cities with the Worst Infestations 1. Cincinnati, Ohio 6. Washington, DC 2. Chicago, Illinois 7. New York, New York 3. Columbus, Ohio 8. Dayton, Ohio 4. Denver, Colorado 9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 5. Detroit, Michigan 10. Baltimore, Maryland How Professionals Get Rid of BED BUGS Over 95% of pest control agencies reported bed bugs as a priority, thus superseding termites as the number one urban pest. A thorough inspection takes place so 1. that all bed bug hiding places are located and an extermination plan can be developed. The room and ┼čurrounding rooms (including the bed and all furniture 2. in the room) are treated with chemicals that kill bed bugs and egg sacks on contact initially, and continues to kill even after dry. This process is repeated a minimum 3. of 3 times, spaced out by 2 weeks. For larger infestations, more treatments may be necessary. These chemicals are safe to pets and humans, but the space must be clear for 4 hours to allow for settling and ventilation After the final treatment, glue boards are installed on walls and climb ups placed 4. under the bed posts. These are good monitoring stations that the resident can use over time to see if any bugs remain. Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) National Pest Management Association NY Times University of Nebraska-Lincoln Science Daily MOXIE

Bed Bugs Rise Again

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It's Vacation Time - Here is how to make sure your hotel bed doesn't have bed bugs!


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