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Be fly in Thai

Be FLYIN OFF TO THE LAND OF SMILES? HERE'S HOW TO STAY COOL, MAKE FRIENDS AND AVOID HÁSSLE IN THAILAND - SURE TO KEEP A GRIN ON YOUR FACE. THE HEAD is the most sacred part of the body, so never touch a Thai persons head. SMILE! Touching is a sign of trust. Kissing a local on the cheek may Thailand is known as the land of offend them, especially if you don't know them very well. smiles, and the smile forms an important part of their culture and greeting. Losing your temper will get you nowhere, and even talking in a loud voice can offend. SLEEVELESS TOPS AND SHORT SHORTS may offend in the temples. Try to keep covered up when visiting these magnificent monuments. A good tip is to keep a scarf in your bag for covering up those SAWATDEE... KHRAB KAA %3D shoulders. OR "HELLO" FROM FROM MALE FEMALE RUDE! POINTING IS VERY 1 Especially at religious monuments or icons. Gesturing with an open hand is always much nicer. THE TRADITIONAL GREETING IN THAILAND IS KNOWN AS THE WAI' A SLIGHT BOW AND A PRAYER-LIKE GESTURE WITH THE HANDS. What year is it according to the Thai Solar calendar? SUN MON 2. Early н 2554 Evening 1. Morning TUE WED Afternoon Morning THU FRİ The Thai also keep time using a 6 M. hour clock and use colours to represent each day of the week. SAT 4 Y. VISITING TEMPLES Accept what people offer you with grace. If you don't fancy what they're offering, decline carefully and smile. It's important not to point your feet at any religious artifacts or statues of Buddha. Women should never touch or hand anything directly to a monk. Donate some money to help keep the temple running if you can. There's usually a donation box on site. Don't climb on statues or monuments. It's disrespectful. The full name of Bangkok is THE FEET KRUNG THEP MAHANAKHON AMON RATTANAKOSIN are the lowest and the dirtiest. MAHINTHARAYUTTHAYA Never show the soles and always leave your shoes outside, should you MAHADILOK PHOP NOPPHARAT RATCHATHANI BURIROM visit a person's UDOMRATOCHANIWET house. MAHASATHAN AMON PHIMAN AWATAN SATHIT SAKKATHATTIYA WITSANUKAM PRASIT. It is the longest place name in the world. KUONI

Be fly in Thai

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When you travel anywhere it's always a good idea to swot up on the cutural differences of your destination. Here's a guide to keep you right in Thailand, the Land of Smiles!




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