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The Backpacker’s Dilemma: What Kind of Camera Should You Take Traveling?

What Kind of CAMERA Should You A III. TAKE TRAVELLING? POINT-AND -SHOOT DSLR MIRRORLESS GOPRO Nikon WHAT ARE THEY? The lovechild of your mom's camera and the wedding photographer's The camera your The camera that The camera that wedding photographers use. mom uses. Redbull wishes it invented. camera. WHAT'S THE DAMAGE? $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ Costs vary. A lot. But a mid-range point-and-shoot, like a Nikon Coolpix, costs around $200. Costs vary. Sensing Once again, costs vary. Professional level DSLRS cost A new Hero 4 Silver costs $400. Older models cost $200-$300. a theme here? A decent body and several thousand lens will cost around dollars, but $500. entry-level lens and body kits start at around $550. HOW MUCH WILL YOU CRY IT DROP IT? SO MUCH. Dust it off. Did you drop it on carpet? Dust it off. On tile? Here come the Quite a bit. Because Tip: Buy a lens filter - it'll protect the lens from scratches and they're a little lighter than DSLRS, mirrorless cameras waterworks. provide a little protection if you drop it. are a little less likely to break. But still, handle with care. ARE THEY A PIECE OF CAKETO LEARN? They're called point-and-shoots for Have built-in 'automatic' modes, but to get the most out of them, you'll| need time and It'll take you a few minutes to get the hang of it. Once you have, they're a piece Like a DSLR, the automatic modes will be your friend early on, as you learn to use manual features. a reason. of cake. practice. HOW VERSATILE ARE THE LENSES? Less range than DSLRS. But the range lens. Looks cool, but of lenses is growing, and many cameras can be used with DSLR lenses if you buy an adapter. Have a fixed fisheye No interchangeable lenses. Usually fitted with zoom lens. Huge range of interchangeable lenses, from wide-angle to telephoto. not very versatile. HOW PORTABLE IS IT? DSLRS are big and heavy, especially if you're lugging around multiple Most are about the Bodies are about the Adorably tiny – just a little bit bigger than size and weight of a cellphone. size of a point and shoot. Lenses are a matchbox. smaller than DSLR lenses, but you'll need a kit bag to carry around more than one. lenses. WHAT'S THE STILL PICTURE QUALITY? DSLRS have big The image quality in most situations is Mirrorless cameras Difficult to get pack a big sensor into a small body, and are about equal to most entry and prosumer DSLR exposure and white balance right. Good for time lapses. sensors and pretty awesome with modern interchangeable lenses. They produce very high quality still images. point-and-shoot cameras. cameras. HOW'S LOW LIGHT PERFORMANCE? With small sensors With a large Like DSLRS, these The Hero 4 is are very good in * low-light conditions. surprisingly good in low-light. Older models, not so much. and fewer manual settings, most point-and-shoots aren't great in low light. sensor, manual settings and changeable lenses, DSLRS are great for low-light. DOES IT TAKE GOOD VIDEO? 1080HD is standard Most DSLRS can Shoot great video. Both mirrorless and Shoots at 1080 in 120 frames/second (for the Hero 4 black) and 60 frames/second (for the Hero 4 Silver). Great for slow shoot great video. for point-and-shoots these days. But the smaller sensor doesn't allow for DSLRS can give you very shallow depth-of-field. shallow depth-of-field. motion. HOW LONG DO BATTERIES LAST? You can usually shoot If you're just shooting stills, you can shoot all day before recharging. For video, you'll be lucky if it lasts an hour. Because the LCD About 2.5 hours of 190-250 pictures before the batteries need recharging or replacing. screen is always on when you're shooting, your batteries die quickly. Always carry a spare. continuous video. THIS CAMERA'S FOR YOU IF... want to take better photos than you get with your cell phone without having to learn too many new want to get seriously into photography during your travels. want a good middle ground between the portability of a point-and-shoot and the versatility of a DSLR. want something you can take with you literally anywhere while you do literally anything. tricks. webcheckout creative commons Sources: cC BY SA

The Backpacker’s Dilemma: What Kind of Camera Should You Take Traveling?

shared by t1handy on Oct 31
When traveling you want to balance portability, cost, battery life, size, and many other factors when looking for a camera. We break it down for you.


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