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The Art of Packing your Travel Bag

Tte Artof * PACKINGYOUR* TRAVEL BAG Packing a travel bag is a bit of a science. With rising airline charges for luggage, our top tips show you how you can carry more for less – and avoid those excess baggage fees... Pick the right suitcase To meet regulations for checked-in luggage, a well-packed 24-inch (60cm) suitcase will normally reach the weight limit. So a smaller, but full, suitcase is generally better than a larger, half-empty one. (Maximum weight limits per suitcase are usually around 20kg for international flights, but always check your airline's website.) (2) Label your Luggage Write your name and contact number in permanent pen inside you suitcase lid so that it isn't lost. A label on the outside can be tailored with NAME flight details and destination CONTACT NUMBER. hotel - EMAIL ADDRESS (You'll usually want a lost bag sent to your hotel, not home.) 3. Leave the extra clothes at home If you're going on holiday for 7 days, do you need 20 outfits? Why not take separates to mix-and-match, with belts and bold jewelry for a variety of looks from a minimal wardrobe? Roll up your clothes Fold items of clothing lengthwise and roll up into neat sausages of different sizes. This minimizes creasing and will help you pack without gaps. Be a double bagger Put toiletries, makeup and spillable items into zip-up plastic bags or carriers. The baggage hold of an airplane is unpressurized, so liquids such as nail polish remover could expand and leak. (When you drop down the suitcase lid it should close easily without you having to sit on top.) Fill in the spaces and top layer of your packed suitcase with shoes and these odd shapes. Weigh it Make sure your perfectly packed suitcase is under the maximum weight limit, to avoid any nasty surprises at 18.00 O00 O00 check-in. Be sure to leave yourself a few pounds leeway though if you're planning on a holiday shopping spree. Stuffs you must have in your Bag Pack: Here are just some of the items you should consider including in your carry-on: Make-up Of course if you are fashionista Prescribed medication Especially the ones you don't use all the time but really need sometimes... Small bottles for everything Refill your shampoo and stuff into small bottles. Saves space. Swiss Army Knife Ziploc Bags (or imitation, of course) Usage : • Uncorking a wine bottle For the wet towel, for any non-dry substance, for food storage - always incredibly handy. • Adding an extra hole in your belt • Getting a splinter out of your finger. Towel Sturdy boots Waterproof, in case you go tromping through mud or snow or puddles. Any towel will do, but a quick-drying travel towel can save you from having to pack a wet towel. Take advantage of the soft cloth shoe bags. Bottled water Keep enough storage of drinking water. You never know if you have to cross a desert on your way. They are perfect for storing jewelry, sunglasses, and small evening bags. Snacks Lay Toothbrush and Toothpaste SAIGKERS SNIGKERS Don't forget your daily habit of brushing.. Keep munching all the way. Snacks help you to forget your fatigue.. Swimsuit Sunscreen You never know when you'll need one. Pretty important if you're going to be outside somewhere other than Books/magazines England. When your bus or train is late. Cash/I.D Tld hldgidyka Don't ever miss any of the two. Lunches and dinners don't come for free. And without proper ID card, you are Mr. No-one. Resources : Designed by: InfoGraphicg DESIG N TEAM ---------------O 24-inch (60cm)

The Art of Packing your Travel Bag

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Going for a vacation this Christmas? Did you give it a thought what to take and what not to? How to make your bag slim and trim so that you don't have to pay an extra charge? Check out this amazing in...


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