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Around The World In 30 Unique Modes of Transport

AROUND THE WORLD IN IN 30 UNIQUE MODES OF TRANSPORT SUSPENSION RAILWAY REINDEER SLED TRAMS LAPLAND, NATIONAL, WUPPERTAL, FINLAND FRANCE GERMANY In the 1980s only three tramways existed in the world, while today Built between 1898 to 1901 by Lapland is the northernmost cultural region of Europe and is traditionally inhabited by the Sami People. The reindeer is an German businessman Eugen 22 cities in France have them, with Langen, the suspension railway another 7 due to be in operation transports around 25 million icon of Finnish Lapland, because by 2016. They are quick, quiet and people a year. Around 19,200 the number of reindeer in the can support grass verges, or landscaped areas close/under the tonnes of steel were used to province roughly equals the amount of people! produce the supporting frame and tram itself. the railway stations. HYDROFOIL GONDOLA TOBOGGAN AEGINA, VENICE, MADEIRAN, GREECE ITALY PORTUGAL Toboggan riding in the Madeiran capital Funchal is a very old Venice's sprawling network of Whether you want to get from A to B as fast as possible or just like the idea of skimming across the canals are the perfect setting for a picturesque Gondola ride. The fact tradition; the 20 minute ride down water like a stone, the Hydrofoil is you can literally drift past almost the mountain from Monte to a great choice! Used predominantly hopping between Greek islands prepare for a rough ride on a Hydrofoil! every iconic city attraction makes it the perfect treat if you're feeling romantic, or even if you're riding solo! Funchal on a wicker and wood toboggan is going to be quite the experience! UNDERGROUND FUNICULAR TROLLEY BUS AERIAL TRAMWAY NATIONAL, KLEIN MATTERHORN, BEYOGLU, RUSSIA SWITZERLAND TURKEY A trolleybus is an electric bus that A funicular is an inclined railway in The Aerial Tramway in Switzerland is the highest cable car in Europe draws electricity from overhead which a tram is moved up and wires, generally suspended from the roadside using spring loaded trolley poles. The first trolleybus in way up to the second highest peak version of this, opening in 1874 with a height of 3,820 meters. It down a hill with a cable. The takes passengers almost all the Istanbul Tunnel is an underground Russia was built in Saint of the Zermatt-Cervinia area in making it the 2nd oldest subway in Switzerland - the peak is 3,883 the world, behind only the London Underground. Petersburg in 1902. meters. ZIP LINES ABOVE THE CANOPY HOVERCRAFT TERRA BUS The PORTSMOUTH, ATHABASCA GLACIER, NATIONAL, UK CANADA COSTA RICA Suspended on a cushion of air, The best way to get around the Costa Rica is world-renowned for Hovercrafts offered a smooth ride Columbia Ice Field in Canada's its canopy tours, or as most across the waters, generally, Jasper National Park, is in the people will know them, zip-lines! All over Costa Rica you can high-speed; catamarans have Terra Bus. It's a monster of an taken over in warmer and sunnier all-terrain transporter that can experience over tree-tops tours, climates. Not quite so in the UK, there's still one running from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight. only be described as a hybrid hundreds of metres in the air with between a monster truck and a a possible chance to see some school bus! fascinating wildlife. COCO TAXI ICE ANGEL DOG SLEDS VARADERO, HAVANA, WISCONSIN, NATIONAL, CUBA US ALASKA Ever fancied speeding through an Alaskan forest, on a sled being Shaped like a hollowed out Out of the 21 Apostle Islands off the coast of Wisconsin, Madeline Island is the only one that is coconut, the Coco Taxis are common around Havang and pulled by some of Alaska's most Varadero - the yellow taxis are for inhabited and it is still connected powerful creatures? Dog sleds are tourists, while the black are used to the mainland by ferry in the an Alaskan obsession, one that's summer. During the winter a two-mile ice highway forms for celebrated every March with the running of 1,150-mile sled dog by locals. They are fast and normally cheaper than most the other taxis, and the fare can the Ice Angel boats to cross! race, from Anchorage to Nome! normally be negotiated too. BARCO DE TOTORA [REED BOAT] BAMBOO TRAIN MAGLEV LAKE TITICANA, BATTAMBANG, SHANGHAI, PERU CAMBODIA CHINA Totora is a reed which is grown in The Maglev train (short for Magnetic Levitation) isn't just an ordinary train. It makes its 30km From O Dambong, on the east Peru, most notably on Lake bank 3.7km south of Battambangs Titicaca. The Uros who live on the Old Stone Bridge, the Bambo0 lake on floating islands fashioned Train runs southeast to O Sra Lav. run in a matter of minutes, It operates using a ultra-light bamboo board set across 2 single reaching speeds of up to 431 km per hour, while it uses magnetic repulsion to keep itself a few boats from bundles of the dried reeds, which have become iconic of Peru. sets of wheel axles, with one attached with fan belts to a inches above the track. motor. SHINKANSEN [BULLET TRAIN] DUBAI TROLLY HOUSE BOAT CITY, KERALA, TOKYO, DUBAI INDIA JAPAN The Dubai Trolley is the world's Houseboats are common along Japans main Islands of Honshu first hydrogen powered double-decker street trolley tram, the waters of Kerala, the slow and Kyushu are served by a network of high speed train lines moving barges being used predominantly for leisure trips. and also the first, hop-on, hop-off that connect Tokyo with most of the country's major cities. Otherwise known as Bullet Train, electric-powered transit system The boats are handcrafted for Downtown Dubai. It will without scale models or guides, eventually span 7km across the with master craftsmen of the these trains run at speeds of entire breadth of the 500-acre boats on the rise. 320km/h. downtown. ELEPHANT TANGAH HABAL HABAL LUANG PRABANG, FAISALABAD, NATIONAL, LAOS PAKISTAN PHILIPPINES Luang Prabang is home to an elephant safari park, where these Asian elephants are under a If you wanted to get around Pakistan on a budget, you might One of the ingenious designs in the Philippines is the Habal-Habal, a unique two-wheeled mode of consider a Tangah, rather then the protection programme. There's a huge range of activities associated with the elephants, more common taxis or rickshaws. transport can carry up to 10 A Tangah is a small carriage that people. It's a popular way of sits atop two large wooden wheels, traveling to remote villages with including getting a chance to ride pulled by 1 or more horses. rough and narrow roads, with farmers also using the road to them! transport goods. TUK-TUK CYCLO FUNICULAR NATIONAL, HANOI, MELBOURNE, THAILAND VIETNAM AUSTRALIA The brightly coloured, three wheeled Tuk-Tuks are a symbol of In Vietnam, the Cyclo is a popular ride for tourists; just jump on the The Katoomba Funicular in Australia's Blue Mountains is said Thailand, cramming passengers front of this tricycle taxi and it's a to be the steepest incline railway in the world. Katoomba sits on the great way to see the city! Locals also use the cyclos to get through into their covered back seats as they battle insane traffic and brim where a plateau plunges into hurtle from one lane of traffic to the city's hectic traffic which a lush, forested Jamison Valley, generally proves to be a lot faster than a normal taxi! another! Pedestrians beware...! where the Funicular links it to the base of the gorge. SHOTOVER JET MATATU FELUCCA I. SHOTOVER JET SHOTOVER RIVER CANYONS, NATIONAL, NILE AND THE RED SEA, NEW ZEALAND KENYA EGYPT Operating since the 1970s Shotover jet has thrilled millions One of the local means of Feluccas are the traditional transport around Kenya is the Matatu; they are privately owned mini buses that play loud music, sailboats of Egypt's Nile. They of visitors and locals alike. If a unique ride in a high powered boat doing 360 degree spins offer a totally different experience than a cruise liner or ferry, with smaller Felucca doing have erratic schedules with through a canyon river sounds up your street, the Shotover is for frequent stops and provide an authentic Kenyan experience! without on-board toilets, kitchen or rooms to sleep in. They offer a rural camping vibe, and are a lot you! calmer than a motorboat! Sources: Fly to Dubai sw s XG

Around The World In 30 Unique Modes of Transport

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We're all used to getting from A to B by car or train, but on your travels around the world you'll find some very different and incredibly unique modes of transport being used instead.


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