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Are you Ready To Tackle Everest?

ARE Y OU READY TAČKLE EVEREST? Tо WINFIELDS OUTDOORS YOU NEED NERVES OF STEEL, FIRST-CLASS CLIMBING ABILITY AND BAGS OF CASH TO CLIMB MOUNT EVEREST. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES ? YES NO SKILL ALTITUDE KIT First things first, have you even been up a mountain Okay, so you're no novice. But have you ever been this high? Do you have the right gear to conquer the world's highest mountain? before? How to acclimatise to high & Ten pieces of kit you need & Beginner's guide to hiking & Find a mountaineering instructor & Best beginner's climbs altitudes on Everest to climb Everest & Prepare for the climb with high altitude training & High altitude medicine guide & Six high altitude vacations to take while you can A Essential equipment for conquering Everest & Everest climbing gear: wwww then and now 8. 4 FITNESS MENTAL PREPARATION COST 1 2 00 Are you fitter than a mountain rescue dog? You may be physically prepared for Everest, but are you mentally prepared? You've got health on your side. What about wealth? & The economics of Everest & Mentally preparing to climb Everest & How to get fit for Everest & How much does it cost to climb Everest? & Fitness training from an Everest pro & Mental training for mountaineering A How to raise funds to climb Everest & A list of general mountaineering grants GUIDE ROUTE PERMITS Have you found a professional mountain guide to lead your expedition? North Ridge or Southeast Ridge - have you researched and selected your route? You're not going anywhere without the correct permits. Is your paperwork in order? & Everything you need to know about choosing a guide A Everest Guide Directory & The routes of Mount Everest & A guide to permits and paperwork & Five steps to securing your Everest permit & Comparing the routes on Everest & Why climb with a mountain guide? SUMMIT Make sure you bring a flag and a camera for that photo opportunity when you hit the summit! GETTING DOWN Now you've made it to the top, just make sure you get down safely! CONGRATULATIONS! Armed with all the info above, you're ready to take on the world's toughest mountain. A Four ways to descend cliffs and mountains A Dangers of the descent IF YOU LIKE THIS GUIDE, PLEASE SHARE IT... NOT READY? NOT QUITE READY TO TACKLE EVEREST? HERE ARE A FEW EASIER ALTERNATIVES : & Best mountaineering expeditions for beginners & 13 brag-worthy mountains (almost) anyone can climb WINFIELDS OUTDOORS

Are you Ready To Tackle Everest?

shared by connollyelise on Jun 18
This campaign looks towards providing multiple resources for people to prepare to walk Everest.




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