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Anything to declare?

ANYTHING TO DECLARE? What happens when overzealous airport security personnel and Redditors collide? Here are 8 innocuous and unusual items that Redditors expected to carry on to their flight, plus a few tips on dos and don'ts. WHAT'S IN THE BAG? * SNAKE-IN NEW -A-BOTTLE REASON: Officials suspected the $4 souvenir from Vietnam was an endangered species. $4 OUTCOME: After realising their mistake, customs posted the snake back to its owner two weeks later. YORK, ASHES OF DECEASED REASON: Security staff scanned the urns PARENTS for explosives, and then announced they would be seized. OUTCOME: After yelling, uyou can't confiscate my parents!" the ashes were quickly returned to the grieving daughter. USA BUTTER KNIFE REASON: This would-be dangerous weapon belonged to the pilot, who was also carrying a licensed handgun on board. OUTCOME: Threatened with arrest for arguing, the pilot gave in, despite the fact there were hundreds of others on board. THAILAND BASKETBALL REASON: Airline staff asked for the ball to be deflated as changes in air pressure could cause it to explode. OUTCOME: When told that it couldn't be deflated without the correct tools, the ball was snatched from the child owner and forcibly burst. USA PECAN PIE REASON: TSA regulations forbade the pie as the centre was deemed to be a gel of greater than 100ml. OUTCOME: The passenger was allowed on with just the pie's empty metal plate. What happened to the pie is unknown. USA A POUND OF BLACKCURRANTS REASON: Fruit is banned to avoid the spread of foreign pests or diseases. OUTCOME: The passenger ate the whole lot at the security desk, and subsequently spent most of the flight on the toilet. CSUMED USA TRANSFORMER REASON: The G1 Megatron figure transforms from a robot to a toy gun. OUTCOME: Security allowed the Transformer to board, as long as it was in its robot form and the owner wouldn't play with it on board. JAMAICA BELT BUCKLE REASON: Gun-shaped plastic moulds on belt caused security staf to spring into action. OUTCOME: The buckle was confiscated: "No guns, models, or replicas allowed." THE DOS AND DON'TS OF CARRY-ON BAGGAGE: Some simple preparation before travelling can save you a headache. Always check with your airline what you can and can't bring aboard: HAND LUGGAGE NO-NO'S CRAMPONS: SNOW GLOBES: They probably don't If they contain more want any inflight rock climbing. than 100ml of liquid. SELF-INFLATING BAROMETER: LIFE VESTS: Unless you're a government weather Sorry, you'll have to use those provided. official, leave it at home. SECURITY ATTACHÉ CASES INCORPORATING EXPLOSIVES AND DYE CARTRIDGES: Seek permission first. CARRY ON CARRYING ON MEDICINES: PIE: May exceed 100ml as long as they are for personal use and you have documentation. Though it may be "subject to additional screening". BREAST MILK: E-CIGARETTES: But carefully store your May exceed 100ml, but must be declared spare batteries. for inspection. BLOOD PRODUCTS AND TISSUE: No problem if used for medical research or reproductive health. Some items may be banned or restricted in certain countries so it's always best to check directly with local customs and airlines. TIPS FOR TOP DESTINATIONS: TEALAND If you're planning on travelling abroad, you ought to brush up on any rules that could affect your plans. NEW Here are some important tips for tourists: you might have to taste any baby milk or food you bring to prove it's authentio. USA If travelling with Jet Blue, keep all valuables in your cabin luggage - the airline has a 'No Valuables' policy for checked baggage. NDONESIA You can bring one litre of any type of alcohol, but check if drinking is a local offence. UK You can only bring electronic devices on the plane if they are powered up - make sure to keep your gadgets charged and keep your chargers handy. THAILAND Your duty free allowance for personal effects only covers up to 10, 000 Thai Baht so don't bring lots of expensive gadgets. Could your child's toy be a lethal weapon? Is your pie delicious - but potentially explosive? All of these stories prove that, when it comes to travelling, you need to think before you pack. Cheapflights Sources Restricted Items - Dangerous Goods - What You Can and Can't Carry in Your Luggage - Arriving in Thailand - Entry Requirements & Customs - Hand Luggage Restrictions: Electronic Devices and Electrical items - Permitted/Prohibited Checked Baggage Items - Airport Security Workers of Reddit, What is the Strangest Item You've Had to Confiscate Off Somebody? - Indonesia: Laws - Prohíbited Items - Australians Travelling Overseas - Traveler Information -

Anything to declare?

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Whether you’re trying to save cash by bringing your own food, taking some weight off your hold luggage, or packing in those kiddie essentials, it seems that these days everyone’s trying to squeeze...


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