Airport Obstacles By the Numbers: Flight Delays, Lost Luggage & Other Travel Troublesk

Airport Obstacles by the Numbers Flight Delays, Lost Luggage & Other Travel Troubles Nowadays, creating a travel itinerary is the easy part. Getting to your destination on time is still up in the air. 40 E0 Vitz i Ticket Desk 4 Waiting Area 1 Waiting Area 2 Customer Service Luggage Claim * Empty Runway Boarding Gate Airline fees can add up Flight delays Top causes of delays Top causes for complaints Lost luggage Flight cancellations Denied boarding Flight Problems Baggage 2,000,000 ± 120,000 Flights are cancelled per year 500,000 Passengers were denied boarding last year 1/4 of US flights are delayed Late Arriving Aircraft 35.8% Air Carrier Delay 40.5% Flight change $150 27% 13.5% Mishandled baggage reports are filed each year Time matters in the Unaccompanied minor likelihood of a delay: Weather 20.2% Customer Service 11.3% Cancellations have • $25-$150 Volume 8% Ticketing & Boarding 9.3% Least likely to get bumped: 6am - 12% of flights delayed 6pm - 30% of flights delayed increased due to shortage in pilots and large tarmac delay fines for airlines Second bag $15-$50 Cancelled Flight Diverted Flight 5.3% Fares 8.2% O Business class travelers Seat selection $5-$15 1.3% A Frequent fliers Closed Runway 1.3% Top reasons for cancellations: Other 1.1% Travelers who check in first O Mechanical Crew's duty time expired Extreme weather Lack of aircrafts O Online check-ins Most likely to get bumped: Nationwide O Discounted fliers Travelers who check in last No matter how well-planned your trip is, unexpected incidents can prevent you from taking flight. Don't let lost luggage or cancelled flights get in the way of a great holiday - let Nationwide help you stay on course. Learn more at Sources: | | | |

Airport Obstacles By the Numbers: Flight Delays, Lost Luggage & Other Travel Troublesk

shared by visually on Jul 16
This infographic depicts data from various categories related to airport/ flight mishaps. The design concept is a detailed layout of an airport illustrating notable areas (i.e. waiting area, secur...




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