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Air France Flight 447 crash timeline

Recorded altitude • Warnings, air traffic control• Co-pilot No. 1 Pierre-Cédric Bonin • Co-pilot No. 2 • Captain Marc Dubois David Robert Altitude 40,000 ft -2:10:41 • "What's that?" 2:10:35 2:10:06 • "I have the controls" 2:10:13 • "Stall" 2:10:18 • "of speed" 2:10:25 • "Wing anti-ice". • "Okay" 35,000 30,000 2:11:24 "Do you understand what's happening or not?" 25,000 2:10:05 Cavalry charge (Autopilot "Ignition start" disconnection warning) 2:11:03 • "I'm in TOGA eh" - 2:10:14 2:10:27 • "Watch your speed According to that we're Watch your speed" • "Okay, okay okay I'm According to the three going back dowun" • "Stabilize • "Yeah" • "Go back down" 2:10:36 • "You're at Go back down" • "It's going we're going (back) down" Gently -2:10:42 • "We are in yeah "(.) where is he er?" we are in climb" 2:10:49 -2:10:51 • "Stall, stall, stal, stall, stall" + cricket continu- ously" 2:10:09 2:10:11 2:10:33 2:11:00 • "Above all try to touch the lateral controls as little as possible eh". 2:10:24 • "What is that?" • "We haven't got "We've lost the • "Wait we're losing." 2:11:06 • ". is he coming or not?" 2:10:17 20,000 a good. We haven't got a good display. going up 2:10:10 • "Stall, stall" (without cricket) the speeds so.. engine thrust A THRengine lever thrust 2:11:21 But we've got the engines what's happening (.)? 15,000 you're going up so go back down 10,000 ATTPut yOu in in 5,000 | 2:10:00 a.m 2:10:10 210:20 z10:30 2:10:40 Iz1i:10 2:10:50 2:11:00 2:11:20 2:06:04 a.m. The Airbus A330 is flying at an altitude of approximately 10,700 metres. One of the co-pilots cautions the flight attendants of upcoming turbulence. the flight's captain is resting, a standard procedure on long flights 2:10:16 a.m. 2:10:05 a.m. The autopilot and auto-thrust functions disengage. The airplaine rolls to the right; one co-pilot tries to rebalance the plane manually. The airspeed display shows a sudden drop in velocity from 509 to 111 km/h. The icing of the airspeed sensors is to blame for the sudden loss in speed. A stall warning is heard twice in the cockpit. 2:10:51 a.m. 2:11:06 a.m. The airplane reaches its maximum flight altitude of 11,600 metres. The plane's ptich attitude is about 16 degrees. The airplane begins to climb until reaching an altitude of 11,500 metres. The airplane's ptich attitude, the angle of the plane's nose above the horizon, increases progressively to more than 10 degrees. The stall warning is repeated a third time. One of the co-pilots has tried multiple times to call the captain back to the cockpit. His colleague, the other co-pilot, sets the engines to maximum thrust and pulls the plane's nose sharply upward. The horizontal stabilizer on the plane's tail section increases its angle from 3 to about 13 degrees nose-up. 2.11.38 2:11:52 2:11:55 • "Stall, stall"+ incomplete cricket 2:12:10 "Stall, stall" + incomplete cricket 2:12:15 • "There I don't know there it's going down" 2:12:45 • "On alti what do we have?" • What do you mean on altitude?" • "Yeah yeah yeah I'm going down, no?" • "You're going down yes" • "Hey you're in .. get the wings horizontal Get the wings horizontal" • "That's what l'm trying to do" • "Get the wings horizontal" • "Controls to the left" • "Well look take, take that" 2:12:32 • "No you climb there" 2:12:17 "Priority right" 2:12:26 • "The speed?" 2:12:30 • "Am I going dovwn now?" "Go down 2:12:34 • "Stall, stall" + incomplete cricket 2:12:44 • ".) it's impossible" 2:11:33 • ".ji don't have control of the airplane any more now I don't have control of the airplane at all" 2:11:41 • "I have the impression (we have) the speed" 2:11:43- Sound of cockpit door opening • "Er what are you (doing)? • "We are losing control of What's happening?" • "I don't know I don't know what's happening" 2:11:45 • End of "Stall, stall" warning + cricket 2:11:53 • "Stall, stall" + incomplete cricket 2.11.58 • "I have a problem it's that I don't have vertical speed indication" "Okay" • "I have no more displays I have the impression thaf we have some crazy speed no what 2:12:57 • End of "Stall, stall" warning + cricket 2.12.07 • "No above all don't extend (t (the) • "Stall, stall • "So we are still going down 2:12:19 • "That's good we should be wings level, no it won't (not)" • "The wings to flat horizon the standby horizon" • "The horizon (second)" 2:12:27 • "You're climbing • "Stall, stall" "You're going down • down down" 2:12:39 • "Okay we are in TOGAI" the airplane • "We lost all control of the airplane. We don'i understand anything. We tried everything. 2:12:13 • "What do you think about it what do you think what do we need to do?" 2:12:33 • "I'm climbing okay so we're going down" - 2:12:46 • End of the "Stall, stall" warning + cricket "Stall, stall" + cricket 2:12:59 2:12:42 • "What do we have in alti?" • I'm at the imit .with the ro eroll" • "The rudder bar" you think?" 2:11:30 2:11:40 2:11:50 '2:12:00 2:12:10 2:12:20 2:12:30 '2:12:40 2:12:50 2:11:40 a.m. The captain re-enters the cockpit and gives instruc- tions. The flight altitude is about 10,700 metres. The plane's angle in relation to the airstream reaches more than 40 degrees. The plane loses altitude at a rate of almost 200 km/h. 2:12:02 a.m. The crew has no valid instrument readings to consult. The thrust leavers that control the power output of the engines are idle. 2:12:17 a.m. One co-pilot tries to push the nose of the plane down. The angle of the planes nose decreases and the airspeed display again shows valid readings 2:13:39 • "Climb climb climb climb" - 2:13:55 •"Stall, stall" • End of the "Stall, stall" + cricket 2:14:05 • "Watch out you're pitching up there" Tm pitching up?" • "Well we need to we are at four thousand feet" 2:14:18 • "Go on pull" • "Let's go pull up pull up puli up" 2:13:28 • "Try to find what you can do with your controls up there. The primaries and so on" 2:13:32 • "at level one hundred" 2:13:38 • "Careful with the rudder bar there" 2:13:45 • "So give me the controls the controls to me" • "Go ahead you have the controls we are still in TOGA eh" 2:14:21 • "Pull up" (4x) 2:14:03 warning + cricket 2:14:23 • ") we're going to crash" 2:13:40 • "But I've been at maxi nose-up for a while" • "No no no don't climb" • "So go down" 2.14.25 "But what's happening • "Pul up" 2:13:25 • "What s. how come we're continuing to go right down now?" 2.14.24 "This can't be true" 2.14.27 • "(Ten) degrees pitch attifude" • "Pull up 2.13.36 • "Nine thousand feet" 2:13:00 2:13:10 2:13:20 2:13:30 2:13:40 2:13:50 2:14:00 2:14:10 2:14:20 2:14:28 a.m. Impact The recording stops. The airplane hits the water at a ground speed of approximately 200 km/h and at a pitch attitude of approximately 16.2 degrees 2:13:32 a.m. One co-pilot registers a flight altitude of approximately 3,000 metres. Both co-pilots are now active at the controls. nose-up. MATTHEW BAMBANCH/THE GLOBE AND MAL N SOURCES: DER SPIEGEL; BEA REPORTS

Air France Flight 447 crash timeline

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Chronology of events + cockpit dialogue aboard Air France Flight 447 in the moments before it crashed.


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