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Up In The Air: Is the Economic Climate Going to Affect Holiday Travel?

UP IN THE AIR IS THE ECONOMIC CLIMATE GOING TO AFFECT HOLIDAY TRAVEL? Stretching over a long weekend in early September, Labor Day is the great finale of the summer season. It's one more chance to enjoy summer rays while surfing, sightseeing, kayaking, or simply spending time with family and friends, during pool parties and BBQ's. But are economic pressures keeping us close to home instead of jetsetting out of town? Take a look at the traveling forecast for the upcoming holiday, gathered from your chatter on social media. THE PLAN ACTIVITIES PEOPLE ARE PLANNING FOR LABOR DAY WEEKEND What are people going to be doing for the holiday? 24% 17% 13% 12% 8% Sightseeing Camping Shopping Swimming Hiking 7% 5% 4% 4% 3% Biking Fishing Sailing Skiing Surfing 2% Looks like it's going to be an outdoorsy holiday, according to your tweets and status updates. Diving Horseback Riding AIR BOUND: WHERE ARE PEOPLE TRAVELING TO? THE GLOBAL VIEW Where are people traveling? (Country) 45% 7% 6% 6% 5% 3% U.S. UK Canada Italy France Spain 3% 3% 3% 3% 2% Australia China India Mexico Thailand Germany 2% 2% 2% 1% C• Japan Turkey Ireland Singapore Greece Vietnam For most, the weekend may not be long enough to travel internationally, but 7 percent of people posted that UK travel may be in the works. Netherlands THE HOME FRONT Where are people traveling? (U.S. by city) 27% 13% 12% 11% 10% 9% New York Chicago Washington Orlando Seattle Boston 7% 6% 5% 27 percent of future travelers seem to be in an Empire State of Mind. HOLLYWOOD Miami Hollywood Denver AT THE GATE WHAT AIRPORTS ARE PEOPLE FLYING OUT OF? DEPARTURES FROM FROM LOSIANGELES NEW MIAMI SANIFRANCISCO DENVER BILLI YORK ANCHOR AGE MONTGOMERY LOUIS LE 6 |1% MOBILE O AKLANDIIIL COLORADOISPRINGS ORLAND0 ATLANTA CHICAGO AUSTIN NEWARKI JACKSONVI BOSTONI LANSING 16 |% 5 % WHAT AIRLINE ARE PEOPLE USING? Four major airlines seem to be the topic of discussion on social media outlets. 65% Delta Southwest 8% American United 13% 6% WHAT ARE THE DELAYS LIKE? It may not be something a traveler thinks about ahead of time, but unfortunately delays are as much a part of air travel as security check points. Southwest United 11% 20% American A'A Delta 20% 49% Delta may have experienced the most delays, but it is also the most used airline. HERE IS A LOOK AT OUR OTHER CONCERNS: Fear of flying d soldiers SCCREWED Хапах sends slips Fonda WTF realities induction inconsiderate gov fing deaths journalists sucks error waived asthma Ryanair Trump rant refuses governor pissed i cancelled "in rights lied bladder rudely apalogy Supervisor idiots sympathy refused diarrhea Xrays Verizon console defective terrorism piss LET'S NOT FORGET THE GOOD: The joy of flying enjoy home nice work best Disney good trip great friends friend drive beautiful water vacation aty pretty people summer places service life food love weeks family hotel beach fun World experience breakfast room night THE CLASS BREAKDOWN First-class ticket sales have hardly budged since last year, and economy and business class stayed nearly even, despite economic concerns. First Class Business Class Economy Class September 2010 36% 30% 34% October 2010 -34% 29% 37% November 2010 37% 26% 37% December 2010 40% 26% 33% January 2011 - 36% 29% 35% February 2011 -35% 28% 37% March 2011 36% 27% 37% April 2011 36% 28% 36% May 2011 39% 29% 32% June 2011 43% 25% 32% July 2011 40% 29% 31% DEMOGRAPHICALLY SPEAKING Air Travel by Gender and Class First Class Business Class Economy Class 66% 68% 68% 33% 32% 32% Males seem to be far more likely to share travel plans, almost double the female numbers. Air Travel by Age and Class 55+ 45-54 35-44 25-34 18-24 Under 18 First Class Business Class Economy Class 25-34 year olds seems to be the main purchasers of all tickets, with their younger counterparts slowly catching up. Labor Day air travel may not be on the minds of all, but at least the economic climate is not putting air travel out of the question altogether. Folks are still gearing up to spend the last days of summer outside, and are eager to get to their destination with the convenience of an aircraft. Created By SOURCE VISIBLETECHNOLOGIES.COM COLUMN FIVE VISIBLE OOO OO Z OOO

Up In The Air: Is the Economic Climate Going to Affect Holiday Travel?

shared by JessicaButcher on Sep 01
As we prepare for our upcoming holiday travel, we turned to social media and the data we gather from it here at Visible, and took a deeper look at people’s travel plans this holiday season and if th...


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