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7 Steps for Moving to America

7 STEPS FOR MOVING TO AMERICA "A new report reveals where Expats have moved to and how a record 232 million people are living outside the country where they were born." - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW HOUSING As of June 2014, the average price of a single family home in the United $223,300. - States is - National Association of Realtors First, know what resources your new job has in terms of helping you move because they can often assist with finding solutions. Take a few different things into consideration when looking for a new home, such as location, pricing and size to make sure it fits all of your family's needs. 5.7 million EDUCATION 5.7 Million foreign born children are enrolled in U.S. schools in 2011. -us Census Bureau 2011 Be sure to research different schooling options when you are planning to move. Some of the options indude public schools, private schools, religious schools or even schools for children who speak a different language. It's important to do your homework to give your children the best education. DOCUMENTATION Knowing how to apply and obtain these documents will help ensure a smooth transition when you move! VISA u SOCIAL SECURITY ANY STATE DRIVER'S LICENSE FERNANDO JONES 123-45-6789 FERNANDO T. JONES 123 Jones Street South SAMPLE Lttetown, USA 9999 Sex: Male Jue eJICT T TH-AR SICEVE FLOJIBLPUNI. Jr Eves: Brown DOB: 121276 JONES rERNANDO 18579FD984875aUG728987234DH0338428E084CC9s8FHDS TRANSPORTATION Usually #51 on the list when moving, quickly becomes #1 once you arrive! Penn Schoen Berland, 2012 PROBLEMS • Prior credit history and driving history don't apply in the United States • Almost IMPOSSIBLE to finance or lease a car without a U.S. credit history • Don't have a local driver's license • Difficult to obtain low cost auto insurance without a U.S. driving history SOLUTION • Use Expat car buying companies, such as IAS, specifically designed to help finance, lease or rent a vehide in the United States without a U.S. credit or driving history while assisting with the necessary documentation! INS, INTERNATIONAL AUTOSOURCE FINANCES More than half (58%) of expatriates save and invest more money abroad than in their home country - despite spending more money abroad than at home. - HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, 2008 Open a U.S. bank account and any credit/debit card to begin to establish credit. Be sure any old debt is taken care of and begin to financially plan your new life in the United States. SOCIAL LIFE Living in a new country can be an exciting time. You can explore new places, meet new people, learn new languages, taste new foods and leam new customs. HEALTH Learn your options in terms of obtaining health insurance through your employer. Bring any previous medical records with you, so your new doctors can be up to date and be prepared to provide quality healthcare! MEDICAL IS, INTERNATIONAL AUTOSOURCE

7 Steps for Moving to America

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Studies show that now, more than ever, people are choosing to live outside of their home countries. Whether it be for jobs, education, or family, a record number of people are experiencing the adventu...


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