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7 Acoustic Wonders of The World

7 ACOUSTIC WONDERS OF THE WORLD Forget guitars and amps, some of the world's most interesting noises can be found outside in the world's natural and man-made wonders. atho SOUND MIRRORS, DENGE ROYAL AIRFORCEBASE, KENT, UK Built in the 1920s, these structures were used to capture the sound of far-off enemy aircraft crossing the English Channel. THE GREAT STALACPIPE ORGAN,VIRGINIA, USA DJAVOLJA VAROS (DEVIL STOWN),TOPLICA, SERBIA The world's largest musical instrument - sound is produced deep in the Luray Caverns by a console that taps 37 varying sized ancient stalactites - mimicking a traditional organ. Serbian for 'Devil's Town', these strange formations have aroused the superstitions of the locals for the eery howls and murmurs created by wind passing through the towers. COLOUREDCANYON, SINAI PENINSULA, EGYPT A 1km labyrinth of 40 metre high rocks, protecting the canyon from the elements and housing no wildlife - this is one of the only places on earth where you can experience complete silence. GOL GUMBAZ MAUSOLEUM,BIJAPUR,INDIA When not bombarded with tourists, the whispering gallery in this 17th century mausoleum allows you to hear a whisper from 40 metres away. Echoes can reverberate up to 10 times. LAMAR DE DUNAS, COPIAPO, CHILE One of over 30 musical sand dunes worldwide, when grains of sand are shifted simultaneously, these dunes emit a booming, low pitch drone. LYREBIRD, SOUTHERN AUSTRALIA The Lyrebird can mimic the individual songs of dozens of bird species; as well as sound from koalas, dogs, chainsaws, the human voice and just about anything. LEARN MORE THE LYREBIRD No other creature has mastered the art of mimicry quite like this native Australian bird. The Lyrebird's complex larynx allows it to mimic the calls and songs of up to 20 different species at a time as part of its mating call. The bird's repertoire of noises extends from natural to man made noises, including: car alarms, camera shūtters, chainsaws, gunshots, dogs barking, babies crying, flutes, mill whistles and even the human voice. Listen to the Lyrebird mimic laser guns>>> THE GREATSTALACPIPE ORGAN The organ was created in 1954 by Leyland Sprinkle, a Pentagon mathematician and scientist. After exploring the depths of the cavern, Sprinkle isolated stalactites that precisely matched the musical scale. Rubber-tipped mallets sit alongside the stalactites and strike the formations when prompted by the organ console. The music created can be heard'anywhere in the 260,000 m2 cavern. <>> LA MAR DE DUNAS Scientists are still unsure why certain sand dunes around the world emit a deep drone or booming noise and others don't. The phenomenon éven stoked the interest of Marco Polo, who wrote: "at times [the dunes] fill the air with the sounds of all kinds of musical instruments, and also of drums and the clash of arms." Thẻ sound occurs when top-heavy dunes create mini-avalanches, with the mass shifting of grains of sand creating sound waves on their surface. While the exact mechanism for the sound is unclear, it is known that sand must be dry. <<

7 Acoustic Wonders of The World

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The world of acoustics is not just confined to finely tuned auditoriums and recording studios. In fact, some of the most intriguing sonic experiences can be had beyond four walls, in some of the world...



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