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6 Destinations Bad Boys Go To

GOODBOYS GOTOHEAVEN WARNING THIS INFOGRAPHIC CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT AND IS ONLY SUITABLE FOR A RESPONSIBLE TRAVELER AND ALL BAD THINGS YOUR MOM SHOULD NOT HEAR ARRES BAD BOYS GOTO: BANGKOK, thailand TO WATCH A PINGPONG SHOW Pingpong show takes gogo shows into a higher level. It displays women using their pelvic muscle to either hold or throw objects with their vaginal cavity. Such objects include whistles, cigarettes, bananas, darts, razor blades and of course, pingpong balls. A male customer may be brought onto the stage to hold a balloon while a dart is shot at it, or the girl may do a shoot around the table at balloons tied to each audience's chair. Shooting a goldfish into a bowl, or storing a frog inside to see how long it can be kept inside might be part of the show as well. $181 $100 MONTHLY PAY FOR THE PINGPONG GIRL MEDICAL BILL FOR VAGINAL INJURY VANG VIENG,laos TO GET DRUNK IN THE RIVER While tubing along the Nang Som river, the tubers will be served with alcohol drinks (or even drugs) by numerous bars along the river bank The combination of pulsating music, drinking games, drug-fuelled debauchery, unsafe adrenaline-pumping attraction such as slingshot, flying fox, and diving jump platform provided by the bars make the tubers prone to get heavily drunk, get injured and even die because of fatal injury or drug overdose. AT LEAST 1 TOURIST DIED EACH MONTH RESULTING IN 22 DEATH CASES IN 2011 AT LEAST 1,000 LOCALS LIVING AROUND RIVER. WHO GET DISTURBED BY BARS' LOUD MUSIC ALL YEAR LONG AMSTERDAM,ne holland TO GET HIGH ON WEED Coffeeshop has a totally different meaning in Amsterdam. Marijuana and marijuana-based products (such as cake containing weeds or so-called space cake) are sold legally in this kind of shop, but the consumers are not allowed to smoke pot outside the shop. Heaps of coffeeshops offering relaxed, non-paranoid atmosphere to smoke weed makes Amsterdam the best city to get stoned in. 200 €50 800 SLANG TERMS USED POCRASMARIJUANA: WEED, FOR SMOKING POT OUTSIDE THE SHOP MINIMUM FINE TO KILLAPOT SMOKER COF CARBON GREEN, BUDDHA, SER MARY-J, SPLIFE BLUNT, KIBBS JOINTS NEEDED ONOXIDE POISONING) MO,M TIJUANA,mexteo mexico TO WATCH DONKEY SHOW This show is definitely not a comedy show of the donkey from The Shrek movie. The show displays a practice of zoophilia with a donkey. The audience will be served with a view of women (and sometimes men) giving fellatio or conducting intercourse with a donkey. The show might be just an urban legend though anecdotal accounts are not uncommon. 2ONKEY'S SEXY KNOWS PENIS SHOWDOWN DONKEY v. HUMAN 10 CM 15 20 25 30 AVE. ERECT SIZE 35 40 AVE ACCLAIMED SIZE (WHLE DONKEYS NEVER LIE ABOUT THER PENIS SIZI 45 50 55 60 AVE. ERECT SIZE KOH PHANGAN,thailand TO PARTY WILDLY ALL NIGHT LONG DURING FULL MOON Try googling 'world's wildest party' and you will always find Koh Phangan in all the list mentioned by the media.This small island hosts the notorious full moon party that becomes a melting pot for backpackers from around the world who want to get seduced by mindblowingly loud music, fire-skipping ropes, buckets of booze and plenty of drugs sold in the street. THAT IS 30.000 3X LARGER OVERLOADED BOATS THAN THE LOCAL POPULATION ARE COMMON WHEN MANY OF THE PARTYGOERS TRY TO LEAVE THE ISLAND THE DAYAFTER THE PARTY PARTYGOERS VISITING THE PARTY DURING HIGH SEASON HAMBURG,permany TO VISIT REEPERBAHN - THE WORLD'S FAMOUS RED LIGHT DISTRICT Unlike the dingy Amsterdam's red light district, Reeperbahn proves that slutty neighborhood can look sophisticated, thanks to its well-designed sex-shops. Think of ZARA or H&M that is designed with a good interior design but with a huge collection of sex toys, fetish costumes and porn movies, instead of regular clothings. Like a "Genius" at Apple stores, the shopkeepers treat the consumers with a serious and open advice on all kinds of sex-related articles. Horny travelers in Reeperbahn are simply like fat kids in the candy store. | tiny_traveler t astoryoftinytraveler

6 Destinations Bad Boys Go To

shared by astoryoftinytraveler on Aug 30
This infographic contains mature content and is only suitable for responsible traveler. The infographic features Bangkok, Amsterdam, Vang Vieng, Koh Phangan, Tijuana and Hamburg as destinations where ...


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