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The 50 Most Visited Tourist Attractions in the World

THE 50 MOST VISITED TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN THE WORLD 50 49 48 NAGASHIMA PALACE OF UNIVERSAL SPA LAND, STUDIOS, HOLLYWOOD VERSAILLES, JAPAN FRANCE ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON 5,850,000 MAR - AUG 5,900,000 JUN-AUG 5.912.000 JUN - AUG Surrounded by a harbour, there are four main areas to this park - an amusement park, hot spring complex, a shopping mall This royal chateau was once the centre of French government. Its grand architecture, gardens and exhibitions reflect its rich A theme park within one of the oldest and most illustrious movie studios. After dodging the dinosaurs on a Jurassic Park water ride, history. Strut like royalty in the hall of mirrors or discover the private chambers of Louis XV, hidden within the palace. and a flower garden. If visiting in winter, you will be able to take a peek into Hollywood's filmmaking process. check out the wonderful illuminations. METROPOLITAN LINCOLN 47 46 45 BOURBON MEMORIAL, WASHINGTON MUSEUM OF STREET, ART, NEW YORK CITY NEW ORLEANS D.C. ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON 6,115,881 6,191,361 MAR-JUN SEPT-Nον 6,017,500 FEB - MAY WEEKENDS US HOLIDAYS The 'Saviour of the Union' and perhaps the most famous US President. The surrounding New Orleans' history is evident on this street, although it is also famous for its bars, The largest art museum in the US, with over 2 million works in its permanent collection. restaurants and clubs. It survived Katrina Art from throughout the world and ages is area has taken on great importance for largely intact and the annual Mardi Gras parade passes through, just as it has done in the past. displayed. some, particularly the Civil Rights Movement, 44 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, FLORIDA 43 42 LAKE MEAD, LOTTE WORLD, NEVADA SEOUL ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON FEB - APR 6,195,000 6,285,439 6,383,000 MAR-MAY SEPT-NOV JUN- AUG MAY -SEPT US HOLIDAYS This complex features the world's largest indoor theme park, alongside its outdoor attractions. A hidden gem within the park is Screen junkies will adore the Transformers, This massive lake was created by the Simpsons, E.T. and Shrek themed attractions. Hoover Dam. Hike and bike round the lake, or partake in some water sports or fishing. A 'Folk Museum, which exhibits ancient peaceful retreat away from the nearby neon glow of Las Vegas. items from Korea's past. 41 40 39 BRITISH EVERLAND, GYEONGGI-DO, DISNEYLAND, MUSEUM, LONDON HONG KONG SOUTH KOREA PEAK SEASON OCT-NOV JAN-FEB APR-MAY ANNUAL VISITORS ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON 6,700,000 6,701,036 DEC 6,853,000 MAR-MAY MAY-SEPT SEPT-NOV s somewhat misleading as this wildly ambitious museum actually features Disney has incorporated Chinese culture The name Home to the world's steepest wooden roller coaster, there is also a zoo and water park within Everland. and traditions into the design of this Hong some of the world's finest artefacts from Kong based park. This might be your only chance to see Mickey Mouse in a feng shui throughout history, such as the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles. environment. NATIONAL AIR AND 38 EIFFEL TOWER, PARIS 37 36 SPACE MUSEUM VICTORIA PEAK, (SMITHSONIAN) WASHINGTON D.C. HONG KONG ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON OCT-NOV JAN-FEB 7,000,000 7,000,000 MAR-JUN SEPT-NOV 7,000,000 JUN-AUG APR-MAY The highest mountain on Hong Kong offers awe-inspiring views of the city. Ride the The tallest structure in Paris, it also boasts The largest collection of aircraft and spacecraft in the world. The Apollo 11 Command Module, the Apollo Lunar the highest publicly accessible space in the European Union. Two restaurants are located within the tower, with one even gaining a Michelin star. tram, relax in the gardens or dine in one the famous restaurants found near the peak. Module LM-2, an X-15 and the famous Chicago plane will mesmerise aviation and space exploration enthusiasts. ISLANDS OF 35 34 DISNEY'S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE 33 OCEAN PARK, ADVENTURE, HONG KONG UNIVERSAL ORLANDO ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON OCT-NOV JAN-FEB APRIL-MAY FEB-APRIL JUN-AUG US HOLIDAYS 7,436,000 7,775,000 US HOLIDAYS 7,981,000 Part theme park, part marine mammal park; it's home to the Dragon, which is Hong "The World of Color' night-time spectacular The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has is a must-see attraction at this West-Coast Kong's largest roller coaster. Dolphins, walruses, seals, penguins and even pandas offer a contrastingly relaxed experience. given this park a boost in visitor numbers. If you have a Hog's Head Brew, just remember not to drive your broom home. Disney park. 32 NATIONAL MUSEUM OF 31 30 PIER 39, SAN FRANCISCO NATURAL HISTORY SYDNEY OPERA (SMITHSONIAN) HOUSE, SYDNEY WASHINGTON D.C. PEAK SEASON OCT-NOV ANNUAL VISITORS ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON 8,000,000 8,200,000 8,500,000 JAN-FEB APRIL-MAY JAN-APR OCT-DEC MAY-OCT The most visited natural history museum in An architectural triumph, this distinctive The Sea Lion Center will teach you more about these particular local residents, who are famous for pitching up on the docks of the world. The Dinosaur Hall and the Giant building is home to a catalogue of cultural events. It's actually a collection of buildings, so is therefore one of the busiest arts centres in the world. Squids on display in the Sant Ocean Hall are just a couple of the highlights. Pier 39. Boat whale tours, fairground rides, an aquarium and even a 7D cinema will also fill your days with fun. MUSÉE 29 28 27 SOUTH STREET GREAT WALL OF DU LOUVRE, PARIS SEAPORT, CHINA NEW YORK CITY ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON 9,000,000 9,000,000 9,200,000 JAN-MAR JUN-AUG WEEKENDS CHINESE HOLIDAYS JUN-AUG This historic area of Manhattan features a With parts of the wall as old as 220-206 BC, this 21km construction surely ranks among The most visited art museum in the world. The recently launched Islamic art exhibition large density of early 19th century buildings. View the Brooklyn Bridge from Pier 17. stroll around the museum or enjoy humankind's greatest achievements. Most of the popular sites can be reached fairly easily from Betjing. compliments an already marvellous collection of masterpieces that will astonish art lovers. seasonal activities such as an ice rink and musical events. GREAT SMOKY 26 25 24 NAVY PIER, UNIVERSAL MOUNTAINS CHICAGO STUDIOS JAPAN, NATIONAL PARK, OSAKA TENNESSEE ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON 9,200,000 APR-DEC 9,685,829 JUN-AUG 9,700,000 MAR-AUG This park attracted 10 million visitors faster than any other theme park in the world. A This 1km pier was originally designed as a Fish, climb, hike and bike. However, just be cargo and docking facility, nowadays careful of the black bears! Once home exclusively to Paleo Indians, before early new Harry Potter area is in the pipeline, so expect even more Asian Muggles through traditional waterside attractions entertain; a European settlers arrived. Many preserved historic sites and buildings are still standing. Ferris wheel, a Shakespeare theatre, the Funhouse maze, an IMAX cinema, the the gates in the future. Cirque Shanghai and boat trips on the lake are among the many options. DISNEY'S DISNEY'S 23 22 21 HOLLYWOOD ANIMAL THE ZÓCALO, STUDIOS, FLORIDA KINGDOM, FLORIDA MEXICO CITY ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON PEAK SEASON FEB-APR JUN-AUG US HOLIDAY ANNUAL VISITORS ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON FEB-APR 9,912,000 9,998,000 10,000,000 JUN-AUG US HOLIDAYS MAR-MAY Immerse yourself in the glamour of Hollywood; characters from Star Wars, The Muppets and many other classics are the A 3-hour safari awaits you at this park. Hippos, crocs, giraffes and rhinos will Mexico City's main square, one of the largest in the world, has been a gathering place for convince you that you are in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mexican's since the Aztec age. It's bordered themes of choice. by notable buildings including the National Palace, the Cathedral, the Old Portal de Mercaderes and Nacional Monte de Piedad. 20 PIKE PLACE MARKET, SEATTLE 19 18 TSIM SHA TSUI SACRÉ COEUR WATERFRONT, BASILICA, PARIS HONG KONG ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON OCT-NOV JAN-FEB 10,000,000 MAY-OCT 10,088,493 10,500,000 JUN-AUG APR-MAY Become joyfully lost in the alleys of this 9 This area of Hong Kong, overlooking Victoria acre market. Artisan food producers, farmers, craft makers and a whole host of Situated at the top of the butte Montmartre, this Roman Catholic Church and minor basilica is therefore located at the highest Harbour, is densely populated with tourist attractions, restaurants and shops. The Space, History and Science museums of Hong Kong are just a few of the institutions situated on the waterfront. other curious retailers await you for a truly one-off shopping experience. point in the city. Great views of the Parisian skyline are a bonus. 17 16 15 DISNEYLAND TOKYO DISNEY EPCOT, FLORIDA PARK, FRANCE SEA ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON FEB-APR JUN-AUG 11,063,000 11,200,000 JUN-AUG 12,656,000 MAR-AUG US HOLIDAYS Another attraction on the list for the Since 1992, this park has allowed Europeans The aquatic sbling of Tokyo's other Disney park; you will find a combination of animation behemoth! A scuba diving centre is one of the activities that differentiates this to sample some of the allure offered by Disney. Largely based on the original parks in the US, expect to see similarities if you traditional and water attractions all located park from others in the list. around several lakes, have visited one of the two original US parks. 14 13 12 GOLDEN GATE NOTRE DAME TOKYO PARK, SAN CATHEDRAL, DISNEYLAND, TOKYO FRANCISCO PARIS ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON 13,000,000 MAY-OCT 13,650,000 JUN-AUG 14,847,000 MAR-AUG This gothic cathedral, overlooking the A taste of the west in the east; this ymbol of This park is home to the California Academy of Sciences, an aquarium, a Japanese tea Seine, is the first E.U. attraction on the list. globalisation will thrill adults and delight The building breathes history, in the past it children in equal measure. garden, an arboretum, a children's playground, and even a few wild buffalo! has seen several Anglo-French royal marriages and the canonization of Joan of Arc. 11 10 GRAND BAZAAR, FORBIDDEN DISNEYLAND ISTANBUL CITY, BEIJING PARK, ANAHEIM ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON 15,000,000 15,300,000 15.963.000 WEEKENDS CHINESE HOLIDAYS US HOLIDAYS JUN-AUG For 500 years, this meticulously planned The Space and Splash Mountain rides 61 covered streets and over 3,000 shops in what is an ancient and almost mythical maze of traditional buildings was the centre delight thrill-seekers, but there are plenty of attractions for youngsters here too. covered market. Sit down and drink sweet of Chinese government and has been the apple tea with traders, while bartering over exotic and curious goods. home of many emperors. Opened to the public in 1925, it contains some of the world's finest artefacts. 00DDDD י נש 0 א DISNEYWORLD'S GRAND 6 MAGIC FANEUIL HALL CENTRAL MARKETPLACE, TERMINAL, NEW YORK CITY KINGDOM, BOSTON ORLANDO ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON 17,536,000 18,000,000 21,600,000 FEB-APR US HOLIDAYS APR-JUN JAN-MAR SEPT-OCT JUN-AUG 6 regions and 40 main rides within a single park; dive into the sea with the Little Mermaid and fly into space with Buzz Lightyear. The backdrop of many famous speeches, this marketplace also has an array of dining The restored astronomical ceiling is a highlight, be sure to check out the market and oyster bar too. and shopping options. Stop to watch a street performer or check out one of the many entertainment and music events. 4 UNION STATION, CENTRAL PARK, NIAGARA FALLS WASHINGTON NEW YORK CITY D.C. ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON 22,500,000 32,850,000 37,500,000 MAR-JUN SEPT-NOV JUN-AUG JAN-MAR JUN-AUG After basking in the wonder of the Covering its passengers in the dense mist of the falls, the Maid of the Mist ferry service Attend a concert or play in the summer, or don your blades in the winter for a spot of ice skating on either the Wollman or architecture, why not partake in one of the has been running since 1846. You will face larger crowds in the peak season but will be many city tours based at the station? Laser rinks. greeted by warmer weather. ... ---I ..- ---I .... .... TIMES SQUARE, NEW YORK CITY ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON LAS VEGAS STRIP 39,200,000 JAN-MAR JUN-AUG A treasure-trove of LED lighting and attractions. Go on a walking tour first, or do some research at home, so that you can choose between the abundance of theatre, music and comedy shows. ANNUAL VISITORS PEAK SEASON 39,668,221 US HOLIDAYS It's hard to miss the dancing Bellagio fountains, and why would you want to? Some warm clothes are advised, although it's scorching outside, the casinos are famous for their chilly AC policies. SOURCES AND REFERENCES LOVE HOME SWAP пI1 Ш1 Ш ШШ ШИ п

The 50 Most Visited Tourist Attractions in the World

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Following extensive research, we’ve come up with a list of the 50 most visited tourist attractions. We’ve included the average number of yearly visits, along with the peak visiting season for each...




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