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5 Ways to tell it's time to get away

ARE YOU OUERDUE A BREAK? 5 WAYS TO TELL IT'S TIME TO GET AWAY SYMPTOMS Nasty Case of the Waffles? AT WORK TIRED OF LISTENING TO OFFICE CHIT CHAT? facebook 900 HOURS ARE WASTED EACH YEAR IN MEETINGS Overloaded? THE AVERAGE WORKER SPENDS TWO-AND-A-HALF HOURS WRITING EMAILS EVERY DAY O UNSOCIAL NETWORKING 40% O% OF EMPLOYEES SAID 70 THEIR WORKLOAD HAD INCREASED IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS LOOKING THROUGH PEOPLE'S HOLIDAY PHOTOS IS MEDICALLY PROVEN TO MAKE US BITTER Symptoms AT HOME Worn out? Blandular-Fever TIRED OF BORING MEALS? THE RECOMMENDED NUMBER OF HOURS SLEEP FOR ADULTS IS 7-8 HOURS A NIGHT 65% 1-3 BRITONS EAT A TAKEAWAY AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK ............................................... THE AVERAGE TAKEAWAY OF SWEET & SOUR CHICKEN WITH BOILED RICE OF PEOPLE ONLY GET 6 CONTAINS 1450 CALORIES, 72%a OF A WOMAN'S & 62% OF MENS CALORIFIC RECOMMENDED DAILY ALLOWANCE HOURS SLEEPA NIGHT Feeling under the weather? Symptoms ON THE MOVE 1 IN 50 BRITS SUFFER FROM SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER. ...-- SUNSHINE IS PROVEN TO HAVE A POSITIVE EFFECT ON MOOD MINUTES THE AVERAGE TIME A WORKER IN BRITAIN SPENDS 13% O% MORE RAINFALL 70 FELL LAST YEAR COMMUTING EVERY DAY THAN AVERAGE CURES SEASIDE BREAK Sunshine boosts Seaside Break levels of serotonin 73 MILES THE BODY'S NATURAL HAPPY HORMONE! YOU'RE NEVER MORE THAN 73 MILES AWAY FROM THE SEASIDE IN THE UK. THE THEATRE SPA DAY THERE ARE 220 THEATRES IN THE UK 6 MILLION VISITS TO SPAS IN THE UK LAST YEAR 1 IN 10 VISITORS TO THE UK GO TO THE THEATRE 47% OF SPA CONSUMERS FEEL THEIR APPEARANCE IMPROVES AFTERA VISIT CITY BREAKS 1/3 OF BRITONS NOW TAKE THEIR MAIN HOLIDAY ON HOME SOIL MOST POPULAR ACTIVITIES ARE RELAXING (25%) AND SIGHTSEEING ON FOOT (22%) * OUR TOP 7 SHORT BREAK * DESTINATIONS TATAT-TAT SEE THE SIGHTS SUPRISE SOMEONE London ROMANTIC GETAWAY EXPLORE THE ARTS Edinburgh Paris FOOD G FINE DINING RELAX G UNWINO Barcelona Bruges Rome EXPLORE THE CULTURE Вrчьлевь l STATS I. 75% of people feel E 80% of workers don't take their full XXX holiday allowance, 3 days is the average amount of time that people fail to take 1. 16 8.5 LIKE THEY DON'T RELAX ENOUGH An average office worker will spend 8.5 days a year in meetings, wasting 4 hours a week and a total of 208 a year * Italy 20% Those who take short breaks every year lowered the risk of heart disease by up to Most hotels of any European country Of employers state that they find productivity increases when they stress output to their employees 36% Krakow, Poland Most pubs per square mile An estimated 90% of Germany people suffer some 90% form of computer vision syndrome as we spend 6 hours a day on average looking at a screen or monitor The largest department store (over 60,000 s/m) I1 stanbul Is the most populated Use of phones, constantly monitoring them for messages increases stress levels city in Europe 11 Holland 20% 11İ Say they are distracted by annoying co-workers The Dutch are the tallest on average in the world France 23% 111 Say they are bored by their work Produces over 56.6 hectolitres of wine every year SOURCES nights-sleep/ tacebook-friends-why-social-media-makes-us-bitter/ rlite - Takeaway Factsheets: takeaways-factsheet.pdt sleep-do-we-really-need WI%202013%20Fina%20Submission%20Krasnova.pdt may-be-stressing-you-out.aspx?xid-tw_everydayhealth_20120112 smartphone health-guide/use-your-vacation-days-reduce-stress-live-longer Coyle 2011 Spa Report - http://www.coylehospitality.con/2011-global- spa-report/ Kingdom for-you-623393 take_full_holiday_allowances/Stressed_out_workers_are_talling_to. take_full_holiday_allowances.998.ntml week-in-unnecessary-meetings-3554564/ Introduction.aspx cfm?docid-A60DESE4-BECF-49ED-BEOFE694FCF4B426 International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity-,1186%2F1479-5868-6-29.pdt superbreak

5 Ways to tell it's time to get away

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What makes you feel like getting away? Take a look at some of our popular destinations.




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