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5 Tips on Avoiding Cultural Mistakes

5) TIPS ON AVOIDING ) CULTURAL MISTAKES Mind your Manners What is polite in one country may not be considered so in another, so do some research and know your manners before you get on the plane. For example, in some parts of Asia it is considered polite to slurp your noodles, as it is an indication that the food is good! Know your geography There is nothing more embarrassing than not knowing the exact location of the country that you're visiting or the locality of its neighbouring countries. This doesn't mean you have to know the exact position of every country around the globe - China has 14 neighbouring countries, so maybe try and learn a handful! Don't put your foot in it - study up before you go! Body Language & Gestures This is commonly overlooked by travellers and can be very rude in other cultures. In many countries, it's very impolite to point. In others, a thumbs up' is an offensive sign. Watch the locals and their body language and follow their lead. Food People abstain from eating and drinking certain foods for many religious and cultural reasons. Manners and expectations at the table can also differ. In many countries it's encouraged to finish your plate, but in some parts of Asia finishing your plate means you haven't had enough to eat. Clothing & Colour In the South Pacific, Asia, Thailand and Russia, it's courteous to remove your shoes before entering a home. In a lot of countries it's very important to dress appropriately - this is even more important for females. The color of your clothing could also cause offense. For example, never wear yellow in Malaysia; this color is reserved for royalty. FLIGHT CENTRE The Airfare Experts

5 Tips on Avoiding Cultural Mistakes

shared by razorfish on Aug 27
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We all like to think that we wouldn’t embarrass ourselves when we travel, but how much do we really know about other cultures? You might know to take off your shoes before entering a home in Japan, ...






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