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5 things to take on your road trip to Europe

5 things to take On your road trip to Europe You'll surely have fun if you prepare well. Rent the right vehicle You've thought about taking your own car across Europe but finally decided against it. You need that car when you get back and if it becomes damaged midway across the trip you're left without a paddle. So you're going to rent. When looking at renting vehicles consider your specific needs. How many people are going? What's going with you? Are you sleeping in the car? In most case scenarios, the larger the vehicle the better. That's why renting a van is usually the wiser choice. Don't research too much Sounds like a backwards tip. But researching too m spoils the thing that makes road trips so spontaneity. Obviously, you'll want to know a little al the city but you don't want to arrive and make a bee straight for all the hottest tourist hot spots. You're king of your schedule, so prepare to find se unexpected ge >>> Make a playlist and stick toit Okay, you're taking your iPod that's crammed with thousands of songs. Why would you stick to one playlist with a limited list? If you play that playlist on repeat (make sure there aren't any songs in there you're likely to become sick of) while driving, the songs will become part of your trip. And when you return and walking around a supermarket, or at a friend's and one of the songs jumps on, you'll be instantly taken back to your trip. 4 Keep everyone informed You're in the middle of Europe travelling and whilst it's unlikely that anything bad will happen, it is ap back home to expect a text each night when you're bunkering for some sleep. That text shoulc That way if anything bad does happen and no one hears from you for a while, your last known locatic 5 Disconnect! Okay, so you're checking in with friends and family each night to let them know you're safe, that's good. But other than that you should try and disconnect from the rest of the world. Road trips are all about getting behind the wheel and forgetting everything. Spending time with friends, seeing parts of the world you've never seen before. Don't spend the whole time on your phone flicking up and down your Facebook feed! Your road trip will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Make the most of it! Brought to you by CVS Van Hire

5 things to take on your road trip to Europe

shared by AndreClifford on Oct 08
The road trip – a holiday that everyone wants to try at some point in their life. Whether it’s driving from one end of the country to the other, or striking out across Europe’s roads, there’s ...




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