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30 Ways to Save Money in Chicago

ILI 30 ways to Save in Chicago SIGHTSEEING 1 Museum Free Days and Times 2 Enjoy Lincoln Park Zoo 3 Chicago Cultural Center IIIIII How to Save? How to Sove? ? Walk to the Lincoln Park Zoo for a froe look at wildlife in a picturesque How to Sove? Formerly the site of the Chicago Public Library's main branch, offering exhibits, talks, concerts and more. Check museum schedules for free days and times park in the city. Avg. Cost Savings:S $18-$20 Avg. Cost Sovings: S $26 Avg. Cost Sovings: S Free The Art Institute of Chicago offers free admission to Ilinois residents after 5 PM every Thursday versus $20 for Ilinois residents and $18 for Chicago residents during normal hours The Brookfield Zoo charges $16.95 for adults + $10 for parking. Most events are free, and easily accessed via public transportation. 4 Go Chicago Card' 5 Deals from Chicago-based Groupon or Living Social 6 Broadway in Chicago Special Offers GROUPON raE Ivingsodal How to Sove? ? Purchase a $79.99-$125.99 pass to gain access to 25 of the most popular Chicago attractions with 1,2.3, or 5-Day cards available, for How to Sove? Deals help you save on popular restaurants, shops, and entertain- ment wenues. How to Save? ? Sign up to receive emails from Hot Tx and Goldstar to get big discounts on concerts, theater and spocial ovents. Use on consecutive days since first use activation. Avg. Cost Sovings 50% Avg. Cost Sovings: $ >50% Some offers provide more than 50% savings off bakony seating. Avg. Cost Sovings 55% off the combined cost of Save S individual attraction admission prices. 55% CityPass City PASS Including: How to Sove? Purchase an adult city pass, a $94 ticket booklet alowing quick VIP access to Sof the city's most popular attractions over a 9 day period. $39.95 for Total Experience Pass for the Shedd Aquarium ·$19.00 for Chicago Skydeck $31.00 for the Field Museum All-Access Pass $27 for Museum of Science and Industry Exploror 1 entry ·$23 for the Art Institute of Chicago Avg. Cost Sovings: S $45.95 An adult city pass costs $94 compared to the combined cost of the foatured attractions, $139.95. SEASONAL 8 Lower your Thermostat by 3-4 Degrees 9 Move in January, and pack your own boxes 10 Take advantage of winter events How to Sove? How to Sove? ? How to Sove?? Movers have less work in the winter and may provide significant discounts and be more available Pack yourself to reduce moving costs. restaurants. Winter impacts tourism, so locals and tourists can take advantage of offers from attractions, hotels, and Save energy and money on your bil byturning down your heat. Avg. Cost Sovings 12% 12% off heating costs if lowered 4 degroes pormanently. Avg. Cost Sevings: $ 10-20% 10-20% off moving services cost, 90% off a packing service cost. Avg. Cost Sovings: S $45.95 30% off the standard room rate per night at the historic Rafaello Hotel in the winter, for example. DIY 11 Make your favorite 12 Volunteer at music 13 Walk or bike instead specialty coffee at home festivals How to Sove? ? Chicago's best specialty coffees can be made at home to save the per-cup to do things like unload trucks and cost of going to the shops every day. How to Save? ? How to Save? Volunteer at music festivals or events Walk to grocery stores, laundro- mats, colloge campuses or work to cut down on the cost of driving and public transit. set up stages and get compensated $5-7/cup with tíckets Save more by bringing your own food at water, if allowed. Avg. Cost Savings: S Intelligentsia coffee costs $15-18 per pound; which can maka nearly 40 12 oz cups per bag compared to as much as $5 for a single cup of drip coffee in a rotail location, for example. Avg. Cost Savings: $ Varies Avg. Cost Sovings: $100, the cost of a Lollapalooza 1-day pass, not including food or drink. $ $100 Eliminating small trip travel costs can really add up, such as visits to the grocery store, or every day trips to work and campus. Food, Drink, Entertainment 14 15 Lettuce Entertain You Frequent Diner Club Second City Dinner & Show The Scomel Cit How to Sove? How to Save? ? For $25. join the Chicago based restaurant group's membership club to receive rewards points at area restaurants when you dine. Roceive discounted prices for set menus at restaurants near Second City theater before or after the show. Avg. Cost Sovings: $ Varies Avg. Cost Sovings $ Varies Fixed prices at restaurants are typically $10-520 less per person than without the combined theatre / restaurant package. Dependent on frequency and money spent when you dine at 90 participating restaurants. 16 Go BYOB at designated restaurants 17 Blues Alley Sundays How to Sove? How to Sove? ? Some restaurants will allow customers to bring their own alcohol and may or may not charge a corkage fee. Got admission to 2 blues venues across from the street each other and 3 bands for the price of one admission. Avg. Cost Sovings: Varies Avg. Cost Sovings: $ $10-$12/ticket Savings vary depending on what you bring, and whother or not you pay a corkage foe, but you avoid the average 2-3 times price markup found in many restaurants. Buyentry ranging from $12-$15 on Sundays, get into B.LU.ES. on Halsted across the alay free of charge. Sports Go to a Chicago 18 Buy tickets for sporting events on game day 19 20 Minor league baseball Wolves Hockey Game How to Sove? ? In an effort to selout their seats, sporting events will often drop prices on game day. How to Sove? Minor league baseball is popular in the Chicago area, and offers the full baseball experience, for drastically reduced prices. How to Save? ? Chicago is hockey crazy. Show your local hockey team spirit and purchase more affordable tickets for Chicago's AHL team. Avg. Cost Sovings: $ 33% Savings of as much as 33% have been reported at various Chicago sporting events for those with good timing Avg. Cost Sevings: Wolves tickets range from $12-53, compared to $37-500 for Black- Avg. Cost Sovings: $ Varies $$25-$400 The Schaumberg Boomers offer family packages on Sunday which include four tickots, drinks, hot dogs. chips, and entry into a playground for $56. compared to a minimum $20 non-discounted Cubs tickat, not including the cost of food and drink hawks tickets. Transportation & Parking 21 Parking finder apps like 22 Grant Park parking garage 23 Carpool Spothero How to Sove?? If public transportation, walking, or a bicycle simply can't get you where you neod to go, a carpooling system can savo a great deal on the cost of gas. How to Sove? How to Save? ? Use a smartphone app or website that allows for soarching and booking available or discounted parking spots. A huge parking complex underneath Grant Park which offors very reasonable parking rates with good access to downtown attractions. Avg. Cost Savings:S 50% Avg. Cost Sovings: $ 50% Day rates run about $16 under Grant The average cost of gas is around $4.06/galion in Chicago: studies have shown a savings of more than S0% for people using carpools, with greater savings for higher numbers of poople in the carpool system. Avg. Cost Savings: S $36 Apps like Chicago-based Spothero may allow for pre planning of parking costs and claims savings of up to 50%. not to mention gas usage when searching for spots. Park, compared to around $6.50mhr, or $52 for an 8-hour dayexcursion for street parking in the loop. 24 Divvy - Bike sharing in Chicago 25 Use a car sharing service for short-term rentals How to Sove? ? Rent cars available on demand and gas and insurance are included. Save on car ownership costs like insurance, maintenance. parking How to Sove? Rent bikes and gain access to stations around the city. Avg. Cost Savings S Varies The Average gas price in Chicago as of this research is $4.06 per gallon. The average mid-sized car holds around 15 gallons of gas, meaning it can cost upwards of Drivers sign up for plans that offer hourly or monthly 50 dollars to fill a car one time, compared to $75 for an annual membership or a $7 24-hour pass with Diwy. Add in the median monthly parking cost for a Chicagoan average cost of vehicle ownership, per yoar, in the US. is ($289) and it saves even more. Avg. Cost Sevingss $ Varies rates and gain access to cars from a variety of convenient self-service locations. For example, the $9.122, while the most expensive enterprise Car Share plan involves a $30 cost per month, or $360 per yoar, plus an hourly rate of $7.00. 26 CTA Monthly Pass & Metra Monthly Unlimited Ride Pass 27 Lock up your bicycle CTA ASS How to Save? ? How to Sove? ? Simply lock up your bike every time you stop somewhere to keep your property safe, and avoid the loss of your mode of transportation and replacement/damage costs. For a flat fee, you can have unlimited CTA or Pace rides for 30 days. Avg. Cost Sovings S $35+/month A CTA monthly pass itself costs $100; a single ride is $225 for the Lor $2.00 for the bus. Assuming. hypothetically, that someone only rides the Lonce in the morning and once in the evening every day for 30 days, paying per-ride would cost S135 monthly. Avg. Cost Sovings $ Varies A perfectly good lock can be obtained for $50, compared to the cost of replacing a bicycle and anything that might be takan along with it, which can easily range into the hundreds of dollars. Special Audience Discounts 30 Discount days at Wrigley Field 28 Military Discounts 29 Free college events AAAAA How to Sove? ? How to Save?? Discounts for colloge students at Chicago's iconic Wrigley Field. How to Sove? Military active-duty and voterans roceive discounts or froe admission to many businesses, vonues, and events in Chicago. Chicago has an abundance of froe events, many of them thanks to the major colleges located in and around the city. such as loctures, thoater performances, and music events. Avg. Cost Sovings: $ $25 Bleacher tickets cost as low as $10. compared to the normal bleacher cost of $37 Avg. Cost Sovings: Varies Avg. Cost Savings: $ Vories. Save at Navy Pier, Kingston Mines blues music venue, Museum of Science and Industry. Shedd Aquarium, and more. 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30 Ways to Save Money in Chicago

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Living in and visiting to Chicago can get expensive quickly. Saving money can be tough in big cities and Chicago is no exception to that. Liberty Bank, located in Chicago, has put together a really ...


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