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The 30 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions In The World

THE 30 MOST DANGEROUS TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN THE WORLD Running of The Bulls, Pamplona El Caminito Del Ray, Málaga Skellig Michael, Kerry This incredibly dangerous tradition Also known as 'The King's Little Pathway', this I00 metre high and I metre wide pathway was built back in This picturesque island is just off the sees bulls released to run around the coast of Kerry in Ireland, but it is far crowded streets of Pamplona. Tens of thousands of people visit the town less peaceful than it looks. There are 600 ancient steps (with no safety 1905 and used by workers to every year to participate in the event, and try to outrun the bulls! There are thousands of injuries each year, and transport materials. Despite being railing) for people to make their way up the mountain. The steps are very closed to the public because of it's deteriorating condition, that doesn't uneven though, and many people have lost balance and fallen into the rocky there have even been a few deaths stop daredevils walking across the since the tradition first began. path each year, and many falling off! waters below them. Alnwick Garden, Mont Blanc, Chernobyl Tours, Pripyat Northumberland Haute-Savoie This garden is home the 'Poison Hiking a mountain of this magnitude This tourist atraction is the site of a Garden', which is a section full of over never going to be an easy task, but nuclear disaster from 1986. Although 100 different variations of poisonous that doesn't stop hikers attempting it the site is managed to ensure plants. Tourists are unable to actually all year round. The mountain reaches radiation in the area is too small to make contact with the plants, but the almost 5,000 metres high, and wind harm vistors' health, tourists are not toxic fumes have caused a number of speeds towards the top of the allowed to eat outdoors, touch any visitors to faint and pass out over the mountain can reach 95kmph. These onsite vegetation or even set camera years! conditions have sadly claimed many tripods on the ground, as physical lives, and over 50 hikers died in 2008 contact could still be extremely alone! dangerous. Yosemite National Park's Half Dome, Volcano Helicopter Tours, Hawaii Cliffs of Moher, County Clare California To climb the Half Dome means The steep pathway that leads up this cliff gets very dangerous towards the top, with high winds and heavy rainfall commonly making it easy to lose your Hawaii is home 3 active volcanoes (which explains why it's so hot!) Small explosions of lava can reach as high as a cubic mile, so you might get climbing over 5,000 feet, but it's the final 400 feet that get tricky! It is almost vertical and many climbers step! The natural beauty of the cliff incredibly unlucky when taking a have fallen - particularly in wet remains, but at a price, as it means no manmade handrails are anywhere to be found. A walker was sadly swept to helicopter tour over these volcanoes! conditions. In fact, the bottom of the 30 people died from just this in 1995, cliff is known as 'Death Slabs' as so and there have been a number of many people have had fatal falls onto her death in 2006. other deaths since. these rocks. Grand Canyon, New Smyrna Beach, Florida The Colorado River System, Colorado Arizona A sunny beach in Florida is always The water can be dangerously The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the going to attract tourists, but there are actually more sharks per square mile powerful here, especially since the snowpack from higher up the Colorado mountains started melting. world, but it can sometimes be one of here than any other beach in the the most dangerous. It's 227 miles world! In the past 30 years, there have Extreme white water rafting is long, and in some places 1,800 meters been over 200 shark attacks in the popular here, and there have been high, so it's no easy hike. many injuries and fatalities. In 2014 alone, there were 15 deaths and many last 30 years, and over 40 have been Approximately 700 people have died fatal. there over many years, due to factors more injuries, and this is common such as falling, dehydration, and even every year. plane crashes. Cerro Negro Volcano, Cordillera de los Maribios Bish Bash Falls, Hua Shan Plank *: Massachusetts Walk, Huayin Brave locals and tourists can enjoy Many tourists flock to these beautiful Hua Shan might not be the tallest of tobogganing across this volcano, falls to take stunning photographs. The the Five Mountains in China, but it's reaching speeds of up to 68kmph! peace and quiet can be ruined from certainly the most dangerous. The Tobogganing across such a rocky time to time however, as a number of mountain is famous for its path made terrain is dangerous in its own right, cliff jumpers have been injured or lost from 12 inch wide wooden planks, but the volcano is active which adds their lives here as the pools are much that sees people try to balance to the thrill! It last erupted in 1999, shallower than expected. There have (sometimes unsuccessfully) as they but you'd have to toboggan pretty also been cases of the ledges of the walk 7,000 feet in the air. quickly to escape the next eruption. cliff crumbling away, causing people to fall. Death Road, Miyake Island, Honshū Mount Everest, Himalayas La Paz Climbing to the top of the world's Miyake Island, known locally as The 43 mile long and 2,000 feet high North Yungas Road is also known as highest mountain is something all hikers dream of doing, and many 'Miyake-jima', is formed around the Mount Oyama volcano. This volcano 'Death Road'.There are no guard rails to be found, and cycling and motoring attempt it, but sadly only a select few accomplish it. For every 100 has erupted so many times that accidents are extremely common. The people weren't allowed to live on the island between 2000 and 2005! People road is covered in wooden crosses to expeditions, there are 4.3 fatalities. There are so many dangerous factors, have started to move back now, and remember the fatalities, which can reach anywhere up to 300 per year. many curious tourists have visited, but they still have to wear gas masks as and the 29,029 foot high mountain has claimed over 225 lives in the past 6 decades. the air is often too toxic to breathe in! Praia De Boa Ilha da Queimada Grande, São Paulo Villarrica Volcano, VIllarrica Viagem, Recife If bungee jumping is too mainstream These stunning beaches are extremely This island can be found off the coast for you, you can pay £6,500 to bungee popular with tourists, but the sea is of São Paulo, and it is more commonly jump from a helicopter... and into a equally as popular with sharks. There known as 'Snake Island'. The island is volcano! Daredevil tourists can fall have been over 50 shark attacks here full of thousands of Golden Lancehead within just over 200 metres above the since 1992, and over one third have Viper snakes - one of the most hot bubbling lava in the volcano below been fatal. venomous snakes in the world! For every square metre of the island, visitors will walk into approximately 5 them. You'd have to trust the cord not to snap! of these snakes! Northern Australia Adelaide River, Cage Of Death, Darwin Coastline, Northern Darwin Australia Visitors of the Crocosaurus Cove There are some beautiful birds for These stunning beaches are extremely theme park can get up, close and tourists to spot along the Adelaide popular with tourists, but the sea is personal with deadly 16 foot, 800 pound crocodiles! Visitors can climb into a 9 foot high transparent equally as popular with sharks. There River, with eagles and kites common in the area. It's home to dangerous have been over 50 shark attacks here wildlife too though, with the river full since 1992, and over one third have of deadly saltwater crocodiles. There container, and get lowered into a crocodile infested pool. Let's hope it been fatal. have been a number of crocodile never cracks! attacks in recent years, including serial offences from an albino crocodile known locally as 'Michael Jackson'! Kokoda Trail, Owen Stanley Range Boiling Lake, Morne Trois Pitons Mount Cook, Mount Cook National Park National Park This mountain is locally known as The Kokoda Trail is an exhausting The clue is in the name here, as the 'Aoraki' and, at 3,724 metres, is the treck. To walk the entire trail takes six water around the edges of this lake can reach temperatures of almost 100°C! The 250 by 200 feet lake is full highest mountain in Zew Zealand. As full days of hiking, climbing and even well as being a popular tourist destination, it is also popular amongst mountain climber - and this is what wimming! The real challenge is avoiding the mosquitos though, with of bubbling water with vapour clouds many carrying malaria. If that's not hovering above it at all times. An makes it dangerous. It is prone to accidental slip when viewing these dangerous enough, a local tribe actually attacked and killed hikers on incredibly bad conditions, and these scorching hot waters could be fatal. can often prevent rescuers from being the trail back in 2013! able to reach the troubled climbers. Juancho E Yrausquin Airport, Princess Juliana International Danakil Desert, Airport, Darwin Saba Eritrea This airport is located right next to a The island of Saba is a paradise, but Trekking along a desert is something beach and, due to the short runway, for tourists to visit it they must brave that has always been popular with departing planes only just clear the beaches fence during take off! Many the island's runway. It is just I,300 feet tourists, despite its challenges. The in length, and has steep drops into the Danakil Desert in Eritea is one of the daring tourists and visitors to the sea at each end! There is little room most challenging and cruelest in the beach like to hold on to the fence as for error at this airport, or the pilot world though. It's situated in a basin these planes fly over them - causing will have some very wet passengers. 100m below sea level, and daily them to be flung off the fence and temperatures often surpass a dangerous 50°C! often badly injuring themselves! Sources: JUST THE FLIGHT

The 30 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions In The World

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This infographic lists the most dangerous tourist attractions in the entire world – including everything from driving along the 2,000 feet high ‘Death Road’ in Bolivia to swimming with crocodile...




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