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25 Strangest Things Banned Around The World!

25 STRANGEST BANED AROUND THE WORLD CHINA: GAME CONSOLES Banned to prevent young people from wasting their time and not working. RUSSIA: EMO CLOTHING Restricted to bring down a suicide rate among emo-teens IRAN: WESTERN HAIR CUTS Forbidden such styles as mullets, ponytails, and spikes. SAUDI ARABIA: VALENTINE'S DAY You can't buy anything and everything red being soſd on Valentine's Day GREECE: VIDEO GAMES It's against a law if someone playing a video game in an internet cafe. CHINA: REINCARNATION WITHOUT PRIOR CONSENT Restricted to bring down a suicide rate among emo-teens. DENMARK: FORTIFIED FOODS Ban of many popular products such as Ovaltine and Rice Crispies. ROMANIA: SCRABBLE Romanian President considered this game as «overly intellectual» and a «subversive evil». MANILA: CLAIRE DANES It's restricted to cross the border of Manila for Claire Danes because of her movies. DENMARK: MOST BABY NAMES There are only 24,000 approved names fór parents to choose from. CHINA: AVATAR IN 2D An indigenous Chinese population was against an imperialistic force which has been shown in the film. NSA: FURBIES 00 The government thought that these toys could be recording classified infor- mation. MALAYSIA: YELLOW CLOTHING In 2011 yellow was the color of á certain group of opposition activists in Malaysia. CHINA: JASMINE The flower was banned after the jasmine revoluțion in Tunísia, which inspired Chinesé protesters. USA: HAGGIS This meal is made of sheep's lung whịch has been an illegal food product in the United States for 40 years. CUBA: CELL PHONES Only high ranking government officials could have them during Fidel Castro's reign. SINGAPORE: CHEWING GUM Since 1992 chewing gum is against the law. IRAN: MANNEQUINS It's forbidden to use any female mannequins without a hijab. BANGLADESH: PLASTIC BAGS Plastic bags are against the law in Bangladesh since 2002. SAUDI ARABIA: DRIVING FOR WOMEN Driver licenses are not issued to women in Saudi Arabia. FRANCE: KETCHUP In 2011 ketchup was banned to preserve French cuisine. BOLIVIA: MCDONALD'S Today it is the only South Ameřican country without this well-known éatery SWEDEN: SPANKING In Sweden even parents can't spank their kids. CANADA: BABY WALKER Canadian studies showed that babięs have delayed motor development when raised with walkers. CHINA: TIME TRAVEL Don't even try to travel through the time in Chína! RENTAL CarSZ4h CAR RENTAL COMPARISON

25 Strangest Things Banned Around The World!

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In this inforgraphic you will find the most strange laws and restrictions ever! You might be impressed or even shocked by some of them. Look through our list! What country has restricted reincarnati...






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