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25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The World

Bizarre Driving Laws 25 Al| Over The World! 02 GERMANY ALASKA 01 It's forbidden to tie a dog to the roof of your car! It's illegal to drive with low fuel on autobahns! 04 RUSSIA SAN FRANCISCO 03 You'll be fined if you're driving a dirty car! Don't even try to wash your car with used underwear! SMN 2824 06 OHIO CYPRUS 05 It's reștricted to eat or drink anything (even water) while drīving! You'll need a ticket to drive around the town square more than 100 timės! 08 FLORIDA DENMARK 07 Make sure that there's nothing under your car before driving! Even an elephant should pay for ówner:arking (or its 10 SINGAPORE CALIFORNIA AND TENNESSEE 09 It's illegal to shoot animals from your car, unless it's a whale! Don't eyen try to drive closer than 50 meters to the pedestrian ! 12 NEW JERSEY NEVADA 11 It's a crime to frown at a police officer! SCOTT It's forbidden to ride a camel on the highway! 14 GREAT BRITAIN SPAIN 13 An extra pair of glasses is a must-have in the car, even if you're already wearing a pair! All hackney carriages must carry a bale of hay and a bag of oats! 16 ILLINOIS ALABAMA 15 You can't change clothes inside a car exčept in case of fire! It's against the law to be blindfolded while driving a car! 18 SOME SPANISH CITIES MASSACHUSETTS 17 You will be fined if you drive with a monkey in your car! You can only park on the şide of the road where houses bear uneven numbers! 12318 20 PENNSYLVANIA MONTANA 19 Traveling on country roads at night you should stop every mile and detonate a rocket signal to warn animals about your arrival! It's a crime to leave a sheep unescorted in a truck! 22 GEORGIA MISSOURI 21 It's illegal to drive through the playgrounds! Don't even try to honk the horn of the căr if you're not a driver! 24 OHIO OKLAHOMA 23 It's restricted to read a comic book while driving! It's forbidden to carry anyone on the roof of your car! CAR RENTAL COMPARISON LUXEMBOURG 25 Your car must have windshjeld wipers, even if there's no windshield on your car! RENTAL CArsz4h

25 Bizarre Driving Laws All Over The World

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