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22 Fantastic Flight Facts You Never Expected

22 fantastic flight facts you never expected The aircraft is the first choice for many when it comes to safe and comfortable travel. It is also statisticly proven that every year more people fly around the world. In this infographic, all frequent fliers, commuters, holiday passengers and long-distance relationship travellers receive insight into "useless" and useful knowledge: 27 Seconds is the shortest flight (from Westray to Papa Westray, Scotland) Attention Car Pr The runway of the airport of Gibraltar crosses a public road. In flight operations, the road is blocked off by a barrier. -3 Meters below sea level is the lowest airport (Amsterdam-Schiphol, Holland) 6 Winners Only six of 39 airports in Germany generates profit. 4411 Meters is the highest airport (Daocheng Yading Airport, China) 15 Hours & 25 Minutes and 13,800 km is the longest non-stop flight (from Sydney, Australia to Dallas, USA) Only Finnair flies with flight number 666 from Copenhagen to Helsinki (with the airport code HEL). SEX 13 /17/666 Because of superstition, these unlucky numbers are missing from gate numbers and flight Batman Airport Wagga Wagga Airport That is the official name Sex This is an actual was the airport code of a Airforce airport in Germany. airport in turkey. of an Australian airport. numbers. largest Bird The golden eagle has a wingspan of up to 2,30 Meter smallest Airplane The CriCri has 6.000.000 a span of 4,90 meters items produced in 33 countries make up the Boeing 747-400. FLIGHT RECORDER DO NOT OPEN largest Airplane The Antonov AN-225 “Mriya" has a span of 88.40 meters and was used to transport the space shuttle "Buran". Black = Red The black box is actually red. It is found better after Half is in not later than 42 hours back to the owner. an accident. ON AIR 16.500 km is the distance 30 million cases of lost 70.000 Passengers worldwide in 2012. This equals half of the world's 677.800.000 is the number of people are currently in the air in Europe. united states luggage would cover each year. passengers in 2012. population. Help for delays € up to 600 € receive compensation for 3 hours flight delay, depending on the route almost 5.000.000 30 Min 3 Years internationally delayed flights in 2013 Average delay at European airports passengers can claim up to three years backwards <1500 km → 250 € 1500-3500 km → 400 € > 3500 km → 600 € only 2 % of all air travelers that have the right to claim for compensation actually claim Make the most of it! Whether and to what extent you are entitled to compensation, check on for free with no obligation. Infographic created by: flightright Online available: Sources:

22 Fantastic Flight Facts You Never Expected

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