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21 Words to Describe Nature From Cultures All Over the World

21 WORDS TO DESCRIBE NATURE FROM CULTURES ALL OVER THE WORLD Waldeinsamkeit Ammil Psithurisma (pi0úpioµa) German Devon dialect (West Country English) Greek The feeling of being alone in the woods. The delicate lacquer of ice that encases all leaves, twigs, and grass after a freeze follows a partial thaw. In sunlight, the whole landscape becomes dazzling and shimmery. The whispering sound of leaves rustling in the wind. Gökotta Komorebi (7*ħA) Tuil-Bheum Swedish Japanese Scottish Gaelic A torrent caused by To wake up early in the morning simply to go outside and listen to the first birds sing. Beams of sunlight that dance between the leaves of trees. a thunderstorm. Hanyauku Zawn Mångata Kwangali Cornish Swedish The act of treading across warm sand on tiptoes. A deep and narrow sea inlet (chasm) carved out of a cliff by the ocean. The bright, shimmering pathway created by the moon's reflection on water. Poronkusema Kalpa (hy) Turadh Finnish Sanskrit Scottish Gaelic An obsolete term to describe A break in the clouds The passing of time on a vast, cosmological scale. the distance reindeer can travel between showers. before needing to stop to rest and relieve themselves. Utepils Rudenėja Shemesh Khola (nbın vnv) Norwegian Lithuanian Hebrew To enjoy a beer outside on a pleasant, sunny day. "Sick sun." or when the sun The way nature begins to feel as autumn settles in. is out but the atmosphere is deceptively cold. Plimpplampplettere Uitwaaien Wabi-Sabi (E) Dutch Dutch Japanese To find beauty in imperfection and transience, embracing the natural cycle of birth and decay. To skip stones across water. The literal translation is "to walk in the wind", or to embark on a brief respite in the countryside to clear one's head. ハ の Hanibaram (8 Petrichor Kachou Fuugetsu (7ESE) Korean English Japanese The dry and cool winds that blow from the west on a serene day. The wholesome, earthy smell that emerges after rainfall. When the wonder and beauty of nature triggers self-discovery. Sources: MJJSALES market umbrellas

21 Words to Describe Nature From Cultures All Over the World

shared by BebopGriffin on Feb 09
The natural world is captivating, delightful, and mysterious. It is no wonder that cultures all over the world have cultivated words to describe every nuance and facet of nature. This infographic pres...




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