21 People We Hate On Flights

21 PEOPLE WE HATE ON FLIGHTS BASED ON A SURVEY OF 5000 PEOPLE BY JUST THE FLIGHT oNed 59% of People 54% of People 53% of People People That Smell Seat Kickers Incredulous Parents With deodorant abundant in modern society, there is no excuse for poor levels of basic hygiene. Please invest in some as soon as possible. Who is doing this?! Why are they doing this?! A violation of the most simple flying etiquette, these people are the scourge of plane travel. Often accompanying crying children - parents unwilling to acknowledge their children's awful behaviour, or deal with them. 41% of People 37% of People 36% of People People Rude to Flight Attendants Crying Children I don't care if you're a baby The Drunk No matter how high the horse you are sitting on is - the flight attendants are not your personal slaves. You're in Economy with the rest of us - get on with it! You're going on holiday and fancy a drink - fair enough! But 15 double mini-vodka tonics later and the whole plane hates you. Congratulations. and don't know better - I'm the one that has to listen to your ear-piercing shrieks for the next 8 hours. 30% of People 27% of People 24% of People People That Recline Their Seats People Who Steal Your Armrest People That Encroach on Your Seat Please go ahead and crush my legs you inconsiderate £%@! Why is this even an option to do on short-haul flights anyway?! Window seat gets window and one armrest, aisle seat I've had to pay a premium for my luggage being half a gram over and now someone twice gets legroom and one armrest, middle seat gets two armrests - it's not difficult people! my weight is taking up 3 seats without a care in the world. Great. 20% of People 20% of People 19% of People People That Clap After Landing The Stag Do "Lads" Queue Jumpers Probably the same people that clap in the cinema. In no other workplace does somebody get applauded for fulfilling the most fundamental aspect of their job.. Oh how wonderfully unironic, a group of stag-do lads with matching vulgar t-shirts chanting football songs and ordering the £8 in-flight lagers. Despite most flights now having mandatory seat reservations some people still push to the front of the queue - you're not royalty so get to the back like the rest of us! 15% of People 12% of People 12% of People People Who Play Music Too Loudly The Passive Aggressive Complainer People That Remove Their Socks Whilst I am pleased that you appreciate the rather acquired sounds of Death Metal I, quite frankly, do not. Please turn that rubbish down. The passenger that silently judges with the occasional eye roll or tut, making mental notes about other Having to deal with the unpleasant aroma of the shoeless traveller is bad passengers to go home and blog about. Oh wait. enough but sockless?! When is that ever acceptable in public, let alone in a confined space?! 11% of People 11% of People 10% of People People That Eat Smelly Food The Faffer Overhead Locker Hogs Everybody is trying to board the plane and you're standing in the aisle faffing with your hand luggage. Was there not time for this in the 3 hour wait to get on the plane? Just SIT DOWN! So my bag has to go halfway down the plane because you brought 3 huge carry on bags that fill the entire overhead Was that mackerel and blue cheese sandwich really the only option? Oh and cheese and onion crisps as a side - fantastic! Why don't you just bring your pet skunk on board next time? locker? That's it I'm reclining my seat onto you! LAVATORY 8% of People 3% of People 1% of People Mr Chatty Man The Nervous Flyer Frequent Toilet Users I don't remember purchasing the in-flight life story. That's right, because I didn't - so shut up! Were the headphones not enough of a clue? You were aware that this flight would actually involve flying right.? Then please stop profusely sweating and muttering prayers under your breath, you're making me When you've got to go you've got to go. But after 5 times in 2 hours you've now got to stay because l'm not getting up and letting you out again - book an aisle seat next time! nervous. JUST THE FLIGHT Results were based on a survey of 5000 people via by Just The Flight ED

21 People We Hate On Flights

shared by justtheflight on Oct 27
We have all been on board a flight with passengers that grind out gears. Just The Flight have conducted a survey of 5000 people to find the worst behaviors! Do you agree with these results...?


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